Salem, Oregon, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A.K. Wilson Building (Commercial building)
Adolph Block (Commercial building)
Ale, Oregon (Placename)
Alpha Phi Sorority House (Residential building)
Alvadore, Oregon (Populated place)
Anidem, Oregon (Placename)
Autzen Stadium (Stadium)
Ax Billy Department Store (Commercial building)
Baldwin Market (Residential building)
Bellamy, Oregon (Placename)
Benton Hotel (Hotel)
Bolly, Oregon (Placename)
Boon Brick Store (Commercial building)
Burlington, Oregon (Placename)
Bush-Breyman Block (Commercial building)
C. J. Howe Building (Commercial building)
Calloway, Oregon (Placename)
Carey, Oregon (Placename)
Central, Oregon (Placename)
Cheshire, Oregon (Populated place)
Chi Psi Fraternity House (Residential building)
Christopher Paulus Building (Commercial building)
Clymer, Oregon (Placename)
Cochrane, Oregon (Placename)
Crabtree, Oregon (Populated place)
Crawfordsville, Oregon (Populated place)
Dads' Gates (Work of art)
Dallas Tannery (Industrial building)
Deady Hall (School)
Deidrich Building (Residential building)
Dencer, Oregon (Placename)
Denzer, Oregon (Placename)
Dorchester House (Commercial building)
Dorris Apartments (Residential building)
Dorris Ranch (House)
Dotyville, Oregon (Placename)
E.C. Peery Building (Meeting hall)
Estrup, Oregon (Placename)
Euclid, Oregon (Placename)
Eugene Hotel (Hotel)
Evansville, Oregon (Placename)
Farrar Building (Commercial building)
Ferns, Oregon (Placename)
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House (Residential building)
Glen, Oregon (Placename)
Gordon House (House)
Hayse Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Hinkle-Reid House (Residential building)
Hullt, Oregon (Placename)
J. K. Gill Building (Commercial building)
James W. Working Flats (Residential building)
Jason Lee House (Building)
Johnson Hall (School)
Julian Hotel (Hotel)
Lachmund, Oregon (Placename)
Lewis G. Kline Building (Commercial building)
Linville, Oregon (Placename)
Little Elk, Oregon (Placename)
Marcola, Oregon (Populated place)
Mercer, Oregon (Placename)
Morrison, Oregon (Placename)
Noti, Oregon (Populated place)
Oregon Commercial Company Building (Residential building)
Oregon State Capitol (Capitol building)
Palace Hotel (Hotel)
Parker School (School)
Peak, Oregon (Placename)
Peoria, Oregon (Populated place)
Petersen Apartments (Residential building)
Psi Alpha Chapter, Chi Omega House (Residential building)
Putnam, Oregon (Placename)
Quackenbush Hardware Store (Commercial building)
R. P. Boise Building (Commercial building)
Reser Stadium (Stadium)
Rice Apartments (Residential building)
Rickreall, Oregon (Populated place)
S. A. Manning Building (Commercial building)
Schaefers Building (Commercial building)
Shedd, Oregon (Populated place)
Smeede Hotel (Hotel)
Starkey-McCully Block (Commercial building)
Starr and Blakely Drug Store (Commercial building)
Swisshome, Oregon (Populated place)
Thompson--Roach Building (Commercial building)
US Post Office (Post office)
Valsetz, Oregon (Placename)
Villard Hall (School)
Wigle Cemtery (Cemetery)
Wilder Apartments (Residential building)
Willard, Oregon (Placename)