Jefferson City, Missouri, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Albert and Wilhelmina Thomas House (Residential building)
Babbtown, Missouri (Populated place)
Bahner, Missouri (Populated place)
Ballenger Building (Commercial building)
Big Bend, Missouri (Populated place)
Blue Spring (Spring)
Boller House (House)
Brinktown, Missouri (Populated place)
Broadway Diner (Commercial building)
Building at 217 West Main Street (Commercial building)
Byberry, Missouri (Placename)
Carrie's Tightwad Cafe (Miscellaneous)
Central Dairy Building (Commercial building)
Cocomo Cinema (Theater)
Corbin, Missouri (Placename)
Corioli, Missouri (Placename)
Crest Theater (Theater)
CRI&P Eldon Depot (2nd) (Railroad depot)
Easley, Missouri (Populated place)
East End Drugs (Residential building)
Etterville, Missouri (Populated place)
Farley Mausoleum (Burial site)
Folk, Missouri (Populated place)
Garden of Eden Station (Commercial building)
Gray-Wood Buildings (Commercial building)
Greenwood (House)
Griff's Hamburgers (Commercial building)
Harper School (School)
Harris House (House)
Hawkeye, Missouri (Populated place)
Howard School (School)
Huntsdale, Missouri (Populated place)
Ivy Terrace (House)
Kaullen Mercantile Company (Residential building)
Koeltztown, Missouri (Populated place)
Kress Building (Commercial building)
Latham, Missouri (Populated place)
Livingston, Missouri (Populated place)
Lohman's Landing Building (Commercial building)
Lyric Theater (Theater)
Maplewood (House)
Martin Hotel (Hotel)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
McCain Furniture Store (Commercial building)
McVey School (School)
Meyerstown, Missouri (Populated place)
Missouri Pacific Depot (Railroad depot)
Missouri State Penitentiary (Correctional facility)
MKT Boonville Depot (Railroad depot)
MKT Columbia Depot (Railroad depot)
MKT Hartsburg Depot (Railroad depot)
MKT Rocheport Depot (Miscellaneous)
MKT Sedalia Depot (Railroad depot)
Morrow Spring (Spring)
MP California Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Concordia Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Eldon Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Osage City Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Sedalia Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Warrensburg Depot (Railroad depot)
Old Barnhill Building (Commercial building)
Old Van Cleve, Missouri (Populated place)
Olean Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Ozark Junction, Missouri (Populated place)
P.A. Sanning Store (Commercial building)
Prairie View (House)
Pyrmont, Missouri (Populated place)
Quincy, Missouri (Populated place)
Ravenswood (District)
Rivercene (House)
Rocheport (House)
Saint Thomas, Missouri (Populated place)
Senior Hall (Meeting hall)
Shantytown, Missouri (Populated place)
Shaw, Missouri (Populated place)
Sudheimer, Missouri (Populated place)
Tavern, Missouri (Populated place)
Teal, Missouri (Placename)
Tergin Apartment Building (Residential building)
Tiger Hotel (Hotel)
Tightwad (Populated place)
Todd, Missouri (Placename)
Ulman, Missouri (Populated place)
Upper Bridge (Bridge)
Van Cleve, Missouri (Populated place)
Venus, Missouri (Populated place)
Virginia Building (Commercial building)