Cincinnati, Ohio, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A Confederate Thrust (Historic marker)
Acton House (House)
Adam Sr. Schantz House (Residential building)
African American Elks (Historic marker)
Airhill, Ohio (Populated place)
Airline Theatre (Theater)
Alexandra, The (Residential building)
Alkemeyer Commercial Buildings (Commercial building)
Allandale, Ohio (Placename)
Alms and Doepke Dry Goods Company (Commercial building)
American Can Company Building (Industrial building)
Ames Theater (Theater)
Amity, Ohio (Populated place)
Amity, Ohio (Populated place)
Anderson Falls (Waterfall)
Armco Park Mound I (Archaeological site)
Armco Park Mound II (Archaeological site)
Asbury Cemetery (Cemetery)
Ashby, Indiana (Placename)
Athlone, Ohio (Placename)
Aurora City Hall (City hall)
Avon Theater (Theater)
Avondale Firehouse (Fire station)
B & O Freight Terminal (Railroad depot)
Babbtown, Ohio (Placename)
Balch House (House)
Bath, Indiana (Populated place)
Bavarian Brewing Company (Industrial building)
Becker House (House)
Beechwood, Ohio (Placename)
Belfast, Ohio (Placename)
Bellevue (House)
Bellevue Brewery (Building)
Bellevue, Kentucky (Historic marker)
Ben Lucien Burman (Historic marker)
Benham Mound (Archaeological site)
Benjamin F. Kuhns Building (Commercial building)
Big Four Depot (Railroad depot)
Blair House (House)
Bond Theater (Theater)
Bone Mound II (Archaeological site)
Botts House (House)
Brent Spence (1874-1967) (Historic marker)
Brittany Apartment Building (Residential building)
Bromwell Wire Works (Industrial building)
Brownsville, Indiana (Populated place)
Bucktown, Ohio (Placename)
Burchenal Mound (Archaeological site)
Burlington, Kentucky (Populated place)
Butterworth, Ohio (Placename)
By-Jo Theatre (Theater)
Cable House (Building)
Canal House (Commercial building)
Carew Tower (Hotel)
Carneal House (Historic marker)
Carthage Firehouse (Fire station)
Castle Theatre (Theater)
Central House (Building)
Cilley, Ohio (Placename)
Cincinnati Enquirer Building (Industrial building)
Cincinnati Music Hall (Meeting hall)
Cincinnati Union Terminal (Railroad depot)
Cincinnati Work House and Hospital (Correctional facility)
Cinema Theatre (Theater)
Circle Theater (Theater)
Civil War Fortifications (Historic marker)
Clarksburg, Indiana (Populated place)
Classic Theater (Theater)
Clay-Bullock House (Historic marker)
Claysburg, Ohio (Placename)
Clifton Firehouse (Fire station)
Clough School (School)
Clovernook (House)
Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation (Industrial building)
Columbus City Hall (City hall)
Comet Theatre (Theater)
Confederate Financier (Historic marker)
Conover Building (Commercial building)
Conrad Mound Archaeological Site (Archaeological site)
Corryville Firehouse (Fire station)
Corvin, Ohio (Placename)
Corwin House (House)
County Line, Ohio (Placename)
Court Street Firehouse (Fire station)
Court Street Firehouse (Fire station)
Courtland Flats (Residential building)
Crash of TWA Flight 128 (Historic marker)
Crist Theater (Theater)
Crump Theatre (Theater)
Cullen Round Barn (Round barn)
D.S. Rose Mound (Archaeological site)
Damm Theatre (Theater)
Dayton Arcade (Residential building)
Dayton Daily News Building (Commercial building)
Dayton Stove and Cornice Works (Industrial building)
Dayvue Theater (Theater)
Deeds Carillon (Structure)
Delco Building (Building)
Demoret Mound (Archaeological site)
Dixie Drive In (Drive-in theater)
Doctors' Building (Commercial building)
Domhoff Buildings (Residential building)
Doyle Country Club (Residential building)
Dr. Thomas Hinde (Historic marker)
Dravo Gravel Site (Archaeological site)
Duncarrick (House)
Durbin Hotel (Hotel)
Eagles Building (Meeting hall)
Early House (House)
Eckert Building (Commercial building)
Eden Park Reservoir (Waterworks)
Edgecliff (House)
Edgeton (House)
Edgewood, Ohio (Placename)
Elk Lick Road Mound (Archaeological site)
Elk Lick, Ohio (Placename)
Elm Theater (Theater)
Elmhurst (School)
Elmwood Hall (Meeting hall)
Esquire Theater (Theater)
Evanston Firehouse (Fire station)
Fairfield Township Works I (Archaeological site)
Family Theater (Theater)
Findlay Market Building (Commercial building)
Florence Fire Station (Fire station)
Forest Theater (Theater)
Fort Ancient (Burial site)
Fort Gass, Ohio (Placename)
Fort St. Clair Site (Battle site)
Fort Theatre (Theater)
Fortified Hill Works (Archaeological site)
Fox Hollow (House)
Frank Duveneck (1848-1919) (Historic marker)
Frank S. Milburn Machine Shop (Industrial building)
Funderberg, Ohio (Placename)
Garden Theater (Theater)
Gatch Site (Archaeological site)
Germania Brewery (Building)
Gernon, Ohio (Placename)
Gibson Theatre (Theater)
Gilbert Row (Residential building)
Glendale Police Station (Police station)
Glendower (House)
Glenwood, Ohio (Placename)
Golden Lamb (Hotel)
Gordon's Hall (Meeting hall)
Gosney Cabin (Log cabin)
Grace Church (Church)
Grainthorpe, Ohio (Placename)
Grant House (Historic marker)
Gravelotte, Ohio (Placename)
Great Mound (Archaeological site)
Gruen Watch Company--Time Hill (Industrial building)
Guild Theater (Theater)
Gummer House (House)
Gwynne Building (Commercial building)
H. W. Derby Building (Commercial building)
Haddon Hall (Meeting hall)
Hanktown (Placename)
Haven Gillespie (1888-1975) (Historic marker)
Haw Creek Leather Company (Industrial building)
Hearne House (House)
Hiland Theater (Theater)
Hill-Kinder Mound (Archaeological site)
Holmes High School (Historic marker)
Home, Ohio (Placename)
Hon. Henry Stanbery (Historic marker)
Hoodin Building (Residential building)
Hooper Building (Commercial building)
Hoosier Gym (Building)
Howe Tavern (Building)
Huddleston House Tavern, The (Commercial building)
Hueston Woods Park Mound (Archaeological site)
Huffeysville, Ohio (Placename)
Huffman Field (Military facility)
Hughes Manor (Mansion)
Hughes School (School)
Hunt House (House)
Hyman Schriber Building (Commercial building)
Insco Apartments Building (Residential building)
Isaac M. Wise Temple-Center (Place of worship)
Ixworth, Ohio (Placename)
Jackson Brewery (Building)
Jackson Theater (Theater)
James Theatre (Theater)
Jerman School (School)
John Church Company Building (Commercial building)
Jones, Ohio (Placename)
Joseph Seiter House (Residential building)
Junction Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Kauffman Brewery (Building)
Kellogg House (Building)
Kenton Furnace (Historic marker)
Kestler Building (Building)
King Records plant (Commercial building)
Kings Mills, Ohio (Populated place)
Kingsville, Ohio (Placename)
Kitchener, Ohio (Placename)
Kort Grocery (Building)
Krippendorf-Dittman Company (Industrial building)
Krug House (House)
L&H Deli-licious (Miscellaneous)
L. B. Robb Drugstore (Commercial building)
La Tosca Flats (Residential building)
Lafee Building (Commercial building)
Lange Hotel (Hotel)
Leitch's Station (Historic marker)
Lelan, Ohio (Placename)
Leland Hotel (Hotel)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Licking Furnace (Historic marker)
Lilly Biological Laboratories (Industrial building)
Lillybanks (House)
Linden Theatre (Theater)
Lindsey Building (Commercial building)
Linwood Firehouse (Fire station)
Little Buck, Ohio (Placename)
Lochry's Defeat (Historic marker)
Loder House (Commercial building)
Lombardy Apartment Building (Residential building)
London, Indiana (Populated place)
Ludlow Theater (Theater)
Lunken Airport (Airport)
Madison Theater (Theater)
Main Theater (Theater)
Major League Baseball (Historic marker)
Mann Mound (Archaeological site)
Manor, Ohio (Placename)
Marathon, Ohio (Populated place)
Mardot Antique Shop (Commercial building)
Martin House (House)
Mary Ingles (Historic marker)
Mathew Mound (Archaeological site)
McCook Theater (Theater)
Medway, Ohio (Populated place)
Melbourne Flats (Residential building)
Melodeon Hall (Meeting hall)
Melody 49 Twin Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Miamisburg Mound (Burial site)
Miamitown, Ohio (Populated place)
Midget Theatre (Theater)
Midway, Indiana (Populated place)
Milford Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Miller House (House)
Millikin, Ohio (Placename)
Mills' Row (House)
Mohawk Firehouse (Fire station)
Morgan Township House (Meeting hall)
Mount Auburn Firehouse (Fire station)
Mt. Adams Firehouse (Fire station)
Murray Theater (Theater)
Newcom House (House)
Newport Barracks (Historic marker)
Newport Stadium (Stadium)
Newport-War of 1812 (Historic marker)
Nippert Stadium (Stadium)
Norland Theater (Theater)
Northside Firehouse (Fire station)
Norwood Mound (Archaeological site)
Noted Historian (Historic marker)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound (Archaeological site)
Ogleton, Ohio (Placename)
Oklahoma, Ohio (Placename)
Old Gothic Barns (Building)
Old Log Post Office (Post office)
Old Timbers (House)
Orangeburg, Ohio (Placename)
Overpeck, Ohio (Populated place)
Palace Hotel (Hotel)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Palace Theatre (Theater)
Park Flats (Residential building)
Park Theatre (Theater)
Parkside Apartments (Residential building)
Pekin Theater (Theater)
Pendleton Firehouse (Fire station)
Perin Village Site (Archaeological site)
Perryville, Ohio (Placename)
Peters Cartridge Company (Commercial building)
Peters House (House)
Petersville, Indiana (Populated place)
Phoenix Club (Building)
Pinchtown, Ohio (Placename)
Pine Meer (House)
Pixy Theatre (Theater)
Pixy Theatre (Theater)
Pleasant View, Indiana (Populated place)
Pleasant View, Indiana (Populated place)
Plum Street Temple (Place of worship)
Police Station No. 2 (Police station)
Police Station No. 3 (Police station)
Police Station No. 5 (Police station)
Police Station No. 6 (Police station)
Police Station No. 7 (Police station)
Posey Flats (Residential building)
Power Building (Industrial building)
Price Hill Firehouse (Fire station)
Price's Round Barn (Round barn)
Promont (House)
Ransley Apartment Building (Residential building)
Rawson House (House)
Red Mills (Mill)
Regal Theater (Theater)
Richland, Indiana (Populated place)
Ridge Theater (Theater)
Ridge, Ohio (Placename)
Riley Theater (Theater)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Roberts Mound (Archaeological site)
Roebling Suspension Bridge (Historic marker)
Rookwood Pottery (Industrial building)
Roth Farm (Farm)
Ruth Lyons (Historic marker)
Saint Bernard, Ohio (Populated place)
Salem Theatre (Theater)
Saxony Apartment Building (Residential building)
Scarlet Oaks (House)
Schwartz's Point (Commercial building)
Sedamsville Firehouse (Fire station)
Shaler Battery (Battle site)
Shaw Farm (Farm)
Shawen Acres (Building)
Shirley Theater (Theater)
Sig's General Store (Commercial building)
Simms, Ohio (Placename)
Simonsons, Ohio (Placename)
Skirmish at Florence (Historic marker)
Skyline Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Skyvue Drive In (Drive-in theater)
Slave Escape (Historic marker)
Southgate Street School (Historic marker)
Spann, Ohio (Placename)
Spencer Town Hall (City hall)
Starlite Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theatre (Theater)
Stephen Decker Rowhouse (Residential building)
Stites House (House)
Stokes, Ohio (Placename)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theatre (Theater)
Sweetwine, Ohio (Placename)
Sycamore-13th Street Grouping (Residential building)
Sylvia Theater (Theater)
Tadmor, Ohio (Placename)
Taft Museum (House)
Tanner's Station 1789 (Historic marker)
The Dinsmore Homestead (Historic marker)
The Point (Historic marker)
The Republic (Building)
Times Theater (Theater)
Times-Star Building (Commercial building)
Tommygun Inventor (Historic marker)
Trailsend (House)
Traxler Mansion (Mansion)
Tripoli Theatre (Theater)
Tug Fork, Kentucky (Placename)
Turpin Site (Archaeological site)
Twelve Mile House (Commercial building)
Twin Oaks (House)
Una Merkel-Film Star (Historic marker)
Underwriters Salvage Corps (Residential building)
Union Township Works II (Archaeological site)
Unit III, Dayton Project (Military facility)
United Brethren Publishing House (Industrial building)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
Venable, Ohio (Placename)
Veraestau (House)
Verona Apartments (Residential building)
Victor Theater (Theater)
Waldron, Indiana (Populated place)
Walnut Hills Firehouse (Fire station)
Walnut Theater (Theater)
Warsaw Theater (Theater)
Watts House (House)
Wesda Theatre (Theater)
West Alexandria Depot (Railroad depot)
White Water Shaker Village (Historic marker)
Wiley, Ohio (Placename)
William H. Horsfall (Historic marker)
Willow Branch, Indiana (Populated place)
Windsor, Ohio (Populated place)
Women's Christian Association (Residential building)
Woody's Market (Historic marker)
Wright Flyer III (Structure)
Wright Library (Library)
Wyoming Theater (Theater)
Yager Stadium (Stadium)
Yost Tavern (House)