Nashville, Tennessee, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

31 West Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Acme Farm Supply Building (Industrial building)
Addie, Tennessee (Placename)
Airdrie (House)
Allen House (House)
Antioch, Tennessee (Placename)
Ardee, Tennessee (Placename)
Bailey Graveyard (Burial site)
Bear Spring, Tennessee (Populated place)
Beasley, Tennessee (Placename)
Beech Grove (House)
Beeches, The (House)
Belair (House)
Bellamy, Tennessee (Placename)
Belle Meade (House)
Belle Meade Apartments (Residential building)
Belle Vue (House)
Belmont (House)
Bennie-Dillon Building (Commercial building)
Berger Building (Commercial building)
Bethel, Tennessee (Populated place)
Bethel, Tennessee (Populated place)
Big Rock, Tennessee (Populated place)
Birchwood, Tennessee (Populated place)
Black Hawk, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bowling Green OMS #10 (Military facility)
Brick Inn (Commercial building)
Bridal House (House)
Broadway Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Buffalo, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bumpus Mills, Tennessee (Populated place)
Bush-Herbert Building (Commercial building)
Camp Bell (House)
Carlisle, Tennessee (Populated place)
Carolyn Conn Moore (Historic marker)
Castner--Knott Building (Commercial building)
Cedar Grove (House)
Cedars, The (House)
Cheatham Building (Commercial building)
Cheekwood (Work of art)
Cherry Hall (School)
Christ Church (Church)
Claud, Tennessee (Placename)
Cleveland Hall (Meeting hall)
Cloverlands (House)
Cole House (House)
Concord, Tennessee (Populated place)
Cornsilk (House)
County Named, 1819 (Historic marker)
Cox House (House)
Cragfont (House)
Cummins Station (Commercial building)
Curry, Tennessee (Placename)
Dalton Brick Company (Industrial building)
Devon Farm (Farm)
Dickson Post Office (Post office)
Dickson Theater (Theater)
Dixon Springs, Tennessee (Populated place)
Dixon, Tennessee (Placename)
Dixona (House)
Doctor's Building (Commercial building)
Dogwood, Kentucky (Populated place)
Doziers, Tennessee (Placename)
Dumont Hill (Military facility)
Duncan House (House)
Dunlop Milling Company (Industrial building)
Edwards Hall (Meeting hall)
Emerald Hill (House)
Erin Limekilns (Structure)
Fairelond (House)
Fall School (School)
Fire Hall No. 1 (Fire station)
First Presbyterian (Historic marker)
First Presbyterian Church Manse (Residential building)
Fort Lytle (Fort)
Forts, Tennessee (Placename)
Frost Building (Commercial building)
Genoa (House)
Georgetown, Tennessee (Populated place)
Gilbert Mansion (Mansion)
Gilroy, Tennessee (Placename)
Glen Burnie (House)
Glen Oak (House)
Glen Raven (House)
Grassmere (House)
Gray's Inn (Site)
Green Hills Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Greenfield (Cemetery)
Grider House (House)
Griffin, Tennessee (Placename)
Hall House (House)
Hampton Hall (Meeting hall)
Hardcastle General Store (Commercial building)
Hargis House (House)
Hartsville Depot (Railroad depot)
Hazel Path (House)
Hdqrs. CSA Commander (Historic marker)
Heating Plant (Power plant)
Hines House (House)
Hite, Tennessee (Placename)
Holland, Kentucky (Populated place)
Holly Street Fire Hall (Meeting hall)
Hopper Court (House)
Hotel Latham (Historic marker)
Idlewild (House)
Indian Mound, Tennessee (Populated place)
J.L. and Son Turner Building (Commercial building)
Jimtown, Tennessee (Placename)
Joelton, Tennessee (Populated place)
Kansas, Tennessee (Populated place)
Kent, Tennessee (Placename)
La Fayette, Kentucky (Populated place)
Legate, Tennessee (Populated place)
Lewis & Clark in Kentucky (Historic marker)
Locust Grove (House)
Longleat (House)
Longview (House)
Lost River Cave and Valley (Natural feature)
Magnolia, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mahone, Tennessee (Placename)
Maple Shade (House)
Maplewood (House)
Marathon Motor Works (Industrial building)
Marvel, Tennessee (Placename)
Melrose, Tennessee (Placename)
Miles House (School)
Mims, Tennessee (Placename)
Mizell, Tennessee (Placename)
Mooreland (House)
Mount Vernon, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Vernon, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Zion, Kentucky (Populated place)
Mountview (House)
Muncie, Tennessee (Placename)
Nashville Arcade (Commercial building)
Nashville City Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Nashville National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Nashville, Tennessee (Populated place)
Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery (Industrial building)
Nine Hearths (House)
Noel Hotel (Hotel)
Nosegay, Tennessee (Placename)
Oak Top (House)
Oakland (House)
Oakley (House)
Octagon Hall (Meeting hall)
Odum, Tennessee (Placename)
Old Hickory, Tennessee (Populated place)
Old Post House (Building)
Omega, Tennessee (Placename)
Overbrook (House)
Pardue, Tennessee (Placename)
Parthenon (Building)
Peace Park (Historic marker)
Pegram depot (Railroad depot)
Pegram, Tennessee (Populated place)
Pioneer Graveyard 1812-1858 (Historic marker)
Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (Populated place)
Polk House (House)
Poston Block (Commercial building)
Poston House (House)
Quarry Limekiln (Structure)
Rauscher House (Commercial building)
RCA Studio B (Building)
Rest, Tennessee (Placename)
Rhea Stadium (Stadium)
Rich Grove (House)
Rich-Schwartz Building (Commercial building)
Richland Hall (Meeting hall)
Riddleton, Tennessee (Populated place)
Ritter House (House)
Rival, Tennessee (Placename)
Riverview (House)
Riverwood (House)
Robincroft (House)
Rock Castle (Castle)
Rock Jolly (House)
Rome Ferry (Ferry)
Rosemont (House)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Savage House (House)
Scottsville Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Shiloh, Tennessee (Populated place)
Snider, Tennessee (Populated place)
Spa, Kentucky (Populated place)
St. James Apartments (Residential building)
Stadium (Stadium)
State Theater (Theater)
Stewart, Tennessee (Populated place)
Stone Hall (House)
Sudley Place (House)
Sunnyside (House)
Sydney's Bluff (Natural feature)
Tabernacle, The (Place of worship)
Tate, Tennessee (Placename)
Temple Cemetery (Cemetery)
Tennesse Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Tennessee State Capitol (Capitol building)
Tharpe, Tennessee (Populated place)
The Trail of Tears (Historic marker)
Thomas Drugs (Commercial building)
Tip Top (House)
Tobaccoport, Tennessee (Populated place)
Trousdale, Tennessee (Populated place)
Tulip Grove (House)
Two Rivers (House)
U.S. Vice President (Historic marker)
US Post Office (Post office)
Utopia Hotel (Hotel)
Van Meter Hall (Meeting hall)
Wall Spring (Spring)
Walnut Grove (House)
Walnut Lawn (House)
Walton, Tennessee (Placename)
Watkins, Tennessee (Placename)
Weir, Tennessee (Placename)
Wessyngton (House)
West Hall (Meeting hall)
West Meade (House)
White Chapel (Church)
Whitehall (House)
Woodard Hall (Meeting hall)
Woodlawn (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Woodlawn, Tennessee (Populated place)
Woodmont Terrace Apartments (Residential building)
Woodstock (House)