Brewers' Hill MRA

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Baasen House-German YMCA (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Cream City Brick structure with an interesting history
Brewers Hill Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A neighborhood of mixed styles, created before the days of zoning and building codes
Fourth Street School (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
The childhood elementary school of Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel 1969-1974
Frederick Ketter Cooperage (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Originally a cooperage, this wonderful brick structure has been converted to a private home.
Gallun Tannery Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A campus of former industrial buildings, now being developed into residential use
Mayer Boot and Shoe Company Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former industrial plant repurposed as an apartment and commercial building.
North First Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Interesting residential neighborhood, two miles from downtown, NRHP listed August 2, 1984
North Third Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Northside commercial area supporting the Brewers Hill area
Public School No. 27 (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Elementary school, currently closed
William Steinmeyer House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former residence converted to a multi-family dwelling