Johnson City, Tennessee, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A. P. Carter Store (Commercial building)
Ailor, Tennessee (Placename)
Alena, Tennessee (Placename)
Ambro, Tennessee (Placename)
Amis House (House)
Aquone (House)
Arcadia (House)
Arjay, Kentucky (Populated place)
Artemus, Kentucky (Populated place)
Arthur, Tennessee (Populated place)
Ashby, Tennessee (Placename)
Aunt, Tennessee (Placename)
Baughman, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bayless, Tennessee (Placename)
Bell Theater (Theater)
Ben Hur, Virginia (Populated place)
Benham Theatre (Theater)
Bimble, Kentucky (Populated place)
Blackjoe, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bledsoe, Kentucky (Populated place)
Blue Spring, Tennessee (Populated place)
Bobs Creek, Kentucky (Populated place)
Briggs, Tennessee (Placename)
Bright, Tennessee (Placename)
Bristol Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Brooks House (House)
Buckles, Virginia (Placename)
Bush Mill (Mill)
Butcher, Tennessee (Placename)
Calvin, Kentucky (Populated place)
Cannon, Kentucky (Populated place)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Carter Hill (Estate)
Castlewood, Virginia (Populated place)
Cawood, Kentucky (Populated place)
Cedar Creek, Tennessee (Populated place)
Central Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Chesterfield (House)
Chuckey Depot (Railroad depot)
Claiborne County Jail (Correctional facility)
Clark, Virginia (Placename)
Clinchfield Depot (Railroad depot)
Clinchfield, Virginia (Populated place)
Colby, Tennessee (Placename)
Conway Bridge (Bridge)
Couch, Tennessee (Placename)
Country Cabin (Building)
Cox's Mill (Mill)
Crane Nest, Kentucky (Populated place)
Cranks, Kentucky (Populated place)
Dante, Tennessee (Populated place)
Derby, Tennessee (Placename)
DeVault Tavern (Commercial building)
Dewitt, Kentucky (Populated place)
Dove, Tennessee (Placename)
Dry Fork, Virginia (Populated place)
Duke, Tennessee (Placename)
Embree House (House)
Erwin Farm (Farm)
Ewing Theatre (Theater)
Fairfax (House)
Fairvue (House)
Fishdam, Tennessee (Placename)
Flag Pond, Tennessee (Populated place)
Flat Lick, Kentucky (Populated place)
Fourmile, Kentucky (Populated place)
Fudge Farm (Farm)
Gabe, Tennessee (Placename)
Girdler, Kentucky (Populated place)
Girlton, Tennessee (Placename)
Glenmore (House)
Goodloe, Virginia (Placename)
Gouge, Tennessee (Placename)
Grand Guitar (Roadside oddity)
Grass Dale (House)
Grizzle, Virginia (Placename)
Grove, The (House)
Hacker, Tennessee (Placename)
Hamilton, Tennessee (Populated place)
Hampton, Tennessee (Populated place)
Haynes, Tennessee (Placename)
Heidrick, Kentucky (Populated place)
Henry Hoss House (Building)
Henshaw, Tennessee (Placename)
Hilton, Tennessee (Placename)
Hinkle, Kentucky (Populated place)
Holston, Tennessee (Placename)
Horace, Tennessee (Placename)
Hotel Norton (Hotel)
Imperial, Virginia (Placename)
Ingram, Kentucky (Populated place)
Inman, Tennessee (Placename)
Jeffers Mortuary (Commercial building)
Jobe, Tennessee (Placename)
Keith, Kentucky (Populated place)
Keokee Store No. 1 (Commercial building)
Kiser, Virginia (Placename)
Laban, Tennessee (Placename)
Lawson, Tennessee (Placename)
Lea Springs (Spring)
Lee, Virginia (Placename)
Lella, Tennessee (Placename)
Lewis Creek, Kentucky (Populated place)
Lilac, Tennessee (Placename)
Limestone, Tennessee (Populated place)
Lonesome Pine Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Lonesome, Virginia (Placename)
Long Meadow (House)
Loo, Tennessee (Placename)
Loyston, Tennessee (Placename)
Lucilla, Tennessee (Placename)
Luke, Tennessee (Placename)
Lyric Theatre (Theater)
Magic Theater (Theater)
Maples, Tennessee (Placename)
Matuta, Tennessee (Placename)
Maucks, Tennessee (Placename)
Mayo, Tennessee (Placename)
Memento, Tennessee (Placename)
Minkton, Tennessee (Placename)
Miracle, Kentucky (Populated place)
Mohawk, Virginia (Placename)
Montrose Court Apartments (Residential building)
Mooresburg, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Horeb, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Ida (House)
Neas Farm (Farm)
Noeton, Tennessee (Placename)
Novo Theatre (Theater)
Oak Grove, Virginia (Populated place)
Oakman, Tennessee (Placename)
Old Deery Inn (Commercial building)
Old Jail (House)
Opossum, Tennessee (Placename)
Overton Lodge (Meeting hall)
Park Theater (Theater)
Pemberton Mansion and Oak (Military facility)
Petlier, Tennessee (Placename)
Phebe, Tennessee (Placename)
Pine, Virginia (Placename)
Poplar Hill (House)
Preston, Tennessee (Placename)
Pruden, Tennessee (Populated place)
Ray, Tennessee (Placename)
Relief, North Carolina (Populated place)
Rexford, Tennessee (Placename)
Riggs, Virginia (Placename)
Robbins, Virginia (Placename)
Rock Ledge (House)
Rocky Mount (House)
Rose School (School)
Roseland (House)
Rule, Tennessee (Placename)
Rural Mount (House)
Sabine Hill (House)
Sac, Tennessee (Placename)
Samuel, Tennessee (Placename)
Scalf, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sharps Chapel, Tennessee (Populated place)
Shelbridge (House)
Shiloh, Tennessee (Populated place)
Shiloh, Tennessee (Populated place)
Siler, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sill, Tennessee (Placename)
Snowflake, Virginia (Populated place)
South Clinchfield, Virginia (Populated place)
Spears, Tennessee (Placename)
Speed Hall (School)
Spring Place (House)
Squirewood Hall (Meeting hall)
Starnes, Tennessee (Placename)
State Line Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Stonega, Virginia (Populated place)
Stoney Fork, Kentucky (Populated place)
Stony Point (House)
Stratford (House)
Sumpter, Tennessee (Placename)
Sutherland, Virginia (Populated place)
Swanay, Tennessee (Placename)
Tacoma School (School)
Talbott, Tennessee (Populated place)
Thom, Tennessee (Placename)
Thorn Grove, Tennessee (Populated place)
Thorn Grove, Tennessee (Populated place)
Trammel, Virginia (Placename)
Trosper, Kentucky (Populated place)
Twin City Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
U. S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Depot (Railroad depot)
Valaho, Virginia (Placename)
Vane, Virginia (Placename)
Vogel, Tennessee (Placename)
Wahoo, Tennessee (Placename)
Walker, Kentucky (Populated place)
Walnut Grove (House)
Warbranch, Kentucky (Populated place)
Whiting, Tennessee (Placename)
Willis, Virginia (Populated place)
Wolfrun, Virginia (Placename)
Woodlawn, Tennessee (Populated place)
Woodlawn, Tennessee (Populated place)
Yancey's Tavern (Building)