Rome, Georgia, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

411 Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
A.D. Strickland Store (Commercial building)
Argo, Georgia (Placename)
Auraria, Georgia (Placename)
Aylmer, Georgia (Placename)
Banner, Alabama (Placename)
Barrington Hall (Meeting hall)
Battle of Resaca (Historic marker)
Battle of Resaca (Historic marker)
Battle of Taliwa (Historic marker)
Baxter, Georgia (Populated place)
Bellefonte, Alabama (Populated place)
Benham Place (House)
Berry Schools (School)
Black Creek, Alabama (Populated place)
Blue Ridge Depot (Railroad depot)
Bolivar, Alabama (Populated place)
Bowls, Georgia (Placename)
Brewers, Georgia (Placename)
Briscoe, Georgia (Placename)
Broomtown, Georgia (Placename)
Browns, Georgia (Placename)
Bryant, Alabama (Populated place)
Buff, Georgia (Placename)
Bulloch Hall (Meeting hall)
Cagle Castle (Castle)
Cagle House (Hotel)
Calhoun Depot (Railroad depot)
Callaway Place - 1814 (Historic marker)
Camp McDonald (Military facility)
Canton City Hall (City hall)
Canton Cotton Mills No. 2 (Industrial building)
Canton Theater (Theater)
Canton Water Tower (Water tower)
Canton Wholesale Company Building (Commercial building)
Carlisle, Georgia (Placename)
Cartersville Depot (Railroad depot)
Cassville Post Office (Post office)
Cavender's Store (Commercial building)
Center & Abernathy Store Building (Commercial building)
Chatsworth Depot (Railroad depot)
Cheney, Georgia (Placename)
Chiaha, Georgia (Placename)
Chickamauga Standpipe (Water tower)
Chieftains (House)
Chumley, Alabama (Placename)
Cisco School (School)
Clyde, Alabama (Placename)
Col Pooles BBQ (Roadside oddity)
Cole City, Georgia (Populated place)
Coloma, Alabama (Placename)
Conasauga, Georgia (Placename)
Coosa, Georgia (Populated place)
Cordell, Alabama (Placename)
Cotnam, Alabama (Placename)
Creighton, Georgia (Placename)
CSX Control Tower (Railroad facility)
Cuba, Georgia (Placename)
Cumming Bandstand (Structure)
Cumming Cemetery (Cemetery)
Cumming City Hall (City hall)
Cumming, Georgia (Placename)
DeSoto Theater (Theater)
DeSoto, Georgia (Placename)
Dial Bridge (Bridge)
Dial, Georgia (Populated place)
Dillon, Georgia (Placename)
Don, Georgia (Placename)
Dora, Georgia (Placename)
Double-Cola Bottling Company (Industrial building)
Drag City (Miscellaneous)
Due, Georgia (Placename)
Dykes, Georgia (Placename)
Early, Georgia (Placename)
Edgar, Georgia (Placename)
Ellijay Depot (Railroad depot)
Epworth, Georgia (Populated place)
Etowah Mounds (Archaeological site)
Etowah, Georgia (Placename)
Eves, Georgia (Placename)
Fabius, Alabama (Populated place)
Fairview, Georgia (Placename)
Fambro, Georgia (Placename)
Fearing, Georgia (Placename)
Ferncliff, Alabama (Placename)
Fillmore, Georgia (Placename)
Floy, Alabama (Placename)
Ford, Georgia (Placename)
Fort Buffington (Historic marker)
Freemans, Georgia (Placename)
Freetown, Georgia (Placename)
Frick Gap, Georgia (Placename)
Furnace, Georgia (Placename)
Gaddistown, Georgia (Populated place)
Gartrell, Georgia (Placename)
Gem Theatre (Theater)
General Lafayette (Historic marker)
Gerber, Georgia (Placename)
Goswick's Store (Commercial building)
Grady, Georgia (Placename)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Gray, Alabama (Placename)
Greenbush, Georgia (Placename)
Guild, Georgia (Placename)
Hale, Alabama (Placename)
Hamlet, Georgia (Placename)
Hannah, Alabama (Placename)
Haywood, Georgia (Placename)
Hedwig, Georgia (Placename)
Henrys, Georgia (Placename)
Hermitage, Georgia (Populated place)
Hix, Alabama (Placename)
Holcomb, Georgia (Populated place)
Holiman Yard (Railroad facility)
Homer, Alabama (Placename)
Hymer, Alabama (Placename)
Igo, Georgia (Placename)
Index, Alabama (Placename)
Jasper Depot (Railroad depot)
Jasper Water Tower (Water tower)
Jasper, Georgia (Placename)
Jay, Georgia (Placename)
Johntown, Georgia (Placename)
Juno Fire Tower (Fire tower)
Keasley, Georgia (Placename)
Kendrick, Georgia (Placename)
Landers, Georgia (Placename)
Lane House (House)
Larimore, Alabama (Placename)
Legion Theater (Theater)
Licklog, Georgia (Placename)
Ligon, Georgia (Placename)
Lindale, Georgia (Populated place)
Luna, Alabama (Placename)
Lytle, Georgia (Populated place)
Mahan, Alabama (Placename)
Mahan, Georgia (Placename)
Malbone, Georgia (Placename)
Marcus, Alabama (Placename)
Margie, Georgia (Placename)
Margret, Georgia (Populated place)
Masonic Lodge No. 238 (Meeting hall)
Matt, Georgia (Placename)
Mays Gulf, Alabama (Placename)
McCutchen, Georgia (Placename)
McGinnis, Georgia (Placename)
Mills, Georgia (Placename)
Mineral Bluff Depot (Railroad depot)
Mona, Alabama (Placename)
Morganton, Georgia (Placename)
Muffler Man with Plane (Roadside oddity)
Musgrove, Alabama (Placename)
Nance Spring (Spring)
New Echota (District)
Nicholson, Alabama (Placename)
Oakland Academy (Historic marker)
Oakland, Georgia (Populated place)
Old Cisco Post Office (Post office)
Old Dawson County Jail (Correctional facility)
Old Murray County Jail (Correctional facility)
Opeleika, Georgia (Placename)
Penn Place (House)
Pickens County Jail (Correctional facility)
Pike, Georgia (Placename)
Pine Grove, Alabama (Populated place)
Pisgah, Georgia (Populated place)
Posco, Georgia (Placename)
Primrose Cottage (Building)
Ratcliff, Georgia (Placename)
Ravenel, Georgia (Placename)
Red Ore, Georgia (Placename)
Resaca Battlefield (Battle site)
Ricks, Alabama (Placename)
Riegel Hospital (Hospital)
Ringgold Depot (Railroad depot)
Rober, Georgia (Placename)
Rock Spring, Georgia (Populated place)
Rocky Gap, Georgia (Placename)
Rogers, Georgia (Placename)
Rorex, Alabama (Placename)
Roselawn (House)
Rostex Airport (Airport)
Roswell City Hall (City hall)
Roswell Factory Marker (Historic marker)
Roving House (House)
Rydal, Georgia (Populated place)
Salem, Georgia (Placename)
Sarah, Georgia (Populated place)
Shannon, Georgia (Populated place)
Sidhart, Alabama (Placename)
Sixes Mill (Mill)
Snider, Georgia (Placename)
Sophia, Georgia (Placename)
Sterling, Alabama (Placename)
Stone Church (Church)
Storys, Georgia (Placename)
Suches, Georgia (Populated place)
Summerville Depot (Railroad depot)
Summit, Georgia (Placename)
Suwanee City Hall (City hall)
Suwanee Water Tower (Water tower)
Swan Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Talley, Alabama (Placename)
Tate Cemetary (Cemetery)
Tate Depot (Railroad depot)
Tate Gymnasium (Building)
Tate House (House)
Tate, Georgia (Populated place)
Tatum, Georgia (Placename)
Tennga School (School)
Tennga, Georgia (Populated place)
The Anchorman (Work of art)
The Army of Tennessee (Historic marker)
The Battle of Lafayette (Historic marker)
The Couey House (Log cabin)
The Flooded Gap (Historic marker)
The General (Railroad facility)
The Madden Branch Massacre (Historic marker)
Tucker, Alabama (Placename)
Valley View (House)
Vann House (House)
Villanow (Historic marker)
Walker County (Historic marker)
Warrens, Georgia (Placename)
Wells, Georgia (Placename)
Wesley O. Conner House (Industrial building)
West Theater (Theater)
Wheeler, Georgia (Placename)
Whiteside, Tennessee (Populated place)
Wier, Georgia (Placename)
Wilkins, Georgia (Placename)
Wills, Alabama (Placename)
Willstown, Alabama (Placename)
Wilsons, Alabama (Placename)
Wink Theater (Theater)
Woodstock Depot (Railroad depot)
Woollys, Georgia (Placename)
Wright Hotel (Hotel)
WSA Water Tower (Water tower)
Yancey, Georgia (Placename)
Youngcane, Georgia (Placename)
Yucca, Alabama (Populated place)
Yucca, Alabama (Placename)
Zula, Georgia (Placename)