Proudfoot & Bird

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Alumni Hall (Story County, Iowa)
August H. Bergman House (Jasper County, Iowa)
Mission style mansion built in 1909
Champlin Memorial Masonic Temple (Boone County, Iowa)
Former Masonic Temple now serving as headquarters for the historical society
Fairmount Cottage (Sedgwick County, Kansas)
Flynn Building (Polk County, Iowa)
Jasper County Courthouse (Jasper County, Iowa)
Beaux-arts design courthouse, built of limestone with a classical style clock tower
McCormick School (Sedgwick County, Kansas)
Norman Apartment Building (Polk County, Iowa)
Polk County Courthouse (Polk County, Iowa)
Science Hall (Warren County, Iowa)
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Shelby County, Iowa)
Wichita City Hall (Sedgwick County, Kansas)