Toledo, Ohio, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Adams School (School)
Amherst Theater (Theater)
Amherst Town Hall (City hall)
Amsden, Ohio (Populated place)
Ashmont, Ohio (Placename)
B'nai Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Barber Shop (Commercial building)
Barker School (School)
Bascom, Ohio (Populated place)
Bassett, Ohio (Placename)
Bavarian Brewery (Industrial building)
Beatty Glass Company (Industrial building)
Berdan Building (Industrial building)
Bing's Hotel (Hotel)
Birmingham, Ohio (Populated place)
Bowen, Ohio (Placename)
Bowman's Distillery (Industrial building)
Broadway Building (Commercial building)
Burt's Theater (Theater)
Cargo Warehouse (Commercial building)
Carnegie Library (Meeting hall)
Catawba Island Wine Company (Industrial building)
Cedar Point Light (Lighthouse)
Central YMCA (Building)
Century Block (Commercial building)
Christopher C. Layman Law Office (Commercial building)
Cla-Zel Theatre (Theater)
Coliseum (Meeting hall)
College Hall (School)
Colton, Ohio (Populated place)
Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Cummings, Ohio (Placename)
Dr. Englebry's Office (Commercial building)
Duane Block (Residential building)
Dunbridge, Ohio (Populated place)
Dunton House (House)
Eagles Building (Commercial building)
East Side Commercial Block (Commercial building)
Ely Block (Commercial building)
Elyria Elks Club (Building)
Empire House (Building)
Engine House No. 1 (Fire station)
Engine House No. 3 (Fire station)
Englebry's Dry Goods (Commercial building)
Facer's Store (Commercial building)
Farnham, Ohio (Placename)
Fenton, Ohio (Placename)
Flat Rock, Ohio (Populated place)
Floral Hall (Meeting hall)
Folger, Ohio (Placename)
Fort Meigs (Fort)
Fox's Brewery-Diamond Wine Co. (Industrial building)
France Hall (Meeting hall)
Genoa Theatre (Theater)
Genoa Town Hall (City hall)
Glass Bowl (Stadium)
Glenwood, Ohio (Populated place)
Gould Block (Commercial building)
Great Hall (Meeting hall)
Green Island Light (Lighthouse)
Gregg House (House)
Gregory House (Commercial building)
Gunn House (House)
Hall of the Divine Child (Miscellaneous)
Haney, Ohio (Placename)
Hanson House (House)
Hanson Machinery Company (Industrial building)
Hart's Drug Store (Commercial building)
Hemminger Saloon (Building)
Henny Barn (Barn)
Henry Lotz Store (Residential building)
Henry Stoffel Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Heter Farm (Farm)
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. (Industrial building)
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. (Industrial building)
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. (Commercial building)
Homer, Ohio (Populated place)
Homerville, Ohio (Populated place)
Hotel Rieger (Hotel)
Inscription Rock (Work of art)
Inselruhe (House)
Inverness Club (District)
Ira Apartments (Residential building)
Isaac Hull Store (Commercial building)
Island House (Building)
Jay Cooke House (Commercial building)
Kansas, Ohio (Populated place)
Kerber's Marine Grocery (Residential building)
Kishman Fish Company Buildings (Commercial building)
Kuebeler-Stang Block (Meeting hall)
Laird Hall (School)
Lake Breeze, Ohio (Populated place)
Lea Block (Building)
Leipsic City Hall (Courthouse)
Leslie, Ohio (Placename)
Linden, Ohio (Placename)
Lonet Theater (Theater)
Lorain Lighthouse (Lighthouse)
Lorain Theatre (Theater)
Lorain YMCA Building (Commercial building)
Lyme, Ohio (Placename)
Macksville Tavern (Commercial building)
Maple Grove, Ohio (Placename)
Maumee Sidecut (Structure)
Maumee Theater (Theater)
Middle Bass, Ohio (Populated place)
Middleton, Ohio (Placename)
Miltonville, Ohio (Placename)
Moffitt, Ohio (Placename)
Moline, Ohio (Populated place)
Monroe School (School)
Monteith Hall (Meeting hall)
Mosher House (House)
Mueller Brewery (Industrial building)
Navarre-Anderson Trading Post (Commercial building)
Neapolis, Ohio (Populated place)
Neowash, Ohio (Placename)
Newtons, Ohio (Placename)
Nickelplate, Ohio (Placename)
No. 5 Fire Station (Fire station)
Oakdale, Ohio (Placename)
Oakpoint, Ohio (Placename)
Octagon, The (House)
Ohio Lantern Company (Industrial building)
Ohio Theatre (Theater)
Oil Center, Ohio (Placename)
Old Amherst Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Old City Hall (City hall)
Old Harbour Store (Commercial building)
Old Mill (Mill)
Old Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Old Wood County Jail (Correctional facility)
Omar Chapel (Church)
Orchestra Hall (Theater)
Palmyra, Michigan (Populated place)
Pelton House (House)
Piccola, Ohio (Placename)
Prentice, Ohio (Placename)
Presque Isle, Ohio (Placename)
Prout, Ohio (Placename)
Pythian Castle (Commercial building)
R. Brand and Company (Commercial building)
Raineys, Ohio (Placename)
Red Popcorn Wagon (Commercial building)
Redington Block (Commercial building)
Relief, Ohio (Placename)
Richards, Ohio (Placename)
Riga, Michigan (Populated place)
Risley, Ohio (Placename)
Riverdale, Ohio (Placename)
Riverview Apartments (Residential building)
Rockwell, Ohio (Placename)
Ross Hardware (Commercial building)
Rugby, Ohio (Placename)
Sage House (House)
Sail Loft (Commercial building)
Samaria, Michigan (Populated place)
Sandusky Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Sawyer House (House)
Secor Hotel (Hotel)
Shawville, Ohio (Placename)
Sheldon, Ohio (Placename)
Siney, Ohio (Placename)
Spitzer Building (Commercial building)
Springdale (House)
Squires, Ohio (Populated place)
St. Mary Parish Hall (Meeting hall)
Stagecoach Inn (Commercial building)
Standart-Simmons Hardware Company (Commercial building)
Stanley, Ohio (Populated place)
State Theater (Theater)
Steuben, Ohio (Populated place)
Stone's Block (Commercial building)
Stony Ridge, Ohio (Populated place)
Succesful Sales (Industrial building)
Sutton Place (House)
Teemes, Ohio (Placename)
Thomsontown, Ohio (Placename)
Tiffin Agricultural Works (Industrial building)
Tiffin Art Metal Company (Industrial building)
Tiffin Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Toledo Club (Building)
Toledo Harbor Light (Lighthouse)
Tousaint, Ohio (Placename)
Town Hall (City hall)
Townline, Ohio (Placename)
Treadway, Ohio (Placename)
Tremont House (Meeting hall)
Trinity, Ohio (Placename)
U.S. Coast Guard Building (Military facility)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Church (Church)
Venice, Ohio (Populated place)
Vickery, Ohio (Populated place)
Violet, Ohio (Placename)
Wagner Brothers Bottling Works (Industrial building)
Wagner Palace (Building)
Washington Terrace Apartments (Residential building)
Webb, Ohio (Placename)
Webster Manufacturing (Industrial building)
Weis Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
West House (House)
Wichman's Grocery (Commercial building)
Willdred Flats (Residential building)
Williard Hall (Meeting hall)
Williston, Ohio (Populated place)
Wineland, Ohio (Placename)
Wooster Block (Commercial building)