Newark, New Jersey, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A. T. Stewart Company Store (Commercial building)
Abington, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Acorn Hall (Meeting hall)
Adams and Sickles Building (Commercial building)
Adelphia, New Jersey (Populated place)
Admiral's House (Building)
Ahavas Sholom (Building)
Allaire Village (District)
Allen House (House)
Alnwick Hall (Meeting hall)
Ambler Theater (Theater)
American Stock Exchange (Commercial building)
Amity, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Ampere Station (Railroad depot)
Andalusia (House)
Anderson Street Station (Railroad depot)
Angela Theater (Theater)
Anise, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Aquashicola, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Arcola, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Ardmore Theater (Theater)
Ashfield, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Askew Bridge (Bridge)
Astor Theater (Theater)
Autun (House)
Bahr Mill Complex (Residential building)
Baker Building (Commercial building)
Bala Theater (Theater)
Baptistown, New Jersey (Populated place)
Barley Sheaf Inn (Correctional facility)
Barron Library (Library)
Barto Bridge (Bridge)
Battery Park Control House (Railroad facility)
Battery Weed (Military facility)
Bauern Freund Print Shop (Industrial building)
Beattystown (School)
Becky's Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Belford, New Jersey (Populated place)
Bell Telephone Laboratories (Commercial building)
Belle Mead, New Jersey (Populated place)
Belle Vista (Work of art)
Belmont (House)
Bensalem, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Bernardsville Station (Railroad depot)
Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Beverly National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Blandon, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Blawenburg, New Jersey (Populated place)
Block House, The (Building)
Bloomfield Station (Railroad depot)
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Bogert House (House)
Boisaubin Manor (Mansion)
Boonecroft (House)
Boro Theater (Theater)
Boulevard Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Bound Brook Station (Railroad depot)
Bow Hill (House)
Bowers, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Boxwood Hall (Meeting hall)
Boyd Theater (Theater)
Boyertown Burial Casket Company (Industrial building)
Bradley Beach Station (Railroad depot)
Bradner`s Pharmacy (Commercial building)
Brick Church Station (Railroad depot)
Bridget Smith House (Residential building)
Broad Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Broad Theater (Theater)
Broad Theater (Theater)
Bromley Theater (Theater)
Brookside (School)
Bryn Mawr (House)
Building at 21 West Street (Commercial building)
Building at 254-260 Canal Street (Commercial building)
Building at 361 Broadway (Commercial building)
Byecroft Farm Complex (Meeting hall)
Cairnwood (House)
Camp-Woods (House)
Carbon County Jail (Correctional facility)
Carl Mackley Houses (Residential building)
Carversville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cary Building (Commercial building)
Cary Station (Railroad depot)
Casa Deldra (House)
Castor Theater (Theater)
Cedar Grove, New Jersey (Populated place)
Cedar Grove, New Jersey (Populated place)
Cedars, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Central Railroad of New Jersey (Railroad facility)
Century Theater (Theater)
Chain Bridge (Bridge)
Chamber of Commerce Building (Commercial building)
Chamounix (Hotel)
Changewater, New Jersey (Populated place)
Chelsea, New York (Populated place)
Chelsea, New York (Populated place)
Chelten Theater (Theater)
Cherryville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Christ Church (Church)
Cintra (House)
City Hall (City hall)
City Hall (City hall)
City Pier A (Structure)
Civic Theater (Theater)
Cliveden (House)
Coffee House (House)
Colebrook Manor (Mansion)
Combs Hollow (House)
Conestoga, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cookstown, New Jersey (Populated place)
Coopertown Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Corbin Building (Commercial building)
County Theater (Theater)
Coventry Hall (Meeting hall)
Cramond (House)
Cranford, New Jersey (Populated place)
Crosswicks (House)
Danielsville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Davies House (House)
Dawesfield (House)
Delanco, New Jersey (Populated place)
Delmar Apartments (Residential building)
Denville, New Jersey (Populated place)
Devon Theater (Theater)
Devon, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Dey Mansion (Mansion)
Dock Bridge (Bridge)
Drifton, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Drumthwacket (House)
Durham Mill and Furnace (Industrial building)
Durham, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Dusenberry House (Building)
Eagle Tavern (Commercial building)
East Orange Station (Railroad depot)
Easton Cemetery (Cemetery)
Easton House (House)
Easton Tower (Tower)
Eastward (House)
Ebervale, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Edgemont (House)
Edgemont, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Effort, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Elizabeth Station (Railroad depot)
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Emerald, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Emmaus Theater (Theater)
Empire Building (Building)
Engine Company No. 2 (Fire station)
Engine Company No. 3 (Fire station)
Engine Company No. 4 (Fire station)
Engine Company No. 5 (Residential building)
Engine Company No. 6 (Fire station)
Equitable Building (Commercial building)
Essex County Jail (Correctional facility)
Exton Hotel (Hotel)
Fagley House (House)
Fairmount Apartments (Residential building)
Far Hills Station (Railroad depot)
Ficken's Warehouse (Commercial building)
Firehouse No. 4 (Fire station)
Fisk Chapel (Church)
Fitler School (School)
Florence, New Jersey (Populated place)
Fonthill (House)
Fordville (House)
Forest Grove, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Fort Jay (Fort)
Fountain House (Commercial building)
Frankford Arsenal (Military facility)
Fraunces Tavern (Meeting hall)
Fretz Farm (Farm)
Friedens, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Friends Hospital (District)
Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Gap Theater (Theater)
Geigertown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
General Washington Inn (Commercial building)
Gibbons Mansion (Mansion)
Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Gladstone Station (Railroad depot)
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glanville Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Glenays (House)
Glencairn (House)
Glencoe (House)
Glenside, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glenside, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glynallen (House)
Governors Island (Military facility)
Grace Church (Church)
Graeme Park (Building)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Graver's Lane Station (Railroad depot)
Great Meadows, New Jersey (Populated place)
Grey Towers (House)
Griffith Building (Commercial building)
Grover House (House)
Grubb Mansion (Mansion)
Gruber Wagon Works (Industrial building)
Grumblethorpe (Building)
Grundy Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Gulick House (House)
Gwynedd Hall (Meeting hall)
Hahne and Company (Commercial building)
Half-Moon Inn (Commercial building)
Hall's Bridge (Bridge)
Hampden Firehouse (Meeting hall)
Hampton Hill (House)
Hanging Rock (Natural feature)
Harleigh, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Harriton (Hotel)
Haverford, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Hereford, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Hersker Theater (Theater)
Highfields (House)
Highland Hose No. 4 (Fire station)
Hillsborough, New Jersey (Populated place)
Hilltown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Hiway Theater (Theater)
Hoboken City Hall (City hall)
Holmdel, New Jersey (Populated place)
Home Office Building (Commercial building)
Hope District (District)
Hope Lodge (House)
Hopewell Station (Railroad depot)
Horn Antenna (Structure)
Horsham, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Howell House (House)
Imlaystown, New Jersey (Populated place)
Isabella Furnace (District)
Isabella, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Iviswold (House)
Ivy Hall (Meeting hall)
Ivy Lodge (House)
Jersey City YMCA (Meeting hall)
Jobstown, New Jersey (Populated place)
John Street Building No. 170--176 (Commercial building)
Julius' Bar (Commercial building)
Keim Homestead (Building)
Kemp's Hotel (Hotel)
Kennedy Mansion (Mansion)
Ker--Feal (House)
Keswick Theatre (Theater)
Kimberton, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Kinbawn (House)
King Block (Theater)
King Store and Homestead (Commercial building)
Kingsland Manor (Mansion)
Kintnersville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Kirkland Station (Railroad depot)
Klein Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Knapp Farm (Farm)
Knowlton (House)
Kovenhoven (House)
Kresgeville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Krueger Mansion (Mansion)
Kulpsville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Kunkletown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Kutz Mill (Mill)
Lady Washington Inn (Commercial building)
Lafayette's Quarters (Military facility)
Lahaska, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Lahr Farm (Farm)
Lambertville House (Commercial building)
Lansdown (House)
Laurel Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Lederach, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Lee Tire and Rubber Company (Industrial building)
Lehigh Canal (Canal)
Lehigh Canal (Canal)
Lehigh Gap, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Levan Farm (Farm)
Liberty Hall (Meeting hall)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Liberty Tower (Commercial building)
Linden Grove Pavilion (Commercial building)
Lindenwold (House)
Little Falls, New Jersey (Populated place)
Little Gap, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Little Silver Station (Railroad depot)
Longland (House)
Lyons Station (Railroad depot)
M. C. Mulligan & Sons Quarry (Residential building)
Madison Station (Railroad depot)
Madison Theater (Theater)
Mahoning Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Main Post Office (Post office)
Malvern Hall (Meeting hall)
Manhattan Company Building (Commercial building)
Mansion House (Mansion)
Maplewood (House)
Maplewood, New Jersey (Populated place)
Masker House (House)
Matawan Station (Railroad depot)
Maxatawny, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Maybury Hill (House)
Mayfair House (Residential building)
Maywood Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
McCallum Manor (Mansion)
Meadows, The (House)
Mechlins Corner Tavern (Commercial building)
Mennonite Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Mercer Museum (Building)
Merchants' and Drovers' Tavern (Commercial building)
Merit Underwear Company (Industrial building)
Mertztown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Metlar House (House)
Middle Valley, New Jersey (Populated place)
Mill Grove (House)
Mill-Rae (House)
Millington Station (Railroad depot)
Milltown India Rubber Company (Industrial building)
Milmoral (House)
Miquon, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Moland House (House)
Monmouth Battlefield (Battle site)
Moore Hall (Meeting hall)
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works (Industrial building)
Moravian Sun Inn (Commercial building)
Morris Canal (Canal)
Morris Plains Station (Railroad depot)
Morven (House)
Moses Craig Limekilns (Industrial building)
Mott Hollow (House)
Mount Joy (House)
Mountain Avenue Station (Railroad depot)
Mountain Station (Railroad depot)
Mt. Airy Station (Railroad depot)
Murphy Varnish Works (Industrial building)
Murray Hill Station (Railroad depot)
Music Hall (Meeting hall)
Narvon, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Nathan Cooper Gristmill (Industrial building)
National Musical String Company (Industrial building)
Naughright, New Jersey (Populated place)
Naugle House (House)
Navesink, New Jersey (Populated place)
Neffs, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Netherwood Station (Railroad depot)
Neville House (Building)
New Brunswick Station (Railroad depot)
New Dorp Light (Lighthouse)
New Tripoli, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New York Evening Post Building (Commercial building)
New York Stock Exchange (Commercial building)
Newark City Hall (City hall)
Newport, New Jersey (Populated place)
No. 8 Thomas Street Building (Commercial building)
North Bergen, New Jersey (Populated place)
North Hills, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Nottingham, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Oak Dell (House)
Oakes Estate (Estate)
Oaklands (House)
Oakwood (House)
Ocean Grove, New Jersey (Populated place)
Ogontz Hall (Meeting hall)
Old Barracks (Building)
Old Eagle Tavern (Commercial building)
Old Kentuck (House)
Old Queen's (School)
Old Waterworks (Building)
Oldwick, New Jersey (Populated place)
Oradell Station (Railroad depot)
Orange Station (Railroad depot)
Oxford Furnace (Furnace)
Pagoda (Building)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Palace Theatre (Theater)
Paoli, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Park Row Building (Commercial building)
Passaic Elks Club (Meeting hall)
Paterson City Hall (City hall)
Peachfield (House)
Penn Theater (Theater)
Penn's Park General Store Complex (Commercial building)
Penns Park, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Pennsbury Manor (Mansion)
Pennsylvania Station (Railroad depot)
Pequannock, New Jersey (Populated place)
Perryville Tavern (Commercial building)
Perth Amboy Station (Railroad depot)
Pickwick (House)
Pier 57 (Road)
Pineville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Pipersville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Plainfield Station (Railroad depot)
Players Boat Club (Miscellaneous)
Pleasant Grove, New Jersey (Populated place)
Pleasant Grove, New Jersey (Populated place)
Pohlmann's Hall (Meeting hall)
Poile Zedek Synagogue (Place of worship)
Point Breeze (House)
Poole Forge (House)
Poplar Lane (House)
Port Murray, New Jersey (Populated place)
Princeton Battlefield (Battle site)
Prospect (Residential building)
Quaker School (School)
Radburn (House)
Radburn-Fair Lawn Station (Railroad depot)
Radnor Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Rahway Theatre (Theater)
Rapps Bridge (Bridge)
Raritan Station (Railroad depot)
Real Estate Building (Residential building)
Recklesstown (House)
Red Gables (House)
Red Men Hall (Meeting hall)
Red Mill (Mill)
Regal Theater (Theater)
Reiff Farm (Farm)
Richfield, New Jersey (Populated place)
Ridgewood Station (Railroad depot)
Ringoes, New Jersey (Populated place)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Rockingham (House)
Roebling Machine Shop (Industrial building)
Rosemont, New Jersey (Populated place)
Rosemont, New Jersey (Populated place)
Roughwood (Commercial building)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Royal Theater (Theater)
Rushland, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Rutherford Station (Railroad depot)
Ryerss Mansion (Mansion)
Saegersville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Saint Peters, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Saitta House (House)
Salaam Temple (Building)
Salford, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Salfordville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Sally Ann Furnace Complex (Industrial building)
Sandy Hill Tavern (Commercial building)
Sandy Hook Light (Lighthouse)
Saturday Club (Building)
Sayre House (House)
Sayre Mansion (Mansion)
Schnecksville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Schoolhouse (School)
Sciota, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Seated Lincoln (Monument)
Seaview Hospital (Hospital)
Seguine House (Building)
Seville Theatre (Theater)
Seward House (House)
Shadow Lawn (House)
Shankweiler's Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Sherman Theater (Theater)
Ship Inn (Building)
Shippen Manor (Mansion)
Skillman, New Jersey (Populated place)
Slatedale, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Sleepy Hollow Hall (Meeting hall)
Smith, Fleming, Warehouse (Industrial building)
Smyser and English Pharmacy (Residential building)
Solebury, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Somerset, New Jersey (Populated place)
Somerset, New Jersey (Populated place)
South Church (Church)
South Easton, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
South Orange Station (Railroad depot)
Southampton, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Spring Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Spring Mount, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Springtown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Springtown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
St. Elizabeth's Convent (Place of worship)
Staats House (House)
Stanley (District)
Stanley Theater (Theater)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theatre (Theater)
Staten Island Light (Lighthouse)
Stein Mill (Mill)
Steinbach-Cookman Building (Commercial building)
Stenton (House)
Stephensburg, New Jersey (Populated place)
Stirling (Building)
Stone Eagles (House)
Storms House (House)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theatre (Theater)
Strawbridge and Clothier Store (Commercial building)
Stroud Mansion (Mansion)
Substation 235 (Structure)
Summerseat (House)
Sumneytown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Sunnybrook (Building)
Surrogate's Court (Courthouse)
Sutton, New Jersey (Placename)
Symington House (Commercial building)
Tacony Music Hall (Meeting hall)
Temple Emanu-El (Place of worship)
Tennent, New Jersey (Populated place)
Terhune House (Building)
The Clearing (House)
The Tannery (Industrial building)
Thomas Marble Quarry Houses (Residential building)
Tioga Theater (Theater)
Torrey--Larrabee Store (Commercial building)
Trenton City Hall (City hall)
Trevose Manor (Mansion)
Trout Hall (Meeting hall)
Tulipwood (House)
Tunis R. Cooper House (Industrial building)
Tusculum (House)
Tuttle House (House)
Tweed Courthouse (Courthouse)
Twin Maples (House)
Tylersport, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Tyson Theater (Theater)
U.S. Animal Quarantine Station (Commercial building)
U.S. Customhouse (Building)
U.S.S. LING (Military facility)
Union School (School)
Union, New Jersey (Populated place)
Union, New Jersey (Populated place)
Upper Montclair Station (Railroad depot)
Upsala (House)
US Courthouse (Courthouse)
Uwchlan Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Vauxhall, New Jersey (Populated place)
Village Inn (Hotel)
Villanova, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Waldenmark (House)
Wall and Hanover Building (Commercial building)
Wall House (House)
Walnford (House)
Walnford, New Jersey (Populated place)
Warrenpoint (House)
Wars of America (Monument)
Washington's Headquarters (Military facility)
Watchung Avenue Station (Railroad depot)
Waterloo (House)
Wayne Hotel (Hotel)
Wayne, New Jersey (Populated place)
Wayne, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Webster, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Wee Grimmet (House)
Welkinweir (House)
West Street Building (Commercial building)
West Trenton Station (Railroad depot)
West Whiteland Inn (Residential building)
Westmar Theater (Theater)
Wharton Esherick Studio (Commercial building)
White Horse Tavern (Commercial building)
White House Station (Railroad depot)
White Mana Diner (Miscellaneous)
Whitehall Apartments (Residential building)
Whitford Hall (Meeting hall)
Whyman House (House)
Willingboro, New Jersey (Populated place)
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Willson, Thomas A. and Co. (Industrial building)
Windsor Theater (Theater)
Winsor Building (Residential building)
Wissahickon (Residential building)
Wissahickon Inn (Building)
Wood Lawn (House)
Wood, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Woodbridge, New Jersey (Populated place)
Woodland Station (Railroad depot)
Woodledge (House)
Woodmont (House)
Woolworth Building (Commercial building)
Worcester, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Wyck House (House)
Wycombe, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Wyncote, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Yoder Mill (Mill)
Zeta Psi Fraternity House (Residential building)
Zionhill, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Zollinger-Harned Company Building (Commercial building)
Zook House (House)
Zook House (House)