Greenville, South Carolina, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abbeville Depot (Railroad depot)
Abney Mill (Mill)
Absalom, Georgia (Placename)
Acoa (House)
Adams House (House)
Albert, Georgia (Placename)
Algernon, Georgia (Placename)
Alto City Hall (City hall)
Anandale, Georgia (Placename)
Ashtabula (House)
Auto 25 Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Baldwin, Georgia (Placename)
Baron-York Building (Commercial building)
Baty School (School)
Belton Depot (Railroad depot)
Belton Standpipe (Water tower)
Bert, Georgia (Placename)
Beth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Blair Line (Historic marker)
Brasstown Bald (Natural feature)
Broad Margin (House)
Brookgreen, South Carolina (Populated place)
Brushy Creek (House)
Burdette Building (Commercial building)
Burton House (House)
Burton, Georgia (Placename)
Caldwell, Georgia (Placename)
Campagne, Georgia (Placename)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Carolina Supply Company (Commercial building)
Cashville, South Carolina (Populated place)
Cason House (House)
Cheek House (House)
Church Furniture Store (Commercial building)
Clarkesville Garage (Service station)
Clayton, Georgia (Populated place)
Clemson Rail Depot (Railroad depot)
Clemson Theater (Theater)
Colbert Depot (Railroad depot)
Colbert Water Tower (Water tower)
Colony Theater (Theater)
Comer Water Tower (Water tower)
Concordia, Georgia (Placename)
Conestee, South Carolina (Populated place)
Cornelia Train Depot (Railroad depot)
Cornelia, Georgia (Placename)
Coronaca, South Carolina (Populated place)
Currahee Mountain (Natural feature)
Davenport Apartments (Residential building)
Demorest City Hall (City hall)
Dillard City Hall (City hall)
Dillard House (Building)
Dowdy, Georgia (Placename)
Due West Train Depot (Railroad depot)
E. W. Montgomery Cotton Warehouse (Industrial building)
E.W. Strickland House (Public building)
Eastburn, Georgia (Placename)
Echo Theater (Theater)
Edinburg, Georgia (Placename)
Elbert Theater (Theater)
Elberton Depot (Railroad depot)
Elberton Post Office (Post office)
Elberton Water Tower (Water tower)
Fair Play, South Carolina (Populated place)
Federal Building (Courthouse)
Fisher House (House)
Flat Shoals, Georgia (Populated place)
Fort Hill (House)
Garland, Georgia (Placename)
Gates, Georgia (Placename)
Georgia Guidestones (Roadside oddity)
Gilfillin and Houston Building (Commercial building)
Glassy Mountain (Natural feature)
Glendale, South Carolina (Populated place)
Glendale, South Carolina (Populated place)
Grace Church (Church)
Grace, Georgia (Placename)
Grapevine, Georgia (Placename)
Greenville Elks Lodge (Meeting hall)
Greer Depot (Railroad depot)
Greer Mill (Mill)
Greer Post Office (Post office)
Greer Theater (Theater)
Halfway, Georgia (Placename)
Hall County Jail (Correctional facility)
Hart County Jail (Correctional facility)
Hartwell Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Helen, Georgia (Placename)
Hester Store (Commercial building)
Historic Redwine (Historic marker)
Hollingsworth, Georgia (Populated place)
Holly Theatre (Theater)
Hood, Georgia (Placename)
Hoschton Depot (Railroad depot)
Hunt, Georgia (Placename)
Irvin General Merchandise Store (Commercial building)
Isaqueena (House)
Issaqueena Falls (Waterfall)
Iva Water Tower (Water tower)
Jackson Building (Commercial building)
Jackson Building (Commercial building)
Jackson Pharmacy (Commercial building)
Katherine Hall (Building)
Keese House (House)
Keil Farm (Farm)
Kidd House (House)
Kinard Fire Tower (Fire tower)
Kinard House (House)
La France, South Carolina (Populated place)
Lakemont, Georgia (Placename)
Land, Georgia (Placename)
Laura, Georgia (Placename)
Lavonia Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Lawton Place (House)
Lindsay Cemetery (Cemetery)
Logan Building (Commercial building)
Longcreek, South Carolina (Populated place)
Longcreek, South Carolina (Populated place)
Lula Fire Tower (Fire tower)
Lula, Georgia (Placename)
Lumpkin County Jail (Correctional facility)
Lynch, Georgia (Placename)
Madison Springs, Georgia (Populated place)
Marcus, Georgia (Placename)
Market Building (Commercial building)
Market House (Building)
Mary's Mini Mall (Building)
Mauldins, Georgia (Placename)
McMakin's Tavern (Commercial building)
Mills Mill (Mill)
Mize, Georgia (Populated place)
Monteideo, Georgia (Placename)
Moody Spring (Spring)
Morgan House (House)
Moss House (House)
Mt. Airy Water Tower (Water tower)
Mt. Airy Water Tower (Water tower)
Mt. Airy, Georgia (Placename)
Naguchee, Georgia (Placename)
Nancytown, Georgia (Placename)
Nora Mill (Mill)
Oak Bower, Georgia (Placename)
Oconee County Cage (Correctional facility)
Oconee Town (Historic marker)
Oculus, Georgia (Placename)
Old Elbert County Jail (Correctional facility)
Old Sautee Store (Miscellaneous)
Old Tugaloo Town (Historic marker)
Oscarville, Georgia (Populated place)
Otto, Georgia (Placename)
Owings Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Owltown District (District)
Payne House (Building)
Pelzer Gym (Public building)
Poe Hardware and Supply Company (Commercial building)
Pond Fork, Georgia (Placename)
Presley, Georgia (Populated place)
Prysmian Tower (Industrial building)
Pure Oil Service Station (Service station)
Pure Oil Service Station (Service station)
Quebec, Georgia (Placename)
Queen House (House)
Reeves Building (Commercial building)
Rialto Theater (Theater)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Riverside (House)
Rock Gym (Military facility)
Rucker House (House)
Salubrity, Georgia (Placename)
Seneca Water Tower (Water tower)
Seven Oaks (House)
Sky Valley, Georgia (Populated place)
Smithville, South Carolina (Populated place)
Soquee, Georgia (Placename)
South 29 Drive In (Drive-in theater)
Southern Cotton Oil Co. (Industrial building)
Southern Railway Depot (Railroad depot)
Spilo, Georgia (Placename)
Stansell, Georgia (Placename)
Starr, South Carolina (Populated place)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theatre (Theater)
Stay, Georgia (Placename)
Stony Point (House)
Stradley and Barr Dry Goods Store (Commercial building)
Sunnyside (House)
Sylvania (House)
Talasee, Georgia (Placename)
Tallulah Falls Depot (Railroad depot)
Tallulah Falls, Georgia (Populated place)
Tamassee, South Carolina (Populated place)
Taylors, South Carolina (Populated place)
The Oaks (House)
Tiger Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Tiger, Georgia (Placename)
Toccoa Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Towns County Jail (Correctional facility)
Townville, South Carolina (Populated place)
Track Rock Archaeological Site (Archaeological site)
Trackrock, Georgia (Placename)
Trahlyta's Grave (Burial site)
Traveler's Rest (Building)
Tube, Georgia (Placename)
Tullyton (House)
Tyner, Georgia (Populated place)
Union County Jail (Correctional facility)
Viking Outdoor Cinema (Drive-in theater)
Visage, Georgia (Placename)
Walasi-Yi Inn (Building)
Walnut, Georgia (Placename)
Weatherford, Georgia (Populated place)
Westville, South Carolina (Populated place)
White County Jail (Correctional facility)
Whitehall (House)
Wild, Georgia (Placename)
Willow, Georgia (Placename)
Woodburn (House)
Worlds Largest Amish Chair (Roadside oddity)
York House (Hotel)
Young Place (House)
Yow House (House)
Zidon, Georgia (Placename)