Lewiston, Maine, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Albany Town House (City hall)
Androscoggin Mill Block (Residential building)
Androscoggin Yacht Club (Miscellaneous)
Atkinson Building (Commercial building)
Avon, Maine (Populated place)
Balsams, The (Hotel)
Bartlett Roundhouse (Railroad facility)
Bartlett, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Bell Hill Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Bergin Block (Building)
Bethlehem, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Brick School (School)
Brick Store (Commercial building)
Bridgton, Maine (Populated place)
Bryant Pond, Maine (Populated place)
Burklyn Hall (Meeting hall)
Butterfield, Maine (Placename)
Byron, Maine (Populated place)
Camp Cinnamon (Aircraft)
Casco, Maine (Populated place)
Center Lovell, Maine (Populated place)
Center School (School)
Cole Block (Bank)
Continental Mill Housing (Residential building)
Cowan Mill (Mill)
Crawford Notch Depot (Railroad depot)
Cumston Hall (City hall)
Cushman Tavern (Commercial building)
Dow Academy (School)
Dreamhome (District)
Dryden, Maine (Populated place)
East Poland, Maine (Populated place)
East Wilton, Maine (Populated place)
Eastern Slope Inn (Commercial building)
Elms (Building)
Engine House (Fire station)
Excelsior Grange #5 (Meeting hall)
Felsengarten (House)
Fives Court (Miscellaneous)
Forest Lodge (House)
Frost Place (House)
Frye, Maine (Populated place)
Fryeburg Center, Maine (Populated place)
Fryeburg, Maine (Populated place)
Glen, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Greenacre (House)
Greene, Maine (Populated place)
Hall House (House)
Healey Asylum (School)
Highlands, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Intervale, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Irish, J. & O., Store (Commercial building)
Jackson, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Jacobs Stand (Building)
Jefferson, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Jordan School (School)
Kearsarge, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Kents Hill, Readfield Maine (Populated place)
Kora Temple (Meeting hall)
Lakeside Grange #63 (Meeting hall)
Lamb Block (Building)
Lancaster, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Lee Farm (Farm)
Lewiston City Hall (City hall)
Lisbon Inn (Hotel)
Littleton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Livermore Falls, Maine (Populated place)
Livermore, Maine (Populated place)
Lord Block (Building)
Lower Waterford, Vermont (Populated place)
Lyceum Hall (Meeting hall)
Madrid, Maine (Populated place)
Maine Woods Office (Commercial building)
Meadow Bridge (Bridge)
Mechanic Institute (Commercial building)
Merrill Hall (School)
Milan, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Municipal Building (City hall)
Nansen Ski Jump (Structure)
Newry, Maine (Populated place)
Norlands, The (School)
North Bridgton, Maine (Populated place)
North Conway 5 and 10 Cent Store (Commercial building)
North Fryeburg, Maine (Populated place)
North Jay Grange Store (Meeting hall)
North Paris, Maine (Populated place)
North Waterford, Maine (Populated place)
North Woodstock, Maine (Populated place)
Norway, Maine (Populated place)
Old Union Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Oquossoc, Maine (Populated place)
Osgood Building (Building)
Paris, Maine (Populated place)
Peabody Tavern (Railroad facility)
Phillips, Maine (Populated place)
Poland Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Poland, Maine (Populated place)
Rangeley, Maine (Populated place)
Redding, Maine (Populated place)
Ridge School (School)
Riverside (Theater)
Roak Block (Industrial building)
Rocks Estate (Estate)
Roxbury, Maine (Populated place)
Sabattus, Maine (Populated place)
Savings Bank Block (Meeting hall)
South Paris, Maine (Populated place)
South Woodstock, Maine (Populated place)
Stone House (House)
Temple, Maine (Populated place)
The Herbert (Hotel)
Tip-Top House (Commercial building)
Toll House (House)
Tufts House (House)
Turner Center, Maine (Populated place)
Turner Town House (City hall)
Union Block (Building)
Union Church (Church)
Union Church (Church)
Union School (School)
Wales and Hamblen Store (Commercial building)
Walker Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Wayne Town House (City hall)
Webster Rubber Company Plant (Industrial building)
Weeks Estate (Estate)
Weeks Mills, Maine (Populated place)
Weld Town Hall (City hall)
West Bethel, Maine (Populated place)
West Paris, Maine (Populated place)
West Poland, Maine (Populated place)
Wilder--Holton House (Meeting hall)
Wilton, Maine (Populated place)