Springfield, Missouri, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Albatross Store (Commercial building)
Albatross, Missouri (Populated place)
Alice, Missouri (Populated place)
Alli's Family Restaurant (Commercial building)
Andy's Court (Hotel)
Antler, Missouri (Placename)
Atchley, Missouri (Placename)
Bado, Missouri (Populated place)
Bailey School (School)
Bendavis, Missouri (Populated place)
Bennett's Catfish Café (Commercial building)
Berry Cemetery (Cemetery)
Big Spring (Spring)
Big Spring (Spring)
Big Spring (Spring)
Blue Spring (Spring)
Blue Spring (Spring)
Brower Spring (Spring)
Brown's Garage (Service station)
Bryant Spring (Spring)
Buckhorn, Missouri (Populated place)
Buckley, Missouri (Placename)
Bucyrus, Missouri (Populated place)
Canehill, Missouri (Placename)
Cave Spring (Spring)
Cave Spring, Missouri (Populated place)
Cavin Spring (Spring)
Cedar Bluff, Missouri (Populated place)
Chiles Spring (Spring)
Clara, Missouri (Populated place)
Clementine, Missouri (Populated place)
Cliff Spring (Spring)
Clifford, Missouri (Placename)
Cobb, Missouri (Populated place)
Cole Spring (Spring)
Compton, Missouri (Placename)
Crabbs, Missouri (Placename)
Creasy Spring (Spring)
Creasy Spring (Spring)
Cullen Spring (Spring)
D. L. Morris garage (Service station)
Dailey Spring (Spring)
Danny's Service Station (Service station)
Day House (House)
Dewey, Missouri (Placename)
Duke, Missouri (Populated place)
Dunn, Missouri (Populated place)
Dunnegan, Missouri (Populated place)
Dykes, Missouri (Populated place)
E-Z Inn (Commercial building)
Ebb, Missouri (Placename)
Ebenezer, Missouri (Populated place)
Edanville, Missouri (Populated place)
Edsall, Missouri (Placename)
Elbow Inn & BBQ (Commercial building)
Ellis Prairie, Missouri (Populated place)
Ellsworth, Missouri (Populated place)
Emmett, Missouri (Placename)
Esquire Theater (Theater)
Evening Shade, Missouri (Populated place)
Finkbiner Building (Commercial building)
Flagship Inn (Hotel)
Fowler, Missouri (Populated place)
Fox Theatre (Theater)
Frog Rock (Roadside oddity)
Gaither, Missouri (Placename)
Gascozark Cafe & Service (Commercial building)
Gascozark Trading Post (Commercial building)
Gay Parita Service station (Service station)
Gay Parita Store (Commercial building)
Gillioz Theater (Theater)
Glaize, Missouri (Placename)
Gresham, Missouri (Placename)
Hall Spring (Spring)
Hawley, Missouri (Placename)
Hayes Spring (Spring)
Hazleton, Missouri (Populated place)
Heer's Department Store (Commercial building)
Heercleff (House)
Henry Schneider Building (Commercial building)
Hiatt, Missouri (Placename)
Hickory Barren, Missouri (Populated place)
Hico, Missouri (Placename)
Holiday Theater (Drive-in theater)
Holland Building (Commercial building)
Hooker Cut (Road)
Huben, Missouri (Placename)
Huggins, Missouri (Populated place)
Hurst, Missouri (Populated place)
Ingalls, Missouri (Placename)
J.E. King Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Joe Knight Building (Commercial building)
Jones Spring (Spring)
Kelly Spring (Spring)
Kelly Spring (Spring)
Kelton House (Hotel)
Laclede County Jail (Correctional facility)
Ladd, Missouri (Populated place)
Landers Theater (Theater)
Leeper Spring (Spring)
Lowery's Service Station (Service station)
Lumlee Spring (Spring)
Lundy, Missouri (Populated place)
Lurvey Motor Court (Commercial building)
Macomb, Missouri (Populated place)
Manhattan Dinner House (Commercial building)
Mason Spring (Spring)
McCoy's Store and Camp (Commercial building)
Miller Spring (Spring)
Miller's Market (Commercial building)
Miller's Station (Service station)
Mitchells Corner, Missouri (Populated place)
Mobil Service (Service station)
Moss Cave (Spring)
Mossy Spring (Spring)
Munger Moss Motel (Commercial building)
Murphy Eddy (Spring)
Netter--Ullman Building (Commercial building)
Niangua Filling Station (Commercial building)
Oak Vale Park (Commercial building)
Old Calabosse (Correctional facility)
Old Crawford Cafe (Commercial building)
Old Evening Shade, Missouri (Populated place)
Old Success, Missouri (Populated place)
Onyx Cave (Cave)
Orleans, Missouri (Placename)
Ousley Spring (Spring)
Palace Hotel (Hotel)
Palace, Missouri (Placename)
Paris Springs Garage (Service station)
Paris Springs Station (Service station)
Park Central Square (Historic marker)
Paxton Spring (Spring)
Phelps Grocery (Commercial building)
Phelps School (School)
Phillips 66 Service (Service station)
Phillips 66 Service (Service station)
Phillipsburg General Store (Commercial building)
Pix Theater (Theater)
Plano General Store (Commercial building)
Pleasant Ridge, Missouri (Populated place)
Plum Valley, Missouri (Populated place)
Polk Spring (Spring)
Powellville, Missouri (Populated place)
Pruett Spring (Spring)
Quarry Spring (Spring)
Rader Spring (Spring)
Rancho Motel (Hotel)
Rembert, Missouri (Placename)
Richards Antiques (Commercial building)
Roby, Missouri (Populated place)
Roubidoux, Missouri (Populated place)
Sand Spring (Spring)
Sargent, Missouri (Populated place)
Scott Spring (Spring)
Scott Spring (Spring)
Simmons, Missouri (Populated place)
Skyline Cafe (Commercial building)
Slabtown, Missouri (Populated place)
Snider Spring (Spring)
Spencer Phillips 66 Station (Service station)
Spring Creek, Missouri (Populated place)
Springfield Furniture Company (Industrial building)
Springfield National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
St. Paul Block (Meeting hall)
Steak 'n Shake (Commercial building)
Sterling, Missouri (Populated place)
Sthrom Spring (Spring)
Stone Chapel (Church)
Story, Missouri (Placename)
Success, Missouri (Populated place)
Swiss Inn (Commercial building)
The Rice-Stix Building (Industrial building)
The Underpass Cafe (Commercial building)
Todd Spring (Spring)
Tower Theatre (Theater)
Turley, Missouri (Populated place)
Turnback, Missouri (Placename)
Turners, Missouri (Populated place)
Tydol gas station (Service station)
Upton, Missouri (Populated place)
Uranus General Store (Commercial building)
Vada, Missouri (Populated place)
Vada, Missouri (Placename)
Vance, Missouri (Populated place)
Ward Spring (Spring)
Windyville, Missouri (Populated place)
Winoka Spring (Spring)
Wise Feed Company Building (Commercial building)
Wrink's Market (Commercial building)
Yeakley, Missouri (Placename)
Young Spring (Spring)