Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

"The Huey" (Aircraft)
ADM Water Tower (Water tower)
Bear, Tennessee (Placename)
Bethel Cemetery (Cemetery)
Bethel, Tennessee (Populated place)
Birchwood, Tennessee (Populated place)
Black House (House)
Blair's Ferry Storehouse (Commercial building)
Blanton, Tennessee (Placename)
Bledsoe County Jail (Correctional facility)
Blythe Ferry (Military facility)
Bonny Oaks (School)
Bowman House (House)
Brown House (House)
Central Block Building (Commercial building)
Chable, Tennessee (Placename)
Chancellor T. M. McConnell House (Residential building)
Chattanooga National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Chota, Tennessee (Placename)
Citico, Tennessee (Placename)
Citico, Tennessee (Placename)
City Cemetery (Cemetery)
Community Building (Meeting hall)
Concord, Tennessee (Populated place)
Concord, Tennessee (Populated place)
Connor Toll House (Military facility)
Coytee, Tennessee (Placename)
Craigmiles Hall (Meeting hall)
Crane Building (Commercial building)
Crisp, Tennessee (Placename)
Cute, Tennessee (Placename)
Dallas, Tennessee (Placename)
Dawn, Tennessee (Placename)
Delano, Tennessee (Populated place)
Dill, Tennessee (Populated place)
Disco, Tennessee (Populated place)
Drop, Tennessee (Placename)
Earnest, Tennessee (Placename)
Eaton, Tennessee (Populated place)
Elijah, Tennessee (Placename)
Engel Stadium (Stadium)
Englewood Water Tower (Water tower)
Ethel, Tennessee (Placename)
Etowah Depot (Railroad depot)
Ewing House (House)
Ewing, Tennessee (Placename)
Falconhurst (House)
Fillauer Brothers Building (Residential building)
Folger, Tennessee (Placename)
Foster Falls (Waterfall)
Freels Cabin (House)
Gassaway, Tennessee (Populated place)
Georgetown, Tennessee (Populated place)
Georgetown, Tennessee (Populated place)
Grace, Tennessee (Placename)
Grief, Tennessee (Placename)
Groves, Tennessee (Placename)
Hanlan, Tennessee (Placename)
Harriman City Hall (City hall)
Hart, Tennessee (Placename)
Heads, Tennessee (Placename)
Henn Theater (Theater)
Henry House (House)
Hillis, Tennessee (Placename)
Hillsboro, Tennessee (Populated place)
Hixson, Tennessee (Populated place)
Ho, Tennessee (Placename)
House on a Bridge (Roadside oddity)
Hughes, Tennessee (Placename)
I-24 waterfalls (Waterfall)
Ipe, Tennessee (Placename)
Jacob L. Grubb Store (Commercial building)
James Building (Building)
Jeffrey, Tennessee (Placename)
Kelley House (House)
Kimbros, Tennessee (Placename)
Kinkaid, Tennessee (Placename)
Knollwood (House)
L&N Depot (Railroad depot)
Lady Bent Over, Ring, Car (Roadside oddity)
Leedom, Tennessee (Placename)
Legget, Tennessee (Placename)
Lenoir City Company (Railroad facility)
Lenoir Cotton Mill Warehouse (Commercial building)
Louise Terrace Apartments (Residential building)
Maclellan Building (Commercial building)
Magnum, Tennessee (Placename)
Marion Post No. 62 (Meeting hall)
Marugg Company (Industrial building)
Mason Place (House)
Meade, Tennessee (Placename)
Medical Arts Building (Commercial building)
Mid-Town Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Mikado Locomotive No. 4501 (Railroad vehicle)
Miller Brothers Department Store (Commercial building)
Mint, Tennessee (Populated place)
Miser Station Store (Commercial building)
Mount Vernon, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Vernon, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Vernon, Tennessee (Populated place)
Mount Vernon, Tennessee (Populated place)
Music, Tennessee (Placename)
Nancy Ward Tomb (Burial site)
New, Tennessee (Placename)
Niota Depot (Railroad depot)
Oakham (House)
Ochs Building (Building)
Ocoee Whitewater Center (Miscellaneous)
Old College (School)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Oldham Theater (Theater)
Olio, Tennessee (Placename)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Palin, Tennessee (Placename)
Park Theatre (Theater)
Pearson, Tennessee (Placename)
Pelham, Tennessee (Populated place)
Perilla, Tennessee (Placename)
Pinhook, Tennessee (Placename)
Pioneer Hall (School)
Pollard, Tennessee (Placename)
Prospect, Tennessee (Populated place)
Prospect, Tennessee (Populated place)
Prospect, Tennessee (Populated place)
Purdons, Tennessee (Placename)
Quebeck, Tennessee (Populated place)
Rainy, Tennessee (Placename)
Read House (Hotel)
Regret, Tennessee (Placename)
Rivoli Theater (Theater)
Robert H. Smith Law Office (Commercial building)
Rock-Tenn Water Tower (Water tower)
Rockwood Post Office (Post office)
Ross's Landing (Monument)
RyeMabee (House)
Rymers, Tennessee (Placename)
Sale Creek, Tennessee (Populated place)
Scott Hooper Garage (Service station)
Scott Mansion (Mansion)
Seals, Tennessee (Placename)
Selkirk, Tennessee (Placename)
Shiloh, Tennessee (Populated place)
Sink, Tennessee (Placename)
Skiles, Tennessee (Placename)
Sligo, Tennessee (Placename)
Sopha, Tennessee (Placename)
Southern Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Sparta Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Sparta Electric Building (Commercial building)
Statesview (House)
Summitville, Tennessee (Populated place)
Tabor, Tennessee (Placename)
Tallassee, Tennessee (Populated place)
Tanbark, Tennessee (Placename)
Tellico Blockhouse Site (Military facility)
Terminal Station (Railroad depot)
The UFO House (Roadside oddity)
Tiptop, Tennessee (Populated place)
Tivoli Theater (Theater)
Topside (House)
Toqua, Tennessee (Populated place)
Toqua, Tennessee (Placename)
Trew General Merchandise Store (Commercial building)
Trigg--Smartt Building (Commercial building)
Trousdale, Tennessee (Populated place)
Turnbull Cone and Machine Company (Industrial building)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
US Post Office--Main (Post office)
Vests, North Carolina (Populated place)
W Road (Road)
W. J. Hughes Business House (Commercial building)
Walling, Tennessee (Populated place)
Wauhatchie Pike (Battle site)
Webb Hotel (Hotel)
Woodlawn, Tennessee (Populated place)
Woodlawn, Tennessee (Populated place)
Wrenn's Nest (Building)
Wyatt Hall (School)
Wyatt, Tennessee (Placename)
Yancey, Tennessee (Placename)
Young, Tennessee (Placename)