Huntington, West Virginia, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A Masterful Retreat (Historic marker)
Alanant-O-Wamiowee (Historic marker)
Alexander W. Doniphan (Historic marker)
Amanda Furnace (Historic marker)
Andis, Ohio (Populated place)
Angola, Ohio (Placename)
Apple Grove, West Virginia (Populated place)
Ariel Theatre (Theater)
Asbury House (House)
Ashland (Historic marker)
Ashland Tuberculosis Hospital (Commercial building)
Ashton, West Virginia (Populated place)
Augusta College 1822-1849 (Historic marker)
Beech Grove, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bentonville, Ohio (Populated place)
Bidwell, Ohio (Populated place)
Big Creek, West Virginia (Populated place)
Big Sandy Milling Company (Industrial building)
Blue Creek, Ohio (Populated place)
Blue Licks Battlefield (Historic marker)
Boggs, Ohio (Placename)
Booker T. Washington School (Historic marker)
Border Grays (Historic marker)
Bourbon Iron Works (Structure)
Bracken County Wine (Historic marker)
Bracken County, 1796 (Historic marker)
Bradford Tavern (Historic marker)
Brumberg Building (Industrial building)
Buck Run, Ohio (Placename)
Camelot Theatre (Theater)
Caroline Furnace (Historic marker)
Cherryville, Ohio (Placename)
Civil War Army Base (Historic marker)
Clemma, Ohio (Placename)
Clifford, Kentucky (Populated place)
Clifty, Kentucky (Placename)
Clinton Furnace (Historic marker)
Clover, West Virginia (Populated place)
Colony Theater (Theater)
County Named, 1803 (Historic marker)
County Named, 1838 (Historic marker)
County Named, 1869 (Historic marker)
Cowan, Kentucky (Populated place)
Cox Building (Building)
Crump and Field Grocery Company (Commercial building)
Davis Mill (Mill)
Dean, Ohio (Placename)
Eagle Township Works (Archaeological site)
Early Stage-Mail Route (Historic marker)
East Union, Kentucky (Populated place)
Edna, Ohio (Placename)
Eggleton, West Virginia (Populated place)
Elden House (House)
Elizaville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Elmwood, West Virginia (Populated place)
Evans House (House)
Feesburg, Ohio (Populated place)
Fleming County (Historic marker)
Foster Memorial Home (Commercial building)
Gallup, Kentucky (Populated place)
GAR Monument (Monument)
Gatewood (House)
Gen. Hood Birthplace (Historic marker)
Genoa, West Virginia (Populated place)
Grand Theatre (Theater)
Greenup "Town Fathers" (Historic marker)
Greenup Masonic Lodge (Meeting hall)
Grimes, Ohio (Placename)
Halley, Ohio (Placename)
Harvey House (House)
Hemp in Mason County (Historic marker)
Hill Top, Kentucky (Populated place)
Hillman, Ohio (Placename)
Hilton, Ohio (Placename)
Hollis, Ohio (Placename)
Home of Gov. Fields (Historic marker)
Hurth Hotel (Hotel)
Ida, Ohio (Placename)
Irvington, Ohio (Placename)
James J. Andrews (Historic marker)
John F. Day (1913-1982) (Historic marker)
John Gregg Fee (1816-1901) (Historic marker)
Johns Creek, Ohio (Placename)
Johnston Birthplace (Historic marker)
Joseph Desha (1768-1842) (Historic marker)
Judy Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Kanauga Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Kenwood (House)
Kerr, Ohio (Populated place)
Lavalette, West Virginia (Populated place)
Lee House (Hotel)
Lesage, West Virginia (Populated place)
Liberty Theatre (Theater)
Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company (Industrial building)
Limestone, Ohio (Placename)
Lucasville, Ohio (Populated place)
Madland, Ohio (Placename)
Manker, Ohio (Placename)
Manley, Kentucky (Placename)
Maplewood (House)
Marlow Theatre (Theater)
Marshall Plane Crash Site (Historic marker)
Mary Elliott Flanery (Historic marker)
Mason County Spy Company (Historic marker)
Mason County, 1788 (Historic marker)
Massie, Ohio (Placename)
Masterful Retreat (Historic marker)
Maysville Road (Historic marker)
McCormick, Ohio (Placename)
McKee House (House)
McKitterick, Ohio (Placename)
Meyer House (House)
Michael Cassidy (1755-1829) (Historic marker)
Monarch Milling Company (Industrial building)
Montreal, Ohio (Placename)
Moody, Ohio (Placename)
Moore, Ohio (Placename)
Moorefield, Kentucky (Populated place)
Morgan's Last Raid (Historic marker)
Mothman Statue (Roadside oddity)
Moulton, Ohio (Placename)
Mount Leigh, Ohio (Placename)
Mount Zion, Ohio (Placename)
Myers, Kentucky (Populated place)
Myra, West Virginia (Populated place)
Myrtle Hill (House)
Nepton, Kentucky (Populated place)
Norton Furnace (Historic marker)
Noted Historian (Historic marker)
Nye, West Virginia (Populated place)
Obad, Ohio (Placename)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Ohev Sholom Temple (Place of worship)
Old Lawrence County Jail (Correctional facility)
Olive Furnace (Furnace)
Olive Hill C & O Depot (Railroad depot)
Ona, West Virginia (Populated place)
Orpheum Theatre (Theater)
Our House (Commercial building)
Palace Theatre (Theater)
Peebles (Historic marker)
Poague House (House)
Pogue House (House)
Porter, Ohio (Populated place)
Presbyterian Church (Historic marker)
Putnam Stadium (Historic marker)
Raccoon Furnace (Furnace)
Ro-Na Theater (Theater)
Ruby, Ohio (Placename)
Rush, Kentucky (Populated place)
Russell Theatre (Theater)
Rust House (House)
Saint Paul, Kentucky (Populated place)
Salt Well, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sandy Furnace (Historic marker)
Scioto Furnace, Ohio (Populated place)
Scottown, Ohio (Populated place)
Shannoah (Historic marker)
Siloam, Ohio (Placename)
Simon Kenton's Station (Historic marker)
Skirmish Here (Historic marker)
Sprout, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sroufe House (House)
State Theatre (Theater)
Stockton Grave (Historic marker)
Stonehurst (House)
Streich Apartments (Residential building)
Stricklett, Kentucky (Populated place)
Summit, Kentucky (Populated place)
Summit, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sunshine, Ohio (Placename)
Sutton House (House)
The Kouns-Womack House (Historic marker)
The Ridge (House)
Tollesboro, Kentucky (Populated place)
Treber Inn (House)
Trinity, Kentucky (Populated place)
Trinity, Kentucky (Populated place)
Tripp--Bauer Building (Meeting hall)
Tynrhos, Ohio (Placename)
Upper Blue Licks, Kentucky (Populated place)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
Van Kitchen House (Battle site)
Vesuvius, Ohio (Placename)
Wakefield, Ohio (Populated place)
Webbville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Westmor Theatre (Theater)
Weston, Kentucky (Populated place)
Wheelersburg, Ohio (Populated place)
White Oak IOOF Hall (Meeting hall)
Wigner, Ohio (Placename)
Willow Wood, Ohio (Populated place)
Woodlawn (House)
Wrightsville, Ohio (Populated place)