Lake Champlain, New York, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Addison, Vermont (Populated place)
Altona, New York (Populated place)
Au Sable Forks, New York (Populated place)
Ausable Club (Hotel)
Beer's Bridge (Bridge)
Belvidere Center, Vermont (Populated place)
Bridge 12 (Bridge)
Bridge 26 (Bridge)
Bridge 31 (Bridge)
Bridge 6 (Bridge)
Bridge 9 (Bridge)
Bridge No. 27 (Bridge)
Building at 143 Highland Avenue (Residential building)
Burlington Traction Company (Railroad facility)
Cadyville, New York (Populated place)
Cambridge Junction, Vermont (Populated place)
Cambridge Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Central Powerhouse (Power plant)
Charles R. Palmer House (Residential building)
Chimney Point, Vermont (Populated place)
Churubusco, New York (Populated place)
City Hall (City hall)
Clayburg, New York (Populated place)
Cobb School (School)
Colby Mansion (Mansion)
College Hall (School)
Cote Apartment House (Residential building)
D & H Railroad Complex (Railroad facility)
Darling Inn (Commercial building)
Dog Team Tavern (Commercial building)
East Barre, Vermont (Populated place)
East Calais, Vermont (Populated place)
East Corinth, Vermont (Populated place)
East Hardwick, Vermont (Populated place)
East Peacham, Vermont (Populated place)
East Village Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Eden, Vermont (Populated place)
Elkins Tavern (Building)
Ellenburg Center, New York (Populated place)
Ellenburg Depot, New York (Populated place)
Field Farm (Farm)
Fox Hall (Meeting hall)
Franklin, Vermont (Populated place)
Giroux Furniture Company Building (Commercial building)
Glen Dale (House)
Goshen Church (Church)
Grassemount (Residential building)
Gray Rocks (House)
Greensboro Bend, Vermont (Populated place)
Greensboro Depot (Railroad depot)
Greensboro, Vermont (Populated place)
Grouselands (House)
Hardwick, Vermont (Populated place)
Haverhill, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hawkins Hall (School)
Hawley's Ferry House (Commercial building)
Heights, The (House)
Highgate Springs, Vermont (Populated place)
Hinesburg, Vermont (Populated place)
House at 68 Highland Avenue (Residential building)
Hubbard Hall (Meeting hall)
Huntington, Vermont (Populated place)
Ira Hill House (Meeting hall)
Irasburg Town Hall (City hall)
J.R. Darling Store (Commercial building)
Jay, New York (Populated place)
Johnson Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Jones Brothers Granite Shed (Industrial building)
Jonesville, Vermont (Populated place)
Joshua Twing Gristmill (Industrial building)
Keene Valley Library (Meeting hall)
Kendall, Dr. B. J., Company (Industrial building)
King Block (Residential building)
L.P. Jenne Block (Commercial building)
Lakeview Inn (Hotel)
Lind Houses (House)
Lyon Mountain, New York (Populated place)
Mathewson Block (Residential building)
Mayo Building (Commercial building)
Merrill, New York (Populated place)
Middlebury, Vermont (Populated place)
Monkton Town Hall (City hall)
Monroe, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Moquin's Bakery (Industrial building)
Moretown, Vermont (Populated place)
Moriah Town Office Building (Commercial building)
Moriah, New York (Populated place)
New Haven Junction Depot (Railroad depot)
Newbury Town House (City hall)
North Cambridge, Vermont (Populated place)
North Underhill, Vermont (Populated place)
Notman Bridge (Bridge)
Nye Block (Building)
Old Ohavi Zedex Synagogue (Place of worship)
Old Red Mill and Mill House (Industrial building)
Old Stone House (Residential building)
Peacham, Vermont (Populated place)
Peru, New York (Populated place)
Pike, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Plainfield, Vermont (Populated place)
Plattsburgh Bay (Battle site)
Pleasant Valley, Vermont (Populated place)
Port Kent, New York (Populated place)
Porter Screen Company (Industrial building)
Quincy Hotel (Hotel)
Ranney Bridge (Bridge)
Redford, New York (Populated place)
Rembrandt Hall (Meeting hall)
Richmond, Vermont (Populated place)
Robarge, John B. Duplex (Residential building)
Rockledge (House)
Rocky Point, New York (Populated place)
Rokeby (House)
Round Church (Church)
Roxbury, Vermont (Populated place)
Saint Johnsbury, Vermont (Populated place)
Saltus Grocery Store (Commercial building)
Saranac, New York (Populated place)
Shelburne, Vermont (Populated place)
Sheldon Springs, Vermont (Populated place)
Sheldon, Vermont (Populated place)
Slater Bridge (Bridge)
South Hero, Vermont (Populated place)
South Peacham, Vermont (Populated place)
Standish, New York (Populated place)
Stone Mill (Mill)
Stone Row, Old (Building)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Stratton's Inn (Building)
Sweat--Comings Company House (Residential building)
Swing Bridge (Bridge)
Troy, Vermont (Populated place)
Underhill Center, Vermont (Populated place)
Underhill, Vermont (Populated place)
Union Church (Church)
Union Co-operative Store Bakery (Commercial building)
Union Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Union Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Uplands, The (House)
Upper Jay, New York (Populated place)
Valcour Bay (Battle site)
Van Ornam & Murdock Block (Commercial building)
Vermont Statehouse (Capitol building)
Waitsfield, Vermont (Populated place)
Walton Bridge (Bridge)
Warner Home (School)
Warren, Vermont (Populated place)
Waterbury Center, Vermont (Populated place)
Wellscroft (Hotel)
West Addison, Vermont (Populated place)
West Chazy, New York (Populated place)
West Topsham, Vermont (Populated place)
Westford, Vermont (Populated place)
Wheeler, F.W., House (Residential building)
Wheelock Law Office (Commercial building)
Wilcox, W. G., House (Residential building)
Wildwood Hall (Meeting hall)
Willsboro, New York (Populated place)
Wilmington, New York (Populated place)
Winooski Block (Meeting hall)
Woodbury Town Hall (City hall)
Woodsville Opera Building (Commercial building)
Woodsville, New Hampshire (Populated place)