You Can Own The Oscar G. Meyer Home!

Sing along with me, you know the tune!

Meyer mansion has a first name,
It's E-M-P-T-Y!
Meyer mansion has a second name,
It's B-U-Y-M-E!

Oscar G. Meyer House, Evanston, Illinois
Oscar G. Meyer House, Evanston, Illinois

I never sausage a thing!

The King of Wieners, Oscar Meyer, lived in an understated (if that's possible) mansion in Evanston, Illinois. He bought the 1903 house in 1927 and after remodeling it, lived there until his death in 1965. It is in serious need of restoration, but you'll probably have to ask James for a raise if you're going to tackle this one. It's a bargain at only $236.00 per square foot. Of course, it has about 7,500 square feet, but it's a real bargain at the listed price of $1.75 million. (The estimated mortgage payment would be a measly $6,335.00 per month.) The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is not included.

The house is in a serious state of decay and is being sold by court order. I'd hate to guess how much it will take to bring it back to its original elegance. The house is not on the NRHP but it certainly looks like it might qualify.

The Oscar Meyer house can be found on several real estate websites, just do a google search, or follow this link:

Oscar G. Meyer House For Sale


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