Portland, Maine, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

2 1/2 Beacon Street (Correctional facility)
Antrim, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Art Gallery (City hall)
Ashland Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Ashland Town Hall (City hall)
Back Cove (Park)
Barrington, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Battery Steele (Military facility)
Baxter House (House)
Bear Island, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Bog Bridge (Bridge)
Bolduc Block (Building)
Bourne Mansion (Mansion)
Bradford Town Hall (City hall)
Bray House (House)
Brown, J.B., Memorial Block (Commercial building)
Burnell Tavern (Commercial building)
Buxton Powder House (Military facility)
Camp Hammond (House)
Canaan Chapel (Church)
Candia, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Canterbury, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Cape Arundel Golf Club (Miscellaneous)
Cape Neddick, Maine (Populated place)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Chebeague Island, Maine (Populated place)
Clapp, Charles Q., Block (Commercial building)
Cliff Island, Maine (Populated place)
Clock Farm (Farm)
Colonial Inn (Hotel)
Contoocook Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Cornish, Maine (Populated place)
Crescent Lodge (Meeting hall)
Dame School (School)
Danish Village (Placename)
Deerfield, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Deerfield, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Dow Bridge (Bridge)
Dudley Block (Residential building)
Durgin Bridge (Bridge)
Durham, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Eagle Hotel (Hotel)
Eagle Island (House)
Early Post Office (Post office)
East Hebron, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Eastern Cemetery (Cemetery)
Eaton Center, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Eaton House (House)
Elden's Store (Commercial building)
Elder Grey Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Emery House (House)
Emery School (School)
Endicott Rock (Monument)
Epsom, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Everett Chambers (Residential building)
Falmouth House (Commercial building)
Farrington House (Residential building)
First Parish Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
First Parish Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Fitch's General Store and House (Commercial building)
Franklin Block (Commercial building)
Freeport, Maine (Populated place)
Freese's Tavern (Meeting hall)
Friends Meetinghouse (Casco) (Place of worship)
Frost Garrison and House (Military facility)
Gerrish Warehouse (Commercial building)
Glencliff, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Goffstown, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Goold House (House)
Gray, Maine (Populated place)
Greene Cottage (Building)
Greenough, Byron, Block (Commercial building)
Hancock, John, Warehouse (Commercial building)
Hanson, Asa, Block (Commercial building)
Hatch House (House)
Hebron, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Henniker Town Hall (City hall)
Holderness Inn (Building)
Holderness, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hooksett, New Hampshire (Populated place)
How Houses (House)
Hubbard--Cotton Store (Commercial building)
Hussey Plow Company Building (Industrial building)
India Street Terminal (Railroad facility)
Jacobs Houses and Store (Commercial building)
Jones, John Paul, House (Residential building)
Joy Farm (Farm)
Kimball Castle (Building)
Kittery Point, Maine (Populated place)
Kittery, Maine (Populated place)
Laconia Passenger Station (Railroad depot)
Lancaster Block (Commercial building)
Leavitt Theatre (Theater)
Lehoullier Building (Residential building)
Libby Museum (Building)
Libby's Colonial Tea Room (Commercial building)
Limerick, Maine (Populated place)
Limington, Maine (Populated place)
Lisbon Falls, Maine (Populated place)
Littlejohn Island, Maine (Populated place)
Lochmere, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Long Island, Maine (Populated place)
Lord Farm (Farm)
Lord Mansion (Mansion)
Loudon Town Hall (City hall)
Lower Warner Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Madison, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary (Commercial building)
Maine Publicity Bureau Building (Commercial building)
Maine Trolley Cars (Railroad vehicle)
Mallett Hall (City hall)
Manor House (Mansion)
Maplewood, Maine (Populated place)
Marine Hospital (Military facility)
Masonic Temple (Commercial building)
Mechanics' Hall (Meeting hall)
Merrill, William, Memorial (Historic marker)
Mill House (House)
Milton Town House (Meeting hall)
Milton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Mirror Lake, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Moody, Maine (Populated place)
Morrill, John J., Store (Commercial building)
Naples, Maine (Populated place)
New Castle, New Hampshire (Populated place)
New Hampshire State House (Capitol building)
Newfield, Maine (Populated place)
Newington, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Newmarket, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Newmarket, New Hampshire (Populated place)
North Baldwin, Maine (Populated place)
North Berwick, Maine (Populated place)
North School (School)
North Sutton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Noyes, Jacob, Block (Meeting hall)
Nutter--Rymes House (Residential building)
Old North Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Old Port (Miscellaneous)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Old Town House (City hall)
Old York Gaol (Correctional facility)
Palace Diner (Commercial building)
Parker's Store (Commercial building)
Pebbledene (House)
Pejepscot Site (Miscellaneous)
Pembroke, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Plymouth, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Porter Old Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Portland City Hall (City hall)
Portland City Hospital (Residential building)
Portland Club (Meeting hall)
Portland Head Light (Lighthouse)
Portland Head Light (Lighthouse)
Portsmouth Athenaeum (Meeting hall)
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Military facility)
Public Market (Commercial building)
Rackleff Building (Commercial building)
Rigby, Maine (Placename)
Robie's Country Store (Commercial building)
Rock Rest (House)
Rolfe Barn (Barn)
Rollinsford, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Saco City Hall (City hall)
Sanbornton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Sandwich, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Sawyer Building (Commercial building)
Shaker Village (Meeting hall)
Shapley Town House (Residential building)
Shiloh Temple (Place of worship)
Smyth Tower (Building)
Snowville, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Songo Lock (Lock)
South Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
South Parish (Building)
St. Paul's School Gasholder (Industrial building)
Stanley Tavern (Meeting hall)
Staples Inn (Hotel)
Stark Park (Park)
Stimson Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Stone House (House)
Stone School (School)
Strafford, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Stratham, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Suncook, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Sunnycroft (House)
Tate House (House)
Temple, The (Place of worship)
Thompson Block (Commercial building)
Thompson Hall (School)
Tilton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Timber Point (District)
Town Hall (City hall)
Town House (City hall)
Tracy--Causer Block (Commercial building)
Two Lights (Military facility)
U.S. Courthouse (Courthouse)
U.S. Customhouse (Building)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Chapel (Church)
Union Church (Church)
Union Church (Church)
Union Church (Church)
Union Hotel (Hotel)
Valley Lodge (House)
Wadsworth Hall (Meeting hall)
Wallingford Hall (Meeting hall)
Warner, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Warren Block (Meeting hall)
Warren, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Way Way General Store (Commercial building)
Weare Town House (City hall)
Weare, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Weeks House (House)
West Baldwin, Maine (Populated place)
West Lebanon, Maine (Populated place)
West Newfield, Maine (Populated place)
West Ossipee, New Hampshire (Populated place)
White Farm (Farm)
White Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
White Park (Park)
Windermere (House)
Winn House (Museum)
Winnisquam, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Woodman Building (Commercial building)