Your Chance to Own a FLW House

A 1951 Frank Lloyd Wright designed house known as the Frieda and Henry J. Neils House, has been on the Twin Cities real estate market since 2018. First listed for $3,400,000, it has seen a few price drops and is now a mere $2.75 million.

 photo Neils House_zps1rqwp6pw.jpg

The home was built for Henry J. Neils, a material supplier who worked closely with Wright during construction. It features many Usonian features, including Wright's signature Cherokee Red flooring, but uses aluminum framed windows, manufactured by Neils' company, instead of Wright's usual wood framing. Neils also had access to marble left over from another job and convinced FLW to use marble blocks to build a wall. FLW did not care for the appearance and the blocks were later stained.


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