Bozeman, Montana, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Neighboring quadrangles

Bozeman W

Bozeman E

Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abe, Montana (Placename)
Adams Block (Commercial building)
Blackmore Apartments (Residential building)
Bohart House (House)
Bozeman Sheet Metal Works (Commercial building)
Bozeman YMCA (Building)
Bridger Arms Apartments (Residential building)
Buford Block (Commercial building)
Busch House (House)
Charles Lundwall Building (Residential building)
Contents's Corner (Commercial building)
Creighton Stone Block (Commercial building)
Dailey, Montana (Placename)
Dance and Stuart Store (Commercial building)
Dogtown, Montana (Placename)
E.L. Smith Store (Commercial building)
Eau Clair, Montana (Placename)
Ebert Ranch (House)
Eldridge, Montana (Placename)
Electric, Montana (Populated place)
Elling House (House)
F.R. Merk Block (Commercial building)
Finney House (House)
G. Goldberg Store (Commercial building)
Gallatin County Jail (Correctional facility)
Gallatin Valley Seed Company (Industrial building)
Gallatin, Montana (Placename)
Gallop, Montana (Placename)
Graf Building (Residential building)
Hamill Apartments (Residential building)
Hamill House (House)
Harris House (House)
Harvat Ranch (House)
Henry Elling Clothing Store (Commercial building)
Hines House (House)
Hotel Baxter (Hotel)
J.B. Labeau, Jeweler (Commercial building)
J.F. Stoer Saloon (Commercial building)
Jefferson, Montana (Placename)
John Hepburn Place (Power plant)
Kolble House (House)
KPRK Radio (Building)
Kramer Building (Commercial building)
Lazy Day, Montana (Placename)
Litening Gas (Commercial building)
Masonic Hall (Building)
Mayne Store (Commercial building)
McClurg & Ptorney Mercantile (Commercial building)
Metropolitan Meat Market (Commercial building)
MISCO Grain Elevator (Grain elevator)
Monforton, Montana (Placename)
Newman House (House)
Panton House (House)
Penwells, Montana (Placename)
Pfouts and Russel (Commercial building)
Pray, Montana (Populated place)
Rea School (School)
Reasville, Montana (Placename)
Roosevelt Arch (Structure)
Rouse House (House)
Ruby Theatre (Theater)
S.R. Buford & Company (Commercial building)
Sauerbier Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Sedan School (School)
Sheds, Montana (Placename)
Springdale, Montana (Populated place)
Storrs, Montana (Placename)
Story Motor Company (Industrial building)
Strasburger's Colorado Store (Commercial building)
Urbach Cabin (House)
W.P. Armstrong Store (Commercial building)
Walker, Montana (Placename)
Winslow Mercantile Company (Commercial building)
Wormser, Montana (Placename)