Famous Tama LH Bridge Damaged in a Hit-And-Run Accident

The Tama News Herald Toledo Chronicle is reporting this morning that an early morning accident October 11 dislodged the letter "Y" in the north railing of the Mud Creek Bridge in Tama. The letter is one of the balustrades that spell "LINCOLN HIGHWAY" on the railings of the iconic bridge. They further report that the damage may have been caused by a chrome bumper or chrome wheels because there are no paint scrapes on the letter or the railing itself.

Authorities say the bridge recently underwent structural analysis and they believe insurance should cover the cost of repairs.

The bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Damage to Tama Bridge. Photo by John Speer, Tama News-Herald photo Tama Bridge Damage_zpsc5gxb1pd.jpg
Photo courtesy of the News-Herald
Photo by John Speer

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