William B. Ittner

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Arlington School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Bailey School (Greene County, Missouri)
Board of Education Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Central High School (Pinellas County, Florida)
Central High School (Franklin County, Ohio)
Former high school now part of the Center of Science and Industry
Central Webster Historic District (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Charles Sumner High School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Delaney School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Former Niagara Falls High School (Niagara County, New York)
Franklin School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Grant School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Gratiot School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Harris Teachers College (St. Louis, Missouri)
Hempstead School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Hume-Fogg High School (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Lincoln School (Greene County, Missouri)
Missouri Athletic Club Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Missouri State Teachers Association (Boone County, Missouri)
Odd Fellows Home District (Clay County, Missouri)
Park City Junior High School (Knox County, Tennessee)
Robert Alexander Long High School (Cowlitz County, Washington)