Greensboro, North Carolina, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Alfred Moore Scales Law Office (Commercial building)
Allen House (House)
Altamahaw Mill Office (Commercial building)
Annefield (House)
Ashburn Hall (Meeting hall)
Ashland (House)
Axton, Virginia (Populated place)
Ayr Mount (House)
Barker House (House)
Bassett, Virginia (Populated place)
Belleview (House)
Bellevue Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Belvidere (House)
Berry Hill (House)
Berry Hill (House)
Bill's Diner (Commercial building)
Black Walnut (Cemetery)
Blairs, Virginia (Populated place)
Blandwood (House)
Boyd's Tavern (Commercial building)
Brickland (House)
Brookland (House)
Bullington Warehouse (Commercial building)
Burleigh (House)
Burnett's Diner (Commercial building)
Buxton Place (House)
Callands, Virginia (Populated place)
Carlbrook (House)
Carter's Tavern (Building)
Cascine (House)
Caswell Theater (Theater)
Center Theater (Theater)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Cherry Hill (House)
Clerk's Office (Building)
Cluster Springs, Virginia (Populated place)
Collinsville, Virginia (Populated place)
Colonial Theatre (Meeting hall)
Cooke House (House)
Cove, The (Building)
Creedmoor Depot (Railroad depot)
Crowell House (Building)
Crystal Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Dan's Hill (House)
Danville National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Dean Farm (Farm)
Dry Fork, Virginia (Populated place)
Dundas, Virginia (Populated place)
Eagle Lodge (Meeting hall)
Eden Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Edgewood (House)
Efird Building (Commercial building)
Efland, North Carolina (Populated place)
Elgin (House)
Elm Hill (House)
Elmwood (House)
Eltham Manor (Mansion)
Eureka (House)
Fairfield, North Carolina (Populated place)
Farm, The (House)
Flat Rock (House)
Flint Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Fort Mitchell, Virginia (Populated place)
Franklinton Depot (Railroad depot)
Fuller House (House)
Gary, Virginia (Populated place)
Glennmary (House)
Graham Theater (Theater)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Graves House (House)
Greer House (House)
Halifax Theatre (Theater)
Hardscrabble (House)
Heartsease (House)
Hill Airy (House)
Hillsdale Brick Store (Commercial building)
Hillsdale, North Carolina (Populated place)
Hillside (House)
Holly Gate (House)
Hylton Hall (Residential building)
Ingleside (House)
Johnston Hall (Meeting hall)
Jones Farm (Farm)
Joyceville, Virginia (Populated place)
Keeling, Virginia (Populated place)
Kirby Theater (Theater)
LaGrange (House)
Lake O'Woods (House)
Leasburg, North Carolina (Populated place)
Leatherwood, Virginia (Populated place)
Liberty Warehouse Nos. 1 and 2 (Commercial building)
Little Chef Diner (Commercial building)
Little Post Office (Post office)
Locust Grove (House)
Locust Hill, North Carolina (Populated place)
Locust Lawn (District)
Long Grass (School)
Longwood (House)
Low House (House)
Lunenburg, Virginia (Populated place)
Lyndon Street Townhouses (Residential building)
Machpelah (House)
Margaret, North Carolina (Populated place)
Markham, Virginia (Populated place)
Massenburg Plantation (Miscellaneous)
McCray School (School)
Monreath (House)
Montrose (House)
Moore House (House)
Moorefields (House)
Nathalie, Virginia (Populated place)
New Hope, North Carolina (Populated place)
Newton, Virginia (Placename)
Oak Lawn (Miscellaneous)
Oakville, North Carolina (Populated place)
On The Hill (House)
Orpheum Theater (Theater)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Pegram House (House)
Penn House (House)
Perry School (School)
Person Place (House)
Portridge (House)
Poteat House (House)
Powe House (House)
Powell, Virginia (Placename)
Prestwould (House)
Prestwould (Cemetery)
Providence, North Carolina (Populated place)
Providence, North Carolina (Populated place)
Providence, North Carolina (Populated place)
Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Red Hill (House)
Redfield (House)
Reedy Rill (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Ruffin, North Carolina (Populated place)
Salem School (School)
Sandy Level, Virginia (Populated place)
Sans Souci (House)
Scuffle Hill (House)
Seaton (House)
Shadow Lawn (House)
Shady Oaks (House)
Shiloh, North Carolina (Populated place)
Skipwith, Virginia (Populated place)
Smith Warehouse (Building)
Soapstone, Virginia (Populated place)
Speed Farm (Farm)
Stagg House (House)
Stagville (House)
Star Theater (Theater)
Starlite Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Stoneleigh (House)
Sunny Side (House)
Sunnyside (School)
Tarover (House)
Thorndale (House)
Tusculum (House)
Union Cemetery (Cemetery)
Union Tavern (Commercial building)
US Post Office (Post office)
Vandola, Virginia (Populated place)
Vaughn House (House)
Vernon Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Victory Theater (Theater)
Vine Hill (House)
Wade Archeological Site (Archaeological site)
Wakefields (House)
Warren House and Warren's Store (Commercial building)
Watts and Yuille Warehouses (Commercial building)
Watts Hospital (Building)
Whitby, Virginia (Placename)
White Furniture Company (Industrial building)
Whiteoak, Virginia (Placename)
Wildwood (House)
Wilton, North Carolina (Populated place)
Windsor Cotton Mills Office (Commercial building)
Woodlawn (Cemetery)
Woodlawn, Virginia (Populated place)
Woodside (House)
Wright Tavern (Building)
Yates Tavern (House)
Zollicoffer's Law Office (Commercial building)