Built 1715

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Brett, Madam Catharyna, Homestead (Dutchess County, New York)
Eayres Plantation and Mill Site (Burlington County, New Jersey)
Edward Waldo House (Unspecified county, Connecticut)
Fort McClary (York County, Maine)
Harlan Log House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Norton House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Old Castle (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Peyton Randolph House (Williamsburg, Virginia)
Reeves Tavern (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Sedgley, John, Homestead (York County, Maine)
St. David's Church and Graveyard (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
URCA DE LIMA (shipwreck) (St. Lucie County, Florida)
Ware Parish Church (Gloucester County, Virginia)
Woodbury Friends' Meetinghouse (Gloucester County, New Jersey)