West Side Area MRA

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Abraham H. Esbenshade House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Two story, red brick late Queen Anne house with Renaissance Revival features
Calvary Presbyterian Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Charles Abresch House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Concordia Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A residential neighborhood of styles that were popular from the mid-nineteenth century to the early 1920's
David W. Howie House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Queen Anne style frame home, clad with Cream City Brick, now a Bed & Breakfast
Eagles Club (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former FOE meeting and ballroom, now a popular concert venue
Edward J. Dahinden House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Craftsman style house now serving professional offices
Fred Sivyer House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Residence repurposed as an apartment building, close to the Marquette University Campus
George Schuster House and Carriage Shed (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
German Renaissance Revival style mansion of distinctive red stone, red brick and Terra Cotta decor
Gesu Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
French Gothic Jesuit church on the campus of Marquette University
Grand Avenue Congregational Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former Congregational Church, home to the Irish Cultural Heritage Center since 1996
Harley--Davidson Motorcycle Factory Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
World Headquarters of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harry B. Walker House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
High style Victorian Gothic residence with several steeply pitched gabled roofs
Highland Avenue Methodist Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Gothic church of stone and Terra Cotta
Highland Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
This once grand boulevard of mansions remains a vital neighborhood
Johnston Hall (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Kilbourn Avenue Row House Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Several structures of row houses, mostly apartments near the Marquette University campus
Kilbourn Masonic Temple (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
McKinley Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A neighborhood of similar design houses, with uniform placement, on a wide boulevard
Michael Carpenter House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Milwaukee Normal School--Milwaukee Girls' Trade and Technical High School (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former school now serving the Milwaukee Rescue Mission
Pabst Brewery Saloon (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former Pabst Brewing Company "Tied House" now serving as a Baptist Church
Saint George Melkite Catholic Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
An Eastern Catholic Church in Union with Rome
Second Church of Christ Scientist (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Thomas Cook House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former residence now serving as a sorority house near the Marquette University campus
Tripoli Temple (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Victor Schlitz House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
1888 mansion built for Victor Schlitz, a successful wine merchant