Baltimore, Maryland, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abingdon, Maryland (Populated place)
Abraham Hall (School)
Admiral, Maryland (Placename)
Airville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Airy Hill (Cemetery)
Alberton, Maryland (Placename)
Allibone, Maryland (Placename)
Allstadt House and Ordinary (Military cemetery)
Altona (House)
Angle Farm (Farm)
Annington (House)
Antietam Hall (Meeting hall)
Antrim (House)
Apollo Theatre (Theater)
Arcadia (House)
Asberry, Maryland (Placename)
Ashton, Maryland (Populated place)
Ashton, Maryland (Populated place)
Aspen Hall (House)
Aspen Hill (House)
Aspers, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Asylum, Maryland (Placename)
Auburn House (House)
Avalon (House)
Avalon, Maryland (Populated place)
Avondale (House)
B & O Bridge (Bridge)
Bagby Furniture Company Building (Industrial building)
Baker Farm (Farm)
Bakersville, Maryland (Populated place)
Barleywood (House)
Battle Monument (Monument)
Bayshore, Maryland (Placename)
Beall-Air (House)
Belmont (House)
Belvedere (House)
Belvoir (House)
Benson Building (Commercial building)
Benton (House)
Bethel, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Bethesda Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Beverley (House)
Blakeley (House)
Bloomfield (House)
Bloomsbury (House)
Blue Mountain, Maryland (Populated place)
Blue Mountain, Maryland (Populated place)
Bon Air (House)
Boring, Maryland (Populated place)
Bosley, Maryland (Placename)
Bowie Railroad Buildings (Railroad facility)
Bowman House (House)
Boydville (House)
Braddock Heights, Maryland (Populated place)
Bradshaw, Maryland (Populated place)
Brampton (House)
Branton Manor (Mansion)
Brewers Exchange (Commercial building)
Brick Hill (Residential building)
Brightwood (House)
Brinklow, Maryland (Populated place)
Brooklandville House (Commercial building)
Brooklandville, Maryland (Populated place)
Brown's Arcade (Commercial building)
Building at 239 North Gay Street (Industrial building)
Bunker Hill (House)
Burleigh (House)
Canavest, Maryland (Placename)
Canton House (Commercial building)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Capt. John H. Ozmon Store (Commercial building)
Carlheim (House)
Carroll Mansion (Mansion)
Carvill Hall (Meeting hall)
Cashtown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cashtown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Catlin, Maryland (Placename)
Catonsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Cavetown, Maryland (Populated place)
Cecil Apartments (Residential building)
Cedar Grove (House)
Cedar Grove (House)
Cedar Lawn (House)
Chamber of Commerce Building (Commercial building)
Chester Hall (Meeting hall)
Chewsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Chizuk Amuno Synagogue (Place of worship)
Choate House (House)
Clermont (Farm)
Clifton (House)
Clover Hill (House)
Cold Spring (House)
Cole, Maryland (Placename)
Colora Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Columbia, Maryland (Populated place)
Comus, Maryland (Populated place)
Conestoga, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Consumers Cigar Box Company (Industrial building)
Content (House)
Cookes House (House)
Cool Spring Battlefield (Military facility)
Corker Hill (House)
Cover, Maryland (Placename)
Crabster, Maryland (Placename)
Craley, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Crofton, Maryland (Populated place)
Cromwell, Maryland (Placename)
Cumberland Valley Car (Railroad vehicle)
Cylburn, Maryland (Placename)
Dallas Theater (Theater)
Damascus, Maryland (Populated place)
Darinton, Maryland (Placename)
Davis, Maryland (Placename)
Dawsonville, Maryland (Populated place)
Dayton, Maryland (Populated place)
Deanwood, Virginia (Populated place)
Denbigh, Maryland (Placename)
Dennis, Maryland (Placename)
Denton House (House)
Dibb House (House)
Ditto Knolls (House)
Dobbin House (House)
Dorsey Hall (Meeting hall)
Doub Farm (Farm)
Dranesville Tavern (Commercial building)
Dritt Mansion (Mansion)
Duffields Depot (Railroad depot)
Eagle's Nest (House)
Edgewood (House)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Electric Locomotive No. 4859 (Railroad vehicle)
Elkridge, Maryland (Populated place)
Ellicott City Station (Railroad depot)
Ellwood (House)
Elmonte (House)
Elmwood (House)
Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower (Commercial building)
Engine House No. 6 (Fire station)
Engine House No. 8 (Fire station)
Enniscorthy (Building)
Equitable Gas Works (Industrial building)
Erlanger Buildings (Industrial building)
Exeter (House)
Eyeler, Maryland (Placename)
Fair Meadows (House)
Fairfield (House)
Fairfield Inn (Commercial building)
Fairfield, Virginia (Populated place)
Fallston, Maryland (Populated place)
Farm Content (House)
Farmers Market (Commercial building)
Fat Oxen (House)
Faust Brothers Building (Industrial building)
Fernglen, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Fitzell, Maryland (Placename)
Flag House (House)
Flat Car No. 473567 (Railroad vehicle)
Flint Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Forest Hill, Maryland (Populated place)
Forry House (House)
Fort Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Franklin County Jail (Correctional facility)
Freight Locomotive No. 5741 (Railroad vehicle)
Fruit Hill (House)
Fulton House (Commercial building)
Fulton, Maryland (Populated place)
Fulton, Maryland (Populated place)
Gambrills, Maryland (Populated place)
Gandy Belting Company Building (Industrial building)
Gap, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Garden Hill (House)
Garrison, Maryland (Populated place)
Gass House (House)
Gaylord, Virginia (Populated place)
George Harper Store (Commercial building)
George Knipp & Brother Building (Industrial building)
Germantown, Maryland (Populated place)
Germantown, Maryland (Populated place)
Glatfelters, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glen Burnie, Maryland (Populated place)
Glen Theater (Theater)
Glenburnie (House)
Glencoe (Building)
Glenelg Manor (Mansion)
Glyndon, Maryland (Populated place)
Goresville, Virginia (Populated place)
Gorsuch, Maryland (Placename)
Grassland (House)
Gray Gables (House)
Guernsey, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Guilford (House)
Gunpowder Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Gunrich, Maryland (Placename)
Hager House (House)
Half-Way House (Commercial building)
Halltown, West Virginia (Populated place)
Hampton Mansion (Mansion)
Hanover Theater (Theater)
Hanover, Maryland (Populated place)
Hard Lodging (House)
Harewood (House)
Harmony Cemetery (Cemetery)
Harmony, Maryland (Populated place)
Hartley, Maryland (Placename)
Hays House (House)
Hazelfield (House)
Hebron (House)
Heighe House (House)
Hereford, Maryland (Populated place)
Hessian Barracks (Building)
Highland, Maryland (Populated place)
Highland, Maryland (Populated place)
Highland, Maryland (Placename)
Hill House (House)
Hillside (House)
Hilltown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Hilton (House)
Hilton, Maryland (Placename)
Hinchingham (House)
Hollins, Maryland (Placename)
Homewood (House)
Hopewell (House)
Hopewell (House)
Hotel Kernan (Hotel)
Huckleberry Hall (Meeting hall)
Huntland (Estate)
Hutzler Brothers Palace Building (Commercial building)
Iglehart (House)
Industrial Building (Industrial building)
Iron Springs, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
J. A. Belt Building (Commercial building)
James Farm (Farm)
Janelia (House)
Janney House (House)
Jarrettsville, Maryland (Populated place)
John Brown's Headquarters (Military facility)
Johnston Building (Industrial building)
Keedy House (House)
Keener, Maryland (Placename)
Kennersley (House)
Keymar, Maryland (Populated place)
Kinzers, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Krug Iron Works (Industrial building)
L. Frank & Son Building (Industrial building)
Lake Drive Apartments (Residential building)
Lander, Maryland (Populated place)
Lane House (House)
Laurel Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Lauretum (Hotel)
Lawn, The (House)
Layton House (House)
LeGore Bridge (Bridge)
Lehman, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Lemasters, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Lexon (House)
Liberty Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Lincoln, Virginia (Populated place)
Linden Grove (House)
Linnwood (House)
Lion Brothers Company Building (Industrial building)
Liriodendron (House)
Little Falls Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Lloyd Street Synagogue (Place of worship)
Locomotive No. 6755 (Railroad vehicle)
Log Town, Maryland (Placename)
Long Green, Maryland (Populated place)
Long Meadows (House)
Longs, Maryland (Placename)
Longview, Virginia (Populated place)
Loudon Park National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Lyndon Diner (Diner)
Lyric Theatre (Theater)
MacAlpine (House)
Magnolia, Maryland (Populated place)
Magnolia, Maryland (Placename)
Manahan, Maryland (Placename)
Mannheim (House)
Mansfield (House)
Maples, The (House)
Marriottsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Maryland White Lead Works (Industrial building)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Meadows, The (House)
Media Farm (Farm)
Milimar (House)
Millville, West Virginia (Populated place)
Monkton, Maryland (Populated place)
Monocacy, Maryland (Placename)
Monteith, Maryland (Placename)
Montpelier (House)
Montrose (School)
Morgan's Grove (District)
Morven Park (House)
Mount Adams (Military cemetery)
Mount Airy (House)
Mount Clare (House)
Mount Royal Station (Railroad depot)
Mount Vernon Mill No. 1 (Industrial building)
Mt. Nebo (House)
Mt. Pleasant (House)
My Lady's Manor (Mansion)
Myers House (House)
National Brewing Company (Commercial building)
New Franklin, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Midway, Maryland (Populated place)
New Opera House (Theater)
New Park, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Texas, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Theater (Theater)
Nook, The (House)
North Hills, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Norwood (House)
Nottingham, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Null House (House)
Oakland (House)
Oaks II (House)
Oatlands (House)
Octararo, Maryland (Placename)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Old Pine Street Station (Correctional facility)
Olney (House)
Olney, Maryland (Populated place)
Omar, Maryland (Placename)
Opera House (Theater)
Orrtanna, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Overlook (House)
Owings Mills, Maryland (Populated place)
Paca Street Firehouse (Fire station)
Paeonian Springs, Virginia (Populated place)
Palmer, Maryland (Placename)
Paradise Manor (Mansion)
Parkton, Maryland (Populated place)
Pasadena, Maryland (Populated place)
Pascault Row (House)
Passenger Coach No. 3556 (Railroad vehicle)
Passenger Day Coach No. 8177 (Railroad vehicle)
Passenger Locomotive No. 460 (Railroad vehicle)
Pen Mar, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Pennsylvania Station (Railroad depot)
Pennterra (House)
Pequea, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Perry Hall (Meeting hall)
Perryman, Maryland (Populated place)
Philomont, Virginia (Populated place)
Piper House (House)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Poplar Hill (House)
Poppleton Fire Station (Fire station)
Port Deposit (House)
Prato Rio (House)
Presbury Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
President Street Station (Railroad depot)
Prospect Hall (Meeting hall)
Pylesville, Maryland (Populated place)
Ramsay Theater (Theater)
Randallstown, Maryland (Populated place)
Rauch House (House)
Ravenshurst (House)
Readbourne (House)
Red Run Lodge (Commercial building)
Reisterstown, Maryland (Populated place)
Ridge, The (House)
Rieman Block (House)
Rigbie House (House)
Rion Hall (House)
Ripon Lodge (House)
Rippon, West Virginia (Populated place)
Roberts Inn (House)
Rock Spring (House)
Rockdale (House)
Rockland (House)
Rockland (House)
Rockland (House)
Rockledge (House)
Rocky Ridge, Maryland (Populated place)
Roddy, Maryland (Placename)
Rodgers Tavern (Building)
Rogers, Maryland (Placename)
Rohrer House (House)
Rokeby (House)
Rombro Building (Industrial building)
Rose Hill (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rose Hill Manor (Mansion)
Rosemont, West Virginia (Populated place)
Rouzerville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Rover, Maryland (Placename)
Rumsey Hall (Hotel)
S. B. Brodbeck Housing (Residential building)
Saleaudo (House)
Samester Parkway Apartments (Residential building)
Sandy Spring, Maryland (Populated place)
Sanitary Laundry Company Building (Industrial building)
Scotland, Maryland (Populated place)
Sellers Mansion (Mansion)
Senator Theatre (Theater)
Shaarei Tfiloh Synagogue (Place of worship)
Shamburg, Maryland (Placename)
Sheads House (House)
Sheppard, Maryland (Placename)
Sherwood, Maryland (Populated place)
Shockeys, Maryland (Placename)
Shot Tower (Tower)
Sion Hill (House)
Slab, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Snow Hill (House)
Sonneborn Building (Industrial building)
Spring Grove (House)
Stafford, Maryland (Placename)
Standard Oil Building (Commercial building)
Star Theater (Theater)
Steel Hopper Car No. 33164 (Railroad vehicle)
Sterling, Virginia (Populated place)
Stewart's Department Store (Commercial building)
Still Pond, Maryland (Populated place)
Stone Hall (Meeting hall)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strasburg Rail Road (Railroad line)
Sugarland, Maryland (Populated place)
Summit (House)
Summit Point, West Virginia (Populated place)
Sunnyfields (House)
Swan Pond (House)
Swansbury (House)
Swiss Steam Laundry Building (Industrial building)
Switcher No. 1670 (Railroad facility)
Switcher No. 94 (Railroad facility)
Tall Timbers, Maryland (Populated place)
Tammany (House)
Temora (House)
Terminal Warehouse (Commercial building)
Terra Rubra (House)
The Bower (House)
The Rocks (District)
Thomas and Company Cannery (Industrial building)
Thomasville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Thornton (House)
Tipahato (House)
Tivoli (House)
Todd Farmhouse (Cemetery)
Towson Academy (Military facility)
Trevanion (House)
Troy (House)
Trumpington (House)
Tudor Hall (Meeting hall)
Turkey Hill (House)
Turner--White Casket Co. Building (Industrial building)
Twin Oaks (House)
Tyrconnell (House)
U.S. Custom House (Commercial building)
U.S.S. CONSTELLATION (Military facility)
Union Bridge Station (Railroad depot)
Union Chapel (Church)
Uniontown, Maryland (Populated place)
Upton (House)
USCGC TANEY (WHEC-37) (Military facility)
Valentia (House)
Valhalla (House)
Villa Anneslie (Building)
Waring, Maryland (Placename)
Waterford, Virginia (Populated place)
Waverley (House)
Waverly (House)
Welbourne (House)
West Nottingham Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Wester Ogle (House)
Westwood, Maryland (Populated place)
White Bush (House)
White Chimneys (Building)
White Hall (Meeting hall)
White House Inn (Commercial building)
Whitehall (House)
Widehall (House)
Wildfell (House)
Wilkens-Robins Building (Commercial building)
William H. Welch House (Residential building)
Williamson, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Willis House (House)
Willow Street, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Willows, The (House)
Wilson School (School)
Winans, Maryland (Placename)
Windham, Maryland (Placename)
Winsted (House)
Wirts House (House)
Woburn Manor (Mansion)
Woodbine, Maryland (Populated place)
Woodburn (House)
Woodbury (House)
Wooden Baggage Express No. 6 (Railroad facility)
Wooden Hopper Gondola No. 1818 (Railroad facility)
Woodend (House)
Woodgrove (House)
Woodland (House)
Woodlands (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Woodside (House)
Woodview (House)
Woodwardville (Cemetery)
York Armory (Armory)
York Central Market (Commercial building)
York Dispatch Newspaper Offices (Commercial building)
York Hill (House)
York Iron Company Mine (Natural feature)
York Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Zora, Pennsylvania (Populated place)