Kansas City, Missouri, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

1524 Grand Avenue Building (Commercial building)
201-211 Jules Street (Commercial building)
217-219 N. Second Street (Commercial building)
221-223 N. Second Street (Commercial building)
222 South Fourth Street (Commercial building)
301 N. Third Street (Commercial building)
302 N. Third Street (Commercial building)
402-408 N. Third Street (Commercial building)
409-411 N. Third Street (Residential building)
Aines Farm Dairy Building (Commercial building)
Aker Cemetery (Cemetery)
Alois Herbert Double House (Residential building)
Arcada Theater (Theater)
Art Deco Traffic Signal (Miscellaneous)
Ashton, Missouri (Placename)
Atchison Post Office (Post office)
Atchison Y.M.C.A. (Commercial building)
Athol, Missouri (Populated place)
Auto Coach Building (Industrial building)
Avenue Theater (Theater)
AXA Building (Commercial building)
Baker-Vawter Building (Industrial building)
Barclay Building (Commercial building)
Bayfield, Missouri (Placename)
Begley Bridge (Bridge)
Bendena, Kansas (Populated place)
Beth Shalom Synagogue (Place of worship)
Blue Mills (Mill)
BMA Tower (Commercial building)
Boley Building (Commercial building)
Bon Air Apartments Building (Residential building)
Bonfils Building (Commercial building)
Boulevard Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Boxford, Missouri (Placename)
Bryant Building (Commercial building)
Buick Automobile Company Building (Commercial building)
Bunker Building (Commercial building)
C&A Blue Springs Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Independence Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Oak Grove Depot (Railroad depot)
Carbon, Kansas (Placename)
Casper Weckerle Grocery Buildings (Commercial building)
Castle Rock (House)
CB&Q Cameron Depot (Railroad depot)
Cedar Crest (House)
Century Apartments (Residential building)
Chambers Building (Commercial building)
Chicago Apartments (Residential building)
Chick, Missouri (Placename)
Christian Sachau Saloon (Commercial building)
Circle Apartments (Residential building)
City Hall (City hall)
Coca-Cola Building (Commercial building)
Columbia Building (Commercial building)
Columbian Building (Commercial building)
Constitution Hall (Meeting hall)
Constitution Hall--Topeka (Military facility)
Cooleys, Missouri (Placename)
Corby-Forsee Building (Commercial building)
Crawford Building (Commercial building)
CRI&P Cameron Depot (Railroad depot)
Cummings, Kansas (Populated place)
Davies Building (Commercial building)
Davis Memorial (Monument)
Devon Apartments (Residential building)
Dillon House (House)
District I (District)
District I (District)
District II (District)
District III (District)
Dorson Apartment Building (Residential building)
Ellsworth Apartments (Residential building)
Elms Hotel (Hotel)
Elmwood Cemetery (Cemetery)
Exchange Building (Commercial building)
F.W. Woolworth Building (Commercial building)
Far West (Archaeological site)
Faucett, Missouri (Populated place)
Faultless Starch Company Building (Industrial building)
Fete Apartments (Residential building)
Fire Station No. 9 (Fire station)
Firestone Building (Commercial building)
Forbes, Missouri (Populated place)
Fort Osage (Fort)
Gem Building (Residential building)
Gillham Court Apartments Building (Residential building)
Gloyd Building (Commercial building)
Gordon Building (Building)
Granada Theater (Theater)
Graphic Arts Building (Commercial building)
Greenlease Cadillac Building (Commercial building)
Gridley, Missouri (Placename)
Guadalupe Center (Building)
Gumbel Building (Commercial building)
Hall of Waters (Commercial building)
Haye's Hamburgers (Commercial building)
Hesse Carriage Company Building (Industrial building)
Hicks Block (Residential building)
Highland Water Tower (Water tower)
Hiland Telphone Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Hiler, Missouri (Populated place)
Horton Civic Center (Miscellaneous)
Hund School (School)
Huron Cemetery (Cemetery)
Inter-State Building (Commercial building)
Jansen House (House)
Jenkins Music Company Building (Commercial building)
Jensen-Salsbery Laboratories (Industrial building)
Jewell Hall (School)
John Patee House (Building)
Kansas City Live Stock Exchange (Commercial building)
Kansas City Union Station (Railroad depot)
Kansas State Capitol (Capitol building)
Kelly's Westport Inn (Commercial building)
Kemper Arena (Stadium)
Kessler Apartments (Residential building)
Keystone, Missouri (Placename)
Kingston, Missouri (Placename)
Kirkwood Building (Commercial building)
Knickerbocker Apartments (Residential building)
Kodiak, Missouri (Populated place)
Kuehne--Schmidt Apartments (Residential building)
Lawler Motor Company Building (Commercial building)
Lawson, Missouri (Placename)
Liberty Memorial (Monument)
Liquid Carbonic Company Building (Industrial building)
Lowemont, Kansas (Populated place)
Maine Apartments (Residential building)
Major Hotel (Meeting hall)
Maple Grove (House)
Maples Apartments (Residential building)
Maryland Apartments (Residential building)
Masonic Grand Lodge (Meeting hall)
Maywood, Missouri (Populated place)
McConahay Building (Commercial building)
McLouth Water Tower (Water tower)
McMahon Apartments (Residential building)
Mercier, Kansas (Populated place)
Miller Building (Meeting hall)
Mineral Hall (Meeting hall)
Mission Theater (Theater)
Missouri Apartments (Residential building)
Monroe Hotel (Hotel)
Morgan House (House)
MP Independence Depot (Railroad depot)
Mutual Ice Company Building (Industrial building)
National Garage (Service station)
New England Apartments (Residential building)
New York Life Building (Commercial building)
Norman School (School)
Old New England Building (Commercial building)
Old Union Depot (Railroad depot)
Oskaloosa Water Tower (Water tower)
Palace Clothing Company Building (Commercial building)
Park Lane Apartments (Residential building)
Park Theater (Theater)
Parkview, The (Residential building)
Paseo YMCA (Meeting hall)
Pink House (House)
Plaza Towers (Residential building)
Potter, Kansas (Populated place)
Poulet House (House)
Pouncey Building (Commercial building)
Price Villa (House)
Professional Building (Commercial building)
Quality Hill (District)
R.A. Long Building (Commercial building)
R.L. McDonald and Co. Building (Commercial building)
Rieger Hotel (Hotel)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Robidoux Row (House)
Royal Theater (Theater)
Ryan Block (Commercial building)
Saint Joseph, Missouri (Populated place)
Sauer Castle (Castle)
Scarritt Building and Arcade (Commercial building)
Selsa, Missouri (Railroad depot)
Shedd and Marshall Store (Commercial building)
Sophian Plaza (Building)
St. Benedict's Church (Meeting hall)
St. Joseph Union Station (Railroad depot)
Studna Garage Building (Service station)
Tecumseh, Kansas (Populated place)
Temple B'Nai Jehudah (Place of worship)
Temple Site (Place of worship)
Thacher Building (Commercial building)
Thos. Corrigan Building (Commercial building)
Tinkham Veale Building (Commercial building)
Tocoma,The (Building)
Union Cemetery (Cemetery)
USP Leavenworth (Building)
Villa Serena Apartments (Residential building)
Virginia Apartments (Residential building)
Virginia Flats (Residential building)
Vitagraph Film Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Vosteen-Hauck House (Residential building)
Wadsworth, Kansas (Populated place)
Waltower Building (Commercial building)
Westport, Missouri (Populated place)
Wholesale Row (District)
Woodneath (House)
Wornall House (Military facility)
Wyeth Flats (Residential building)
Wyman School (School)
Xavier, Kansas (Populated place)