Aurora's Paramount Theater Receives Its Largest Grant Ever

The Paramount Theater has announced the largest grant it has ever received to help launch a fund-raising campaign. In a press release, the theater says it received a grant of $2.5 million from the Dunham Fund. The fundraising effort has a goal of $4.5 million to fund expansion and improvement in three areas.

One such goal is the replacement of the 1,888 seats that are original to the theater. The group says the seats

have served more than eight million patrons since the theater opened in 1931. The new seats are to be larger and more comfortable than the originals.

The Copley Theater, a 173 seat sister stage across the street from the Paramount, will be upgraded. The Copley was built in 1981 and needs new carpeting, seating, technical upgrades, and remodeling of dressing rooms and the backstage area.

Lastly, the fund will create a new Paramount School of Performing Arts in downtown Aurora. The school is slated for opening in 2019 to encourage and train young actors, dancers, and musicians in the western suburbs of Chicago. The development also will include about 30 artist-preference apartment units, a restaurant and rehearsal space for the Paramount.

This story has appeared in several media outlets, including $2.5 million Paramount Theatre grant 'milestone' for Aurora in the Aurora Beacon-News edition of the Chicago Tribune.


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