Wisconsin Has Lost A Treasure

The Wisconsin State Journal has reported the death of Tom Every, an eccentric artist better known as Dr, Evermore. His famous art garden was created out of his imagination and years of raw material collected in his indusrial scrapping business. The center of the art garden is The Forevertron, surrounded by fantastic creatures and birds created from musical instruments.

The Forevertron has been called "the largest scrap sculpture in the world." Once mesmerized by the Forevertron, one could spend hours studying the massive sculpture. What is all that stuff and where did it all come from?

Most of it came from the fertile imagination of Tom Every, who before he became Dr. Evermor, was a successful scrap dealer who specialized in industrial scrapping. It seemed to him that crushing items of wonderful design just wasn't right and he began collecting such items for a future use of some kind. The Forevertron is the outgrowth of that collection. It is comprised of parts from power plants, breweries, steel mills, factories, a NASA decontamination tank, there's even a full body fluoroscope in there someplace. An intergalactic egg, surrounded by giant thrusters, is ready to launch Dr. Evermor into the cosmos.

According to the article, the future of his art garden is uncerain.

Link: Dr. Evermor, a metal artist, character and Wisconsin gem, dies at the age of 81


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