Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A. Robinson Building (Commercial building)
Amuzu Theater (Theater)
Arista Cotton Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Aspenvale Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Atwood, Virginia (Placename)
Aurora (House)
Avery County Jail (Correctional facility)
Azen, Virginia (Populated place)
Barter Theater (Theater)
Baywood, Virginia (Populated place)
Bel-Air Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Blair Farm (Farm)
Bright Leaf Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Brook Hall (Meeting hall)
Butler House (House)
Cana, Virginia (Populated place)
Casper, Tennessee (Placename)
Catron, Virginia (Placename)
Cedar Point (House)
Colfax, North Carolina (Populated place)
Craver Apartment Building (Residential building)
Creston, North Carolina (Populated place)
Cripple Creek, Virginia (Populated place)
Cycle, North Carolina (Populated place)
Daltonia (House)
Davis Brothers Store (Commercial building)
Dowell, Tennessee (Placename)
Dry Fork, Virginia (Populated place)
Dugspur, Virginia (Populated place)
Eagle, Virginia (Placename)
Earle Theater (Theater)
East Bend Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Eastman, Tennessee (Placename)
Elk Creek, Virginia (Populated place)
Emory, Virginia (Populated place)
Ennice, North Carolina (Populated place)
Federal Building (Building)
Ferrum, Virginia (Populated place)
Fleetwood, North Carolina (Populated place)
Gilmer Building (Commercial building)
Glenanna (House)
Glendale Springs Inn (Commercial building)
Glenwood (House)
Gragg House (House)
Grandfather Mountain (Natural feature)
Graylyn (House)
Green Park Inn (Building)
Hillsdale, North Carolina (Populated place)
Hiwassee, Virginia (Populated place)
Hylehurst (School)
Idlewild, North Carolina (Populated place)
Indian Valley, Virginia (Populated place)
J. T. Ferguson Store (Commercial building)
J.E.B. Stuart Birthplace (Military cemetery)
Jacob, Tennessee (Placename)
Jarvis House (House)
Jones House (House)
Kernersville Depot (Railroad depot)
Koger, Virginia (Placename)
Konnarock, Virginia (Populated place)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Lincoln Theatre (Theater)
Locust Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Loretto (House)
Marler, North Carolina (Populated place)
Mast Farm (Farm)
Mast General Store (Commercial building)
Meadowview, Virginia (Populated place)
Mont Calm (House)
Morrison Farm and Store (Commercial building)
Mouth of Wilson, Virginia (Populated place)
New Hope, North Carolina (Populated place)
New Hope, North Carolina (Populated place)
New Hope, North Carolina (Populated place)
Nissen Building (Commercial building)
O'Hanlon Building (Commercial building)
Oak Grove, Virginia (Populated place)
Old Stone Tavern (Building)
Old Wilkes County Jail (Correctional facility)
Othello, North Carolina (Populated place)
P.H. Hanes Knitting Company (Industrial building)
Parkway Theatre (Theater)
Patterson, Virginia (Populated place)
Pepper Building (Building)
Pilot Mountain (Natural feature)
Pine Hall (House)
Pineola, North Carolina (Populated place)
Pizarro, Virginia (Populated place)
Poff, Virginia (Populated place)
R. T. Greer and Company (Commercial building)
Rhea House (House)
Ripshin (Building)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Riverside (House)
Rock House (House)
Rosedale, Virginia (Populated place)
Rugby, Virginia (Populated place)
Rural Hall Depot (Railroad depot)
Rural Retreat Depot (Railroad depot)
S.J. Nissen Building (Industrial building)
Salem Tavern (Building)
Salem Town Hall (City hall)
Salt Theater (Theater)
Second Yadkin County Jail (Correctional facility)
Seven Mile Ford, Virginia (Populated place)
Shell Service Station (Service station)
Siloam, North Carolina (Populated place)
Smithfield (School)
Southern Railway Depot (Railroad depot)
Star Theatre (Theater)
Stuart Motor Company (Commercial building)
Sugar Grove, Virginia (Populated place)
Sutherland, Virginia (Populated place)
Thomas B. Finley Law Office (Commercial building)
Toast, North Carolina (Populated place)
Truist Field (Stadium)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Volney, Virginia (Populated place)
W.C. Brown Apartment Building (Residential building)
Wallburg, North Carolina (Populated place)
Waller House (House)
Westglow (House)
White House (House)
Willis, Virginia (Populated place)
Woodlawn, Virginia (Populated place)
Woolwine, Virginia (Populated place)
Zevely House (House)