Hartford, Connecticut, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abbott, George S., Building (Residential building)
Academy Hall (School)
Aero Diner (Diner)
Agudath Sholem Synagogue (Place of worship)
Ahavas Sholem Synagogue (Place of worship)
Allen's Cider Mill (Meeting hall)
Ambassador Apartments (Residential building)
Amenia, New York (Populated place)
American Mills Web Shop (Industrial building)
Amrita Club (Building)
Anshei Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Ansonia Library (Library)
Apartment at 49-51 Spring Street (Residential building)
Armonk, New York (Populated place)
Armsmear (House)
Ashlawn (House)
Atwater Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
B'nai Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bacon Academy (School)
Baldwin Place, New York (Populated place)
Bangall, New York (Populated place)
Bannerman's Island Arsenal (Military facility)
Bar Building (Commercial building)
Barnum Museum (Building)
Barrytown, New York (Populated place)
Battell Fountain (Fountain)
Batterson Block (Commercial building)
Beacon Falls, Connecticut (Populated place)
Beekman Arms (Hotel)
Beekman Furnace (Furnace)
Beekman, New York (Populated place)
Benner House (House)
BERKSHIRE NO. 7 (Structure)
Beth David Synagogue (Place of worship)
Beth El Synagogue (Place of worship)
Beth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Beth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bethel, New York (Populated place)
Big House (House)
Bikur Cholim Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bill, Gurdon, Store (Commercial building)
Billings, New York (Populated place)
Birches, The (House)
Bishop School (School)
Blackman, Elisha, Building (Residential building)
Blakeslee Forging Company (Industrial building)
Blauvelt, New York (Populated place)
Bloomfield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Boscobel (Museum)
Branchville Railroad Tenement (Residential building)
Brecknock Hall (Meeting hall)
Bridge L-158 (Bridge)
Brigham's Tavern (Building)
Bronson Windmill (Windmill)
Brown Tavern (Building)
Bull's Bridge (Bridge)
Bykenhulle (House)
Byram School (School)
Camp Bethel (District)
Canton Center, Connecticut (Populated place)
Canton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Canty, Marietta, House (Residential building)
Capewell Horse Nail Company (Industrial building)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Caramoor (House)
Carroll Building (Commercial building)
Castle Rock (House)
Center Diner (Diner)
Central Vermont Railroad Pier (Railroad facility)
Chaplin, Connecticut (Populated place)
Charter Oak Firehouse (Fire station)
Charter Oak Place (Residential building)
Chelsea, New York (Populated place)
Cheney Building (Residential building)
Cheshire, Connecticut (Populated place)
Chesterfield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Christ Church (Church)
Clark House (House)
Cliffside (House)
Clinton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Clove Valley, New York (Populated place)
Clove, New York (Populated place)
Colebrook Store (Commercial building)
Comstock-Cheney Hall (Meeting hall)
Connecticut State Capitol (Capitol building)
Connecticut Statehouse (Capitol building)
Connelly, New York (Populated place)
Cordts Mansion (Mansion)
Cos Cob Power Station (Power plant)
Cos Cob Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Crompond, New York (Populated place)
Croton Falls, New York (Populated place)
Day House (House)
Deep River, Connecticut (Populated place)
Dicktown, New York (Placename)
Dillon Building (Residential building)
Dishes Restaurant (Commercial building)
Dixon House (House)
Dover Plains, New York (Populated place)
Dutchess Manor (Mansion)
Dykman, J. Y., Store (Commercial building)
Eagle's Nest (House)
Eagle's Rest (House)
East Haven, Connecticut (Populated place)
Easton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Edgerton (District)
Elmendorph Inn (Building)
Elton Hotel (Hotel)
Eno Memorial Hall (City hall)
Eno, Amos, House (Building)
Esperanza (House)
Essex Freight Station (Railroad depot)
Ethol House (House)
Eustatia (House)
Fair Lawn (House)
Fairfield County Jail (Correctional facility)
Fairfield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Fairview, New York (Populated place)
Fairview, New York (Populated place)
Farnum House (House)
Fish and Fur Club (Courthouse)
Footguard Hall (Meeting hall)
Forestville, Connecticut (Populated place)
Former Fire Station (Fire station)
Fort Nathan Hale (Battle site)
Fort Trumbull (School)
Freer House (House)
Frog Hollow (House)
Garrison, New York (Populated place)
Gilead Cemetery (Cemetery)
Glebe House (House)
Glebe House (House)
Glenfields (Commercial building)
Glenham, New York (Populated place)
Glover House (House)
Goodspeed Yard Office (Railroad facility)
Goodspeed's Freight House (Railroad depot)
Goodwin Block (Residential building)
Gould House (House)
Granby Combination Depot (Railroad depot)
Grasmere (House)
Green Haven, New York (Populated place)
Greens Farms, Connecticut (Populated place)
Greenwich YMCA (Building)
Greenwich, Connecticut (Populated place)
Grey Hook (House)
Grove, The (House)
Guilford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Haddock's Hall (City hall)
Hale Monument (Monument)
Halfway Diner (Building)
Hampton Inn (Hotel)
Hampton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Hanover, Connecticut (Populated place)
Harlow Row (Residential building)
Hartford Club (Building)
Hartford Union Station (Railroad depot)
Hathaways Store (Commercial building)
Hawthorne, New York (Populated place)
Hayden, Capt. Nathaniel, House (Residential building)
Hayward House (Meeting hall)
Hearthstone (House)
Hebron, Connecticut (Populated place)
Hiddenhurst (House)
Higganum, Connecticut (Populated place)
Highland, New York (Populated place)
Hill--Stead (House)
Hillside (House)
Holy Cross Monastery (Place of worship)
Home Woolen Company (Industrial building)
Homestead (House)
Hotel Beach (Hotel)
Howland Library (Library)
Hunt, Dr. Chester, Office (Commercial building)
Hurwood Company (Industrial building)
Hustis House (House)
Hyde Park Firehouse (Fire station)
Hyde Park, New York (Populated place)
I-84 Diner (Commercial building)
James Pharmacy (Residential building)
Jug Tavern (Building)
Kaatz Icehouse (Industrial building)
Keney Tower (Monument)
Kent Combination Depot (Railroad depot)
Killingworth, Connecticut (Populated place)
Kingston City Hall (City hall)
Knapp Tavern (House)
Knesseth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Lake Peekskill, New York (Populated place)
Lakeville Depot (Railroad depot)
Leffingwell Inn (Building)
Lewisboro, New York (Populated place)
Life Savers Building (Industrial building)
Lincoln Theatre (Meeting hall)
Lincolndale, New York (Populated place)
Linden Apartments (Residential building)
Little House (House)
Locust Grove (House)
Long Society Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Lord and Burnham Building (Industrial building)
Loth, Joseph, Company Building (Industrial building)
Low House (House)
Lyman House (House)
Lyman Viaduct (Bridge)
Lyndhurst (Museum)
Lynfeld (House)
Mader House (House)
Mahopac, New York (Populated place)
Main Mall Row (Commercial building)
Main Street Diner (Commercial building)
Maizefield (House)
Manchester, Connecticut (Populated place)
Manitoga (House)
Mansakenning (House)
Maple Grove (House)
Maples, The (House)
Mapleton (House)
Marlboro, New York (Populated place)
Martin, Caleb, House (Residential building)
Masonic Temple (Place of worship)
Massapeag, Connecticut (Populated place)
Maycroft (House)
Meadowlands (House)
Meeker's Hardware (Commercial building)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Merestead (House)
Middletown Alms House (Industrial building)
Milldale, Connecticut (Populated place)
Miller House (House)
Millwood, New York (Populated place)
Milton Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Miss Washington Diner (Commercial building)
Mixer Tavern (House)
Mohegan, Connecticut (Populated place)
Monroe, Connecticut (Populated place)
Montrest (House)
Moodus, Connecticut (Populated place)
Moore House (House)
Moore House (Residential building)
Morris House (House)
Mory's (House)
Moss Hill (House)
Mount Gulian (House)
Mulhern House (Residential building)
Music Hall (Meeting hall)
Myers and Gross Building (Residential building)
Neiderhurst (House)
New City, New York (Populated place)
New Hartford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Newington, Connecticut (Populated place)
Niagara Engine House (Fire station)
Noble House (Building)
Norfolk, Connecticut (Populated place)
Norm's Diner (Diner)
North Castle, New York (Populated place)
North Salem, New York (Populated place)
Norton House (House)
Norwich Inn (Hotel)
Norwich Town Hall (City hall)
Nuits (House)
O'Rourke's Diner (Commercial building)
Oak Lodge (Meeting hall)
Oakdale, Connecticut (Populated place)
Oblong Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Ocean House (Diner)
Odell House (House)
Ohev Sholem Synagogue (Place of worship)
Old Newgate Prison (Correctional facility)
Old Saybrook, Connecticut (Populated place)
Old Town Hall (City hall)
Old Town Hall (City hall)
Orange, Connecticut (Populated place)
Orient, New York (Populated place)
Osbornedale (House)
Oulagisket (House)
Palisades, New York (Populated place)
Park Apartments (Residential building)
Parker House (House)
Parry House (House)
Peck Tavern (Commercial building)
Peconic, New York (Populated place)
Peekskill Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Piermont Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Pine Plains, New York (Populated place)
Pine Terrace (House)
Pines, The (Hotel)
Pleasant Ridge, New York (Populated place)
Plumb House (House)
Plumbush (House)
Polish National Home (Meeting hall)
Port Ewen, New York (Populated place)
Poughquag, New York (Populated place)
Pratt House (House)
Prince, Henry W., Building (Commercial building)
Progue House (House)
Pultz & Walkley Company (Industrial building)
Purchase, New York (Populated place)
Purdys, New York (Populated place)
Putnam Memorial State Park (Military facility)
Quaker Diner (Commercial building)
Quaker Hill, Connecticut (Populated place)
Quinnipiac Brewery (Industrial building)
Raynham (House)
Red Bridge (Bridge)
Rehoboth (Building)
Rhinecliff, New York (Populated place)
Ridgefield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Robinson, P., Fur Cutting Company (Industrial building)
Rock Ledge (House)
Rock Ledge (House)
Rocky Hill, Connecticut (Populated place)
Rokeby (House)
Rosemary Hall (School)
Roxbury Furnace (Furnace)
Royal Typewriter Company Building (Industrial building)
Rumsey Hall (School)
Rye House (House)
Sague House (House)
Saint Anthony Hall (Meeting hall)
Salem School (School)
Sandy Hook, Connecticut (Populated place)
Sarles' Tavern (Building)
Scotland, Connecticut (Populated place)
Seaside, The (Building)
Selleck, Sylvanus, Gristmill (Industrial building)
Seymour, Connecticut (Populated place)
Shaw Mansion (Mansion)
Shay's Warehouse and Stable (Commercial building)
Shay, William, Double House (Residential building)
Shelter Island, New York (Populated place)
Shrub Oak, New York (Populated place)
Simsbury Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Simsbury Townhouse (City hall)
Simsbury, Connecticut (Populated place)
Sing Sing Correctional Facility (Correctional facility)
Skee's Diner (Commercial building)
Smith Tavern (House)
Smith, Gov., Homestead (Meeting hall)
Smith, H. D., Company Building (Industrial building)
Somers, New York (Populated place)
South Britain, Connecticut (Populated place)
South School (School)
South Windsor, Connecticut (Populated place)
South Windsor, Connecticut (Populated place)
Southington, Connecticut (Populated place)
Southport, Connecticut (Populated place)
Sports Building (Building)
Springbank (House)
Staatsburg, New York (Populated place)
Stafford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Staffordville, Connecticut (Populated place)
Standard House (Building)
Stapleton Building (Residential building)
Starr Mill (Mill)
State Park Supply Yard (Commercial building)
Stevenson, Connecticut (Populated place)
Stone Bridge (Bridge)
Stonecrest (House)
Stonecrest (House)
Stonihurst (House)
Strong House (Monument)
Suburban Club (Building)
Sun Terrace (House)
Sunnyside (House)
Sylvan Lake, New York (Populated place)
Taftville (District)
Tappan, New York (Populated place)
Tarrywile (House)
Telephone Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Tephereth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Terryville Waterwheel (Power plant)
Thames Shipyard (Industrial building)
The Woodpile (House)
Thomaston Station (Railroad depot)
Tina's Diner (Diner)
Top Cottage (House)
Topsmead (House)
Town Bridge (Bridge)
Town Hall (Former) (City hall)
Traver House (House)
Travis House (House)
Trolley Pub On Main (Commercial building)
Tunxis Hose Firehouse (Fire station)
Ulster Park, New York (Populated place)
Uncasville, Connecticut (Populated place)
Union Chapel (Church)
Union Hall (Meeting hall)
Union School (School)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union, Connecticut (Populated place)
Unionville Depot (Railroad depot)
Upper Nyack Firehouse (Fire station)
US Post Office--Nyack (Post office)
USCO Church (Church)
Valhalla, New York (Populated place)
Valley Cottage, New York (Populated place)
Verplanck, New York (Populated place)
Versailles, Connecticut (Populated place)
Viets' Tavern (Building)
Villa Friuli (Residential building)
Villa Lewaro (House)
Villa Loretto (Residential building)
Wales House (House)
Walker House (House)
Wallingford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Walnut Grove (Theater)
War Office (Military facility)
Warner House (Cemetery)
Warner Theatre (Theater)
Wassaic, New York (Populated place)
Waterbury Clock Company (Industrial building)
Waterbury Union Station (Railroad depot)
Webster Memorial Building (Residential building)
West End Commercial District (Residential building)
West Stafford, Connecticut (Populated place)
West Strand Historic District (Commercial building)
Wethersfield Diner (Commercial building)
Wethersfield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Wheeler Block (City hall)
Widows' Home (Building)
Willimantic Elks Club (Meeting hall)
Willimantic, Connecticut (Populated place)
Wilson House (House)
Wilton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Windsor Locks, Connecticut (Populated place)
Wingdale, New York (Populated place)
Winsted Diner (Commercial building)
Winsted, Connecticut (Populated place)
Witter House (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Yale Bowl (Structure)
Yantic, Connecticut (Populated place)
Yorktown Heights, New York (Populated place)