Peoria, Illinois, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Allentown Union Hall (Meeting hall)
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity House (Residential building)
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House (Residential building)
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity House (Residential building)
Avoca, Illinois (Placename)
Ayer Public Library (Meeting hall)
Bailey--Rug Building (Meeting hall)
Beason, Illinois (Populated place)
Benson Water Tower (Water tower)
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House (Residential building)
Big Daddy's Chicken (Commercial building)
Blue Ridge, Illinois (Populated place)
Boynton, Illinois (Populated place)
Broadwell, Illinois (Populated place)
Bunyon Giant (Roadside oddity)
Burton View, Illinois (Populated place)
C&A Atlanta Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Greenview Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Lexington Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Lincoln Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Petersburg Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Pontiac Depot (Railroad depot)
C&IM Oakford Depot (Railroad depot)
Cayuga Depot (Railroad depot)
Chenoa Pharmacy (Commercial building)
Chestnut, Illinois (Populated place)
Clover Lawn (House)
Cozy Inn (Commercial building)
Da-Jo Motel (Hotel)
Davenport Hall (Building)
Delta Upsilon Fraternity House (Residential building)
Derby, Illinois (Populated place)
Dighton Platform (Railroad facility)
Duncan Manor (Mansion)
Edelstein, Illinois (Populated place)
El Paso Public Library (Meeting hall)
Fairbury City Hall (City hall)
Farm House (House)
Fiesta Motel (Hotel)
Flanagan Water Tower (Water tower)
Galesville, Illinois (Populated place)
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House (Residential building)
Georgian, The (Residential building)
Grand View Drive (Monument)
Harker Hall (Building)
Hawley, Illinois (Placename)
Hazen Bridge (Bridge)
Hoblit House (House)
IC White Heath Depot (Railroad depot)
Illinois Traction Building (Railroad facility)
Inman Hotel (Hotel)
International Harvester Building (Commercial building)
J. H. Hawes Elevator (Grain elevator)
Jones House (House)
Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity House (Residential building)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority House (Residential building)
Kappa Sigma Fraternity House (Residential building)
Lancaster, Illinois (Populated place)
Laura, Illinois (Populated place)
Lawn Ridge, Illinois (Populated place)
Lincoln Building (Commercial building)
Lincoln City Hall (City hall)
Lincoln Theater (Theater)
Logan Texaco (Service station)
Lucca Grill (Commercial building)
Madison Theatre (Theater)
Magill House (Commercial building)
Marquette Apartments (Residential building)
McLean depot (Railroad depot)
Meramec Caverns Barn (Roadside oddity)
Metal Shop (School)
Metamora Courthouse (Courthouse)
Miller-Davis Law Buildings (Commercial building)
Monticello Wabash Depot (Railroad depot)
Normal Theater (Theater)
Oasis Drive-In (Building)
Oasis Drive-In (Commercial building)
Old Log Cabin Inn (Commercial building)
Peace and Harvest (Work of art)
Peoria City Hall (City hall)
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House (Residential building)
Phi Mu Sorority House (Residential building)
Pig Hip Sign & Marker (Roadside oddity)
Pioneers, The (Work of art)
Pontiac Amtrak Station (Railroad depot)
Rome, Illinois (Populated place)
Route 66 historic marker (Historic marker)
Saxon, Illinois (Placename)
Seymour, Illinois (Populated place)
Sinclair Station (Service station)
Speer, Illinois (Populated place)
Sprague's Super Service (Residential building)
Steak & Shake (Commercial building)
Streamline Moderne gas station (Commercial building)
Ten Mile Grove (Miscellaneous)
The Chief (Statue)
The Mill Restaurant (Roadside oddity)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Vriner's Confectionery (Commercial building)
White Building (Industrial building)
White Heath, Illinois (Populated place)