Pueblo, Colorado, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Alamo Hotel (Hotel)
Altman, Colorado (Placename)
Anaconda, Colorado (Placename)
Avondale, Colorado (Populated place)
Barker House (Commercial building)
Baxter House (House)
Bemis Hall (Meeting hall)
Beulah, Colorado (Populated place)
Bowen Mansion (Mansion)
Briarhurst (House)
Butler House (House)
Butte Theater (Theater)
Carlton House (Military facility)
Cascade, Colorado (Populated place)
Chandler, Colorado (Placename)
Chief Theater (Theater)
Chong's Cafe (Commercial building)
Claremont (House)
Cliff House (Commercial building)
Colorado Building (Commercial building)
Colorado Women's Prison (Correctional facility)
Cutler Hall (School)
DeGraff Building (Commercial building)
Eastholme (Hotel)
Edgeplain (House)
Edison School (School)
El Pueblo (Fort)
Falcon Stadium (Stadium)
Falcon, Colorado (Populated place)
Fitch Terrace (Residential building)
Florissant, Colorado (Populated place)
Gast Mansion (Mansion)
Giddings Building (Commercial building)
Gillett, Colorado (Placename)
Glen Eyrie (School)
Guffey, Colorado (Populated place)
Hazelhurst (House)
Holy Cross Abbey (Place of worship)
Howard, Colorado (Populated place)
Isis Theater (Theater)
Jones Theater (Theater)
King's Chef Diner (Commercial building)
Lake George, Colorado (Populated place)
Lennox House (School)
McGregor Hall (Meeting hall)
Mesa Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Mirage, Colorado (Placename)
Miramont (Building)
Montgomery Hall, Colorado College (Residential building)
Montgomery Ward Building (Commercial building)
Mr. B's BBQ (Commercial building)
Navajo Hogan (Building)
Palmer Hall (School)
Peak Theater (Theater)
Penrose, Colorado (Populated place)
Pikes Peak (Site)
Plaza Hotel (Hotel)
Rex Theater (Theater)
Rio Grande Engine No. 168 (Railroad vehicle)
Robison Mansion (Mansion)
Rood Candy Company Building (Industrial building)
Rosemount (House)
Shrine of the Sun (Burial site)
Skyline Theater (Theater)
Temple Emanuel (Place of worship)
Ticknor Hall (Meeting hall)
Tutt Building (Commercial building)
Ula, Colorado (Placename)
Union Depot (Railroad depot)
Unique Theater (Theater)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
Vail Hotel (Hotel)
Victor Hotel (Hotel)
Westcliffe Jail (Correctional facility)
Wetmore Post Office (Post office)
Y.W.C.A. (Building)