Toledo, Ohio, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

B'nai Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Berdan Building (Industrial building)
Bowen, Ohio (Placename)
Burt's Theater (Theater)
Central YMCA (Building)
Cummings, Ohio (Placename)
East Side Commercial Block (Commercial building)
Empire House (Building)
Fort Meigs (Fort)
Genoa Theatre (Theater)
Genoa Town Hall (City hall)
Glass Bowl (Stadium)
Glenwood, Ohio (Populated place)
Hall of the Divine Child (Miscellaneous)
Hanson House (House)
Inverness Club (District)
Ira Apartments (Residential building)
Isaac Hull Store (Commercial building)
Leslie, Ohio (Placename)
Maple Grove, Ohio (Placename)
Maumee Sidecut (Structure)
Maumee Theater (Theater)
Middleton, Ohio (Placename)
Moline, Ohio (Populated place)
Navarre-Anderson Trading Post (Commercial building)
Ohio Theatre (Theater)
Old Wood County Jail (Correctional facility)
Palmyra, Michigan (Populated place)
Prentice, Ohio (Placename)
Presque Isle, Ohio (Placename)
Pythian Castle (Commercial building)
R. Brand and Company (Commercial building)
Richards, Ohio (Placename)
Riga, Michigan (Populated place)
Riverview Apartments (Residential building)
Rockwell, Ohio (Placename)
Samaria, Michigan (Populated place)
Sawyer House (House)
Secor Hotel (Hotel)
Sheldon, Ohio (Placename)
Siney, Ohio (Placename)
Spitzer Building (Commercial building)
Standart-Simmons Hardware Company (Commercial building)
Stanley, Ohio (Populated place)
Stony Ridge, Ohio (Populated place)
Succesful Sales (Industrial building)
Sutton Place (House)
Toledo Club (Building)
Toledo Harbor Light (Lighthouse)
Townline, Ohio (Placename)
Treadway, Ohio (Placename)
Webb, Ohio (Placename)
Weis Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Williston, Ohio (Populated place)