Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abbot Row (House)
Alfred M. Hoelz House (Residential building)
Amber, Michigan (Populated place)
Amuse Theater (Theater)
Antoinette (Miscellaneous)
Barfield-Staples House (Residential building)
Baumbach Building (Industrial building)
Blatz Brewery Complex (Industrial building)
Blommer Ice Cream Company (Commercial building)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Central Library (Library)
Century Building (Building)
Coakley Brothers Warehouse (Commercial building)
Coast Guard Station, Old (Military facility)
Cold Spring Shops (Railroad facility)
Copeland Service Station (Service station)
Eagles Club (Meeting hall)
Elderwood (House)
Exton Apartments Building (Residential building)
Federal Building (Courthouse)
Floretta (Shipwreck)
Frederick Ketter Cooperage (Industrial building)
Garton Toy Company (Industrial building)
George W. Peck Row House (Residential building)
George Watts & Son (Commercial building)
Gesu Church (Church)
Graham Row (House)
Henry and Charles Imig Block (Commercial building)
Henry Store Foeste Building (Commercial building)
Hotel Laack (Hotel)
Hume House (House)
Iron Block (Meeting hall)
J. L. Burnham Block (Meeting hall)
John Balzer Wagon Works Complex (Industrial building)
Johnston Hall (School)
Kegel's Inn Restaurant (Commercial building)
Kendall Cabinet Shop (Commercial building)
Knapp-Astor House (Residential building)
Lake Park (Park)
Lindsay--Bostrom Building (Industrial building)
Mackie Building (Commercial building)
Matthew Keenan Residence (Miscellaneous)
Meadowmere (House)
Milwaukee Hospital (Residential building)
Nowack House (House)
Nunica, Michigan (Populated place)
Oneida Street Station (Power plant)
Pabst Brewing Company Complex (Industrial building)
Pabst Theater (Theater)
Payne Hotel (Meeting hall)
Pere Marquette 1223 (Railroad vehicle)
Plymouth Depots (Railroad depot)
Plymouth Post Office (Post office)
Protestant Home for the Aged (Residential building)
Public Sevice Building (Railroad facility)
Pythian Castle Lodge (Meeting hall)
Riverbend (House)
Riverton, Michigan (Placename)
S and R Cheese Company (Commercial building)
Saint James Court Apartments (Residential building)
Schoonmaker Reef (Natural feature)
Sheboygan Post Office (Post office)
Small Block (Building)
Soldiers' Home Reef (Natural feature)
SS Badger (Ferry)
Stevens Block (Building)
The Cudahy and The Cudahy Tower (Residential building)
Thomas Cook House (Residential building)
Tower Theater (Theater)
Tripoli Temple (Building)
Turner Hall (Meeting hall)
Union Depot (Railroad depot)
Wadhams Gas Station (Commercial building)
Wadhams Oil Company (Commercial building)
Wahl Park (Park)
Ward Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
William Steinmeyer House (Residential building)
Windway (Hotel)