Washington West, District of Columbia, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

2000 Block Of Eye Street, NW (Commercial building)
29 Diner (Building)
Accokeek, Maryland (Populated place)
Acquinsicke (House)
Adams Memorial (Monument)
Adas Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Agnewville, Virginia (Populated place)
Airlie House (House)
Al's Motors (Commercial building)
Alban Towers Apartment Building (Residential building)
Alexandria National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Alexandria Union Station (Railroad depot)
Alibi Club (Building)
Amissville, Virginia (Populated place)
Annandale, Virginia (Populated place)
Araby (House)
Arlington, Virginia (Populated place)
Ashburton House (Building)
Ashleigh (House)
Auburn (House)
Augusta Apartment Building (Residential building)
Babcock Alden Calvert Apartments (Residential building)
Bachelor Apartment House (Residential building)
Battleground National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Bel Air (House)
Belle Grove (House)
Bellevue (House)
Ben Lomond (House)
Bethesda, Maryland (Populated place)
Birch House (House)
Blair House (House)
Blenheim (House)
Brentmoor (House)
Brownley Confectionary Building (Commercial building)
Bryans Road, Maryland (Populated place)
Burke, Virginia (Populated place)
Butler House (House)
Cabin John, Maryland (Populated place)
Cairo Apartment Building (Residential building)
Calvert Manor (Building)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Carlin Hall (Meeting hall)
Carver Theater (Theater)
Carver Theater (Theater)
Catharpin, Virginia (Populated place)
Centreville, Virginia (Populated place)
Champlain Apartment Building (Residential building)
Chautauqua Tower (Building)
Cherry Hill (House)
Cherrydale, Virginia (Populated place)
Chevy Chase Arcade (Commercial building)
Christ Church (Church)
Christ Church (Church)
City Hall (Courthouse)
City Tavern (Commercial building)
Clarendon, Virginia (Populated place)
Clifton Terrace (Residential building)
Cloverdale (House)
Cloverdale, Virginia (Populated place)
College Park, Virginia (Populated place)
Colonial Village (Residential building)
Conner House (House)
Constitution Hall (Meeting hall)
Corcoran Hall (School)
Cosmos Club (House)
Dakota (House)
David W. Taylor Model Basin (Military facility)
Davis Chapel (Church)
Deerfield (Miscellaneous)
Delaplane, Virginia (Populated place)
Denrike Building (Building)
Duncanson-Cranch House (Residential building)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Edwardsville, Virginia (Populated place)
Effingham (House)
Eight Hundred Block of F St. NW (Commercial building)
Elizabeth Arden Building (Commercial building)
Ellerslie (House)
Emily Wiley House (Meeting hall)
Evermay (House)
Exorcist Steps (Stairway)
Fair Oaks (Farm)
Fairfax Arms (Commercial building)
Fairfax Station, Virginia (Populated place)
Falls Church (Church)
Farley (House)
Floris, Virginia (Populated place)
Fort Ethan Allen (District)
Fort Hunt (Fort)
Fort Ward (Fort)
Fort Washington (Military facility)
Fort Washington, Maryland (Populated place)
Four Stairs (House)
Franklin and Armfield Office (Commercial building)
Fraser Mansion (Mansion)
Freeman Store (Commercial building)
Frying Pan Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Fuller House (House)
Gadsby's Tavern (Building)
Galemont (Miscellaneous)
Garfinckel's Department Store (Commercial building)
General Post Office (Post office)
Georgetown Market (Commercial building)
Glebe Center (Commercial building)
Glen Hurst (House)
Glendale, Virginia (Placename)
Glenn Arms Apartments (Residential building)
Great Falls, Virginia (Populated place)
Green Spring (Spring)
Gunston Hall (Meeting hall)
Harewood Lodge (Miscellaneous)
Harmony Hall (Meeting hall)
Harrison Apartment Building (Residential building)
Hayfield, Virginia (Populated place)
Heflin's Store (Commercial building)
Herndon Depot (Railroad depot)
Holt House (House)
Howard Theatre (Theater)
Hume School (School)
Huntley (House)
Ingleside (House)
Ingomar Theater (Theater)
Japanese Embassy (Building)
Jefferson Apartment Building (Residential building)
Kennedy--Warren Apartment Building (Residential building)
Krukrak, Virginia (Placename)
Lafayette Apartment Building (Residential building)
Lawn, The (School)
Liberia (Military cemetery)
Lincoln Theater (Theater)
Lincoln Theatre (Theater)
Linden (House)
Lloyd House (House)
Locust Grove (House)
Locust Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Longview, Virginia (Populated place)
Loretta (House)
Lorton, Virginia (Populated place)
Lothrop Mansion (Mansion)
Luzon Apartment Building (Residential building)
Manassas Water Tower (Water tower)
Manhattan Laundry (Commercial building)
Marbury, Maryland (Populated place)
Marshall Hall (Meeting hall)
Masonic Temple (Building)
McCormick Apartments (Residential building)
Melrose (House)
Meridian Manor (Mansion)
Merrybrook (House)
Mill House (House)
Milton (House)
Monterosa (House)
Moor Green (House)
Moran Building (Meeting hall)
Moreland (House)
Morven (House)
Mount Hope (House)
Mount Hope (Cemetery)
Mount Vernon (House)
Mt. Atlas (Cemetery)
Mt. Carmel Monastery (Place of worship)
Much Haddam (House)
Myrene Apartment Building (Residential building)
National Mall (Monument)
National Union Building (Commercial building)
Navy, Virginia (Populated place)
Newington, Virginia (Populated place)
Nokesville, Virginia (Populated place)
North Wales (House)
Northumberland Apartments (Residential building)
O Street Market (Commercial building)
Oak Grove, Virginia (Populated place)
Oak Hill (House)
Oak Hill (House)
Oak Hill (House)
Oak Shade, Virginia (Populated place)
Oakley (House)
Oaks, The (Power plant)
Oakton Trolley Station (Railroad depot)
Oakwood (House)
Observatory Hill (District)
Octagon, The (House)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Old Fauquier County Jail (Correctional facility)
Old Hotel (Hotel)
Old Naval Observatory (Military facility)
Orlean, Virginia (Populated place)
Oxon Hill Manor (Mansion)
Palm Theater (Theater)
Pan American Union (Commercial building)
Park Gate (House)
Park Tower (Residential building)
Pension Building (Building)
Perrowville, Virginia (Populated place)
Pink Palace (House)
Pleasant Ridge, Virginia (Populated place)
Plymouth, The (Residential building)
Pohick Church (Church)
Pomfret, Maryland (Populated place)
Ponce de Leon Apartment Building (Residential building)
Quality Hill (House)
Quarters 1, Fort Myer (Military facility)
Red Fox Inn (Hotel)
Renwick Museum (Building)
Retreat (House)
Rippon Lodge (House)
Rixeyville, Virginia (Populated place)
Rockledge (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rosedale (House)
Rosslyn, Virginia (Populated place)
Saint James Mutual Homes (Residential building)
Salona (House)
Sedgwick Gardens (Residential building)
Shacklet, Virginia (Placename)
Signal Hill (Military facility)
Silver Spring, Maryland (Populated place)
Springland (House)
Springvale, Virginia (Populated place)
Springvale, Virginia (Populated place)
Stagg Hall (House)
Stockton Hall (School)
Stoke (District)
Studio House (House)
Sully (House)
Sun Building (Commercial building)
Tenth Precinct Station House (Correctional facility)
Thainston (House)
The Ethelhurst (Miscellaneous)
The Fulford (Residential building)
The Glebe (House)
The Lindens (House)
The Lyceum (Building)
Thoroughfare Gap Battlefield (Military cemetery)
Tivoli Theater (Theater)
Tower Building (Commercial building)
Tower House (House)
Town Center East (Building)
Town of Potomac (District)
Trinity Towers (Residential building)
True Reformer Building (Meeting hall)
Tudor Hall Apartments (Residential building)
Tudor Place (House)
Twin Oaks (House)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Upperville, Virginia (Populated place)
US Chamber of Commerce Building (Commercial building)
Van Ness Mausoleum (Burial site)
Vernon Mills, Virginia (Populated place)
Vigilant Firehouse (Fire station)
Walmsley, Virginia (Placename)
Walsh Stable (Building)
Wardman Row (Residential building)
Watergate (Hotel)
Waveland (House)
Waverly (House)
West Cornerstone (Monument)
Weston (House)
Westover, Virginia (Populated place)
Westwood, Maryland (Populated place)
Wheat Row (House)
White House (House)
Willard, Virginia (Placename)
Winder Building (Building)
Windsor Lodge (Residential building)
Winthrop, Maryland (Placename)
Woodbridge, Virginia (Populated place)
Woodlawn, Virginia (Populated place)
Wyoming Apartments (Residential building)
Yale Steam Laundry (Commercial building)