Marion, Ohio, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Aaronsburg, Ohio (Placename)
Ada Theatre (Theater)
Alkire House (House)
Alligator Effigy Mound (Archaeological site)
Amity, Ohio (Populated place)
Amity, Ohio (Populated place)
Artz House (House)
Austin Hall (School)
Avalon Theatre (Theater)
Baddow Pass, Ohio (Placename)
Barr House (House)
Beagle, Ohio (Placename)
Beech, Ohio (Placename)
Bell House (House)
Bethlehem, Ohio (Placename)
Biddle, Ohio (Placename)
Big Four Depot (Railroad depot)
Big Prairie, Ohio (Populated place)
Bissman Block (Commercial building)
Blanchard, Ohio (Placename)
Blocktown, Ohio (Placename)
Bluff, Ohio (Placename)
Boston, Ohio (Populated place)
Bowsherville, Ohio (Placename)
Bretz Farm (Farm)
Broadway, Ohio (Populated place)
Brush Lake, Ohio (Placename)
Bryn Mawr (House)
Bucyrus Mausoleum (Burial site)
Buxton Inn (Hotel)
C. Leppert Cabin (Building)
Cable, Ohio (Populated place)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Carysville, Ohio (Populated place)
Center Inn (Building)
Central City, Ohio (Placename)
Chester Town Hall (City hall)
City Mills Building (Industrial building)
Claypools, Ohio (Placename)
Cleve Theater (Theater)
Clinton Theatre (Theater)
Coe Mound (Burial site)
Colonial, The (Residential building)
Courthouse Center (Commercial building)
Crimville, Ohio (Placename)
Custaloga, Ohio (Placename)
D. Picking And Company (Industrial building)
Dixon Mound (Burial site)
Dorsey Theater (Theater)
Douglass, Ohio (Placename)
Dow House (House)
Dr. McKitrick Office (Commercial building)
Dublin Veterinary Clinic (Commercial building)
Dustin Cabin (House)
Edwin Stanbery Office (Commercial building)
Eight Square, Ohio (Placename)
Fauser, Ohio (Placename)
Fleaville, Ohio (Placename)
Floral Hall (Meeting hall)
Fort, The (House)
Frantz House (House)
Fraser House (House)
Front Royal, Ohio (Placename)
Fuller House (House)
Galion Theatre (Theater)
Glenville, Ohio (Placename)
Grassy Point, Ohio (Populated place)
Gurley, Ohio (Placename)
Hagenbaugh, Ohio (Placename)
Hamer's General Store (Commercial building)
Hancock and Dow Building (Commercial building)
Harding Tomb (Burial site)
Hassan, Ohio (Placename)
Haynesville, Ohio (Placename)
Hi-Road Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
High House (House)
Highway, Ohio (Placename)
Hines, Ohio (Placename)
Hollisters, Ohio (Placename)
Homer, Ohio (Populated place)
Honey Run Falls (Waterfall)
Horace, Ohio (Placename)
Hords, Ohio (Placename)
Hosack House (House)
Hudson Theatre (Theater)
Hull Place (House)
Irwin School (School)
Irwin, Ohio (Populated place)
Jarvis House (House)
Johnstown Jail (Correctional facility)
Kellker, Ohio (Placename)
Kenton Public Library (Meeting hall)
Kilbourne Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Kilbourne, Ohio (Populated place)
Kileville, Ohio (Populated place)
La Rue Water Tower (Water tower)
Lakeville, Ohio (Populated place)
Levering Hall (City hall)
Lewistown, Ohio (Populated place)
Locust Site (Archaeological site)
Long Run, Ohio (Placename)
Longville, Ohio (Placename)
Lowler's Tavern (Building)
Mackachack, Ohio (Placename)
Magruder Building (Commercial building)
Marshs, Ohio (Placename)
Martel, Ohio (Populated place)
Martinstown, Ohio (Placename)
Masonic Temple (Building)
May Realty Building (Residential building)
McDaniel Mound (Burial site)
McGraw House (House)
Melick Mound (Burial site)
Memorial Hall (Building)
Midland Theatre (Theater)
Mingo, Ohio (Populated place)
Morehouse, Ohio (Placename)
Mount Liberty, Ohio (Populated place)
Mount Tabor, Ohio (Placename)
Muchinippi, Ohio (Placename)
Myer House (House)
Myers Block-Home Company Building (Commercial building)
Myers, Ohio (Placename)
Mystic Theater (Theater)
Nankin, Ohio (Populated place)
Nettleton, Ohio (Placename)
New Wheeling, Ohio (Placename)
Newark Earthworks (Burial site)
Oakwood (House)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Ohio Stadium (Stadium)
Ohio State Reformatory (Correctional facility)
Ohio Theater (Theater)
Ohio Theatre (Theater)
Old Bartlett and Goble Store (Commercial building)
Old Pimtown, Ohio (Placename)
Old US Post Office (Post office)
Orchard Island, Ohio (Populated place)
Otterbein Mausoleum (Burial site)
Owl Town, Ohio (Placename)
Owls Town, Ohio (Placename)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Peerless, Ohio (Placename)
Pennsylvania Depot (Railroad depot)
Pluggys Town, Ohio (Placename)
Plumwood, Ohio (Populated place)
Plymouth Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Proctor, Ohio (Placename)
Prospect Place (Mansion)
Ralph, Ohio (Placename)
Resaca, Ohio (Populated place)
Riblet, Ohio (Placename)
Richland, Ohio (Placename)
Ripley House (House)
Rogers House (House)
Rosedale, Ohio (Populated place)
Rosewood, Ohio (Populated place)
Round Hill (House)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Saint Johns, Ohio (Placename)
Saint Paris, Ohio (Populated place)
Sanborn Hall (School)
Selby Field (School)
Shield's Block (Commercial building)
Slocum Hall (School)
Spring Grove, Ohio (Placename)
Springmill Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Stackhouse Mound and Works (Archaeological site)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theatre (Theater)
Stewart Towers (Building)
Stewart, Ohio (Placename)
Strand Theatre (Theater)
Stringtown, Ohio (Placename)
Sunbury Town Hall (City hall)
Surprise, Ohio (Placename)
Tappan House (House)
Tuttle House (House)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Umbria, Ohio (Placename)
Upson House (House)
Urbana Cinema (Theater)
Vance School (School)
Village Hobby Shop (Commercial building)
Voegele Building (Industrial building)
Wakatomika, Ohio (Placename)
Warsaw Hotel (Hotel)
Waterford, Ohio (Populated place)
Wesley Chapel (Church)
West Point, Ohio (Populated place)
West Side Planing Mill (rear) (Commercial building)
Williamstown, Ohio (Populated place)
Windsor, Ohio (Populated place)
Winnemac, Ohio (Placename)
Wonderland, Ohio (Placename)
Wood Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Woodland, Ohio (Populated place)
Woodward Opera House (Commercial building)