La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Ashford, Wisconsin (Placename)
Astor Fur Warehouse (Commercial building)
Ben Bikin' (Roadside oddity)
Bloyer Mound Group (Burial site)
Burr Oak, Iowa (Populated place)
Christian Bunge Jr., Store (Commercial building)
Church of God (Building)
Church, Iowa (Populated place)
City Hotel (Hotel)
Corwin, Wisconsin (Placename)
Dorchester, Iowa (Populated place)
E.R. Barron Building (Commercial building)
Eldergrove, Iowa (Populated place)
Elon, Iowa (Populated place)
Festina, Iowa (Populated place)
Freight House (Railroad depot)
Gjefle Log Cabin (Log cabin)
Goedert Meat Market (Residential building)
Gotham, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Governor Rusk (Historic marker)
Grandad Bluff (Natural feature)
Grove Theater (Theater)
Hanover, Iowa (Populated place)
Hardin, Iowa (Populated place)
History of Prairie du Chien (Historic marker)
Horn House (House)
Ion, Iowa (Populated place)
Iron Post (Monument)
Jefferson Grain Warehouse (Commercial building)
Junction, Iowa (Placename)
Kendalls Depot (Railroad depot)
Koren Library (School)
Locust School (School)
Ludlow, Iowa (Populated place)
Lycurgus, Iowa (Populated place)
Maud, Iowa (Populated place)
McGrew, Wisconsin (Placename)
Montauk (House)
Pete's Hamburgers (Commercial building)
Powell Place (Commercial building)
Quandahl, Iowa (Populated place)
Quickstad Farm Implement Company (Industrial building)
Red Bridge (Bridge)
Reedsburg Post Office (Post office)
Reedsburg Woolen Mill Office (Commercial building)
Rossville, Iowa (Populated place)
Saint Lucas, Iowa (Populated place)
Sextonville, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Shot Tower (Tower)
Southern Minnesota Depot (Railroad depot)
Sparta Post Office (Post office)
Steyer Bridge (Bridge)
Stolte Hotel (Hotel)
Taliesin (School)
The Gideons (Historic marker)
Tomah Post Office (Post office)
Turner Hall (City hall)
Unity Chapel (Church)
Valdora, Iowa (Placename)
Villa Louis (House)
Village Creek, Iowa (Populated place)
Volney, Iowa (Populated place)
W. A. Roosevelt Company (Commercial building)
Waukon City Hall (City hall)
Waukon Junction, Iowa (Populated place)