Salt Lake City, Utah, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Salt Lake City W

Salt Lake City E

Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abba R. Holman Block (Commercial building)
Alpine City Hall (City hall)
Altonah, Utah (Populated place)
Armista Apartments (Residential building)
Ashby Apartments (Residential building)
B'nai Israel Temple (Place of worship)
Bigelow Apartments (Residential building)
Bountiful Tabernacle (Place of worship)
Brigham Young Complex (Capitol building)
Brooks Arcade (Commercial building)
Capitol Building (Capitol building)
Carlson Hall (Meeting hall)
Clift Building (Building)
Cluff Apartments (Residential building)
Congregation Montefiore (Place of worship)
Converse Hall (School)
Cornell Apartments (Residential building)
Corona Apartments (Residential building)
Council Hall (City hall)
Cramer House (House)
Daft Block (Commercial building)
Dallin House (House)
Deal--Mendenhall Hall (Meeting hall)
Echo Post Office (Post office)
Echo School (School)
Farmington Tithing Office (Commercial building)
Felt Electric (Industrial building)
Fifth Ward Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Firestation No. 8 (Fire station)
Fort Douglas (Military facility)
Fugal Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Gale, Utah (Populated place)
Granite LDS Stake Tabernacle (Place of worship)
Granite Lumber Company Building (Commercial building)
Hanna, Utah (Populated place)
Harris Apartments (Residential building)
Harvey H. Cluff House (Residential building)
Hawarden (House)
Henderson Block (Commercial building)
Herald Building (Commercial building)
Hines Mansion (Mansion)
Hotel Albert (Hotel)
Hotel Utah (Hotel)
Hotel Victor (Hotel)
Ivanhoe Apartments (Residential building)
Jensen, Utah (Populated place)
John E. Booth House (Residential building)
Judge Building (Commercial building)
Karrick Block (Commercial building)
Kearns Building (Commercial building)
Keith-O'Brien Building (Commercial building)
Knight Block (Commercial building)
LDS Park City Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Lehi City Hall (City hall)
Lewis Terrace (Residential building)
Lincoln Arms Apartments (Residential building)
Lollin Block (House)
Maeser School (School)
McBride--Sims Garage (Commercial building)
McIntyre Building (Commercial building)
Midvale City Hall (City hall)
Midway Social Hall (Meeting hall)
Midway Town Hall (City hall)
Murray Theater (Theater)
Oakwood (House)
Orpheum Theatre (Theater)
Ottinger Hall (Meeting hall)
Park Hotel (Hotel)
Peery Hotel (Hotel)
People's Co-op Building (Commercial building)
Provo Tabernacle (Place of worship)
Provo West Co-op (Commercial building)
Richardson--Bower Building (Commercial building)
Road Island Diner (Commercial building)
Salt Lake Stamp Company Building (Commercial building)
Sandy Co-Op Block (Meeting hall)
Silver Row (Residential building)
Smith Apartments (Residential building)
Sweet Candy Company Building (Industrial building)
Tampico Restaurant (Commercial building)
Temple Square (Place of worship)
Utah State Liquor Agency #22 (Industrial building)
Wasatch Saloon (Building)
Z.C.M.I. Cast Iron Front (Commercial building)
ZCMI General Warehouse (Commercial building)