Rockford, Illinois, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Afton, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Andy Gump (Statue)
Antioch Water Tower (Water tower)
Argyle, Illinois (Populated place)
Armory, The (Armory)
Armsby, Illinois (Placename)
Ashelford Hall (Meeting hall)
Attica, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Barney House (House)
Beloit Power Plant (Power plant)
Beloit Water Tower (Water tower)
Belvidere Water Tower (Water tower)
Black Hawk's Village (Historic marker)
Black Point (House)
Bonnie Brae (House)
Brighton, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Caradine Building (Commercial building)
Caroline Mark House (Residential building)
Catlow Theatre (Theater)
Central House (Commercial building)
Chana School (School)
Chick House (Commercial building)
Clinton Water Tower (Water tower)
Country Tea Room (Commercial building)
Crosby Block (Building)
Daggett, Illinois (Placename)
Davidson Hall (School)
Debate Square (Monument)
Delavan Post Office (Post office)
Dougan Round Barn (Round barn)
Dr. Samuel Blumer House (Commercial building)
Edgerton Depot (Railroad depot)
Edgerton Post Office (Post office)
Elevators In Kirkland IL (Grain elevator)
Elgin Academy (School)
Elkhorn Post Office (Post office)
Emerson Hall (Meeting hall)
Enterprise Building (Commercial building)
Evansville Standpipe (Water tower)
Fairbanks Flats (Residential building)
Fellows, Wisconsin (Placename)
Fire Barn 5 (Fire station)
Footville Condensery (Power plant)
Fort Hill, Illinois (Populated place)
Fredendall Block (Commercial building)
Freeport City Hall (City hall)
Gempeler Round Barn (Round barn)
Genesee Town Hall (City hall)
Goodrich Blacksmith Shop (Industrial building)
Grandview (Work of art)
Hanchett Block (Meeting hall)
Hebron Town Hall (City hall)
Herbert O. Kubly Marker (Historic marker)
Horticultural Hall (Meeting hall)
Irene Coal & Feed (Commercial building)
Jewel Tea Company, Inc. (Industrial building)
Kansasville, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Kellogg's Grove (Battle site)
Lappin-Hayes Block (Commercial building)
Larkin Home for Children (Miscellaneous)
Lena Water Tower (Water tower)
Library Hall (Meeting hall)
Library Park (City hall)
Lindenwood, Illinois (Populated place)
Maxwell Mansion (Mansion)
Mayhews, Wisconsin (Placename)
McHenry Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Memorial Hall (City hall)
Menz Store (Commercial building)
Metropolitan Block (Meeting hall)
Miller House (House)
Milton House (Commercial building)
Monroe Depot (Railroad depot)
Monroe Water Tower (Water tower)
Moran's Saloon (Building)
New Glarus (Historic marker)
North Plato, Illinois (Populated place)
Oregon Masonic Lodge (Meeting hall)
Oregon Public Library (Meeting hall)
Orfordville Depot (Railroad depot)
Panther Intaglio (Burial site)
People's State Bank (Meeting hall)
Pinehill (House)
Plato Center, Illinois (Populated place)
Rasey House (House)
Rindfleisch Building (Commercial building)
Risum Round Barn (Round barn)
Riviera, The (Building)
Rock River Industry (Historic marker)
Rockdale Dam and Mill (Historic marker)
Rockton Water Tower (Water tower)
Savage House (House)
Seward, Illinois (Populated place)
South School (Residential building)
Springfield, Wisconsin (Populated place)
Star Theatre (Meeting hall)
Strong Building (Commercial building)
Ten Chimneys (House)
Ten Chimneys (House)
The Brick Road (Historic marker)
Turner School (School)
Udina, Illinois (Populated place)
Union House (House)
Vanland, Illinois (Placename)
Vernon, Wisconsin (Populated place)
West School (Residential building)
Whatever Bar (Building)
William Brown Building (Commercial building)
William J. Owen Store (Commercial building)
Younglands (House)
Zenda, Wisconsin (Populated place)