Phenix City, Alabama, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Acton, Georgia (Placename)
Adams Cotton Gin Building (Industrial building)
Armstrong, Alabama (Populated place)
Avondale, Georgia (Populated place)
Bayard, Georgia (Placename)
Benson, Alabama (Placename)
Blufftown, Georgia (Placename)
Building at 1007 Broadway (Commercial building)
Building at 1009 Broadway (Commercial building)
Bush-Philips Hardware Co. (Commercial building)
C.B. Tarver Building (Commercial building)
Cameo, Georgia (Placename)
Cedar, Alabama (Placename)
Cedars, The (House)
Chatahoochee County Jail (Correctional facility)
Church Square (Church)
City Fire Department (Fire station)
Colored Cemetery (Cemetery)
Columbus Ironworks (Industrial building)
Columbus Stockade (Correctional facility)
Copeland, Georgia (Placename)
Creekwood (House)
Cusseta, Alabama (Populated place)
Depot Business Buildings (Commercial building)
Dinglewood (House)
Dismuke Storehouse (Commercial building)
Dyke, Alabama (Placename)
Elms, The (House)
Esquiline, Georgia (Placename)
Fairmount, Alabama (Placename)
Fontaine Building (Meeting hall)
Fort Davis, Alabama (Populated place)
Fort Mitchell, Alabama (Populated place)
Fort No. 5 (Fort)
Foster House (House)
Frank Brothers (Building)
Grey Columns (House)
Halloca, Georgia (Placename)
Hamlet, Alabama (Placename)
Hatchechubbee, Alabama (Populated place)
Highland Hall (Meeting hall)
Hilton (House)
Hofflin & Greentree Building (Commercial building)
Hoggs, Georgia (Placename)
Illges House (House)
Jamestown, Georgia (Populated place)
Joseph House (House)
Kasihta, Georgia (Placename)
Kent, Alabama (Populated place)
Kress (Building)
Lafayette, Alabama (Populated place)
Lancaster, Georgia (Placename)
Lebanon, Georgia (Placename)
Ledger-Enquirer Building (Commercial building)
Lewis--Rothchild Building (Commercial building)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Lion House (House)
Mark Hall (Meeting hall)
Mathis House (House)
Matilda, Alabama (Placename)
Methodist Tabernacle (Place of worship)
Montezuma Depot (Railroad depot)
Mott House (House)
Mount Jefferson, Alabama (Populated place)
Nebula, Georgia (Populated place)
Niuyaka, Alabama (Placename)
Noble Hall (House)
Oakfuskee, Alabama (Placename)
Oakland (House)
Oakland, Georgia (Populated place)
Orletta, Georgia (Placename)
Ozella, Alabama (Placename)
Pasaquan (Work of art)
Paschal, Georgia (Placename)
Pine Grove, Alabama (Populated place)
Pine Grove, Alabama (Populated place)
Pine Grove, Alabama (Populated place)
Potts Brothers Store (Commercial building)
Raleigh, Georgia (Populated place)
Rankin House (House)
Reich Dry Goods Company (Commercial building)
Ridgewood (House)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Riverside (Building)
Roanoke, Georgia (Placename)
Roba, Alabama (Populated place)
Roods Landing Site (Archaeological site)
Rover, Alabama (Placename)
Salem, Alabama (Populated place)
Sawokli, Alabama (Placename)
Seale, Alabama (Populated place)
Shack, Georgia (Placename)
Spring Villa (House)
St. Elmo (House)
Stovall, Georgia (Populated place)
Sunny Slope (House)
Talasse, Alabama (Placename)
Thompson, Alabama (Populated place)
Thronateeska (House)
Triangle Building (Commercial building)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Uchi, Alabama (Placename)
Upatoi, Georgia (Populated place)
Usher House (House)
Webster County Jails (Correctional facility)
West Hill (House)
West Point Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
White Hall (Meeting hall)
Wolfson Printing and Paper Co. (Commercial building)
Woolfolk, Georgia (Placename)
Wynn House (House)
Wynnwood (House)
Y.M.C.A. (Building)
Yuchi, Alabama (Placename)