Private owner

"June Tolliver" House (Wise County, Virginia)
"Ringing the Wild Horse" Site (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
"The Rim" and Site of Fort Foster (Washington County, Maine)
10 Cottages on Short Street (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
109-115 Wood Street (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
10th and Cass Streets Neighborhood Historic District (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)
Eclectic collection of 31 homes in La Crosse
10th Street Market (Alameda County, California)
1210-1214 Main Street (Richland County, South Carolina)
1300 Grove Street House (Warren County, Mississippi)
1411 Fourth Avenue Building (King County, Washington)
1524 Grand Avenue Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
16 Altamont Terrace (Allegany County, Maryland)
1616 Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
1644 Main Street (Richland County, South Carolina)
1722-1724 Main Street (Richland County, South Carolina)
1790 House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
1800's Mexican Consulate (El Paso County, Texas)
1900 Rittenhouse Square Apartments (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
1907 House (Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi)
1908 Clovis City Hall and Fire Station (Curry County, New Mexico)
1916 Buffalo High School (Cass County, North Dakota)
1926 Republic National Bank (Dallas County, Texas)
2 1/2 Beacon Street (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
200--208 Decatur Street (Allegany County, Maryland)
2000 Block Of Eye Street, NW (Washington, District of Columbia)
20th Century Club (Washoe County, Nevada)
26th District Police and Patrol Station (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
29 Diner (Fairfax, Virginia)
2nd Baptist Church (Washington, District of Columbia)
3 V Tourist Court (West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
303 Saluda Avenue (Richland County, South Carolina)
310 West Church Street Apartments (Duval County, Florida)
33-61 Emerson Place Row (Erie County, New York)
4928 Bryan Street Apartments (Dallas County, Texas)
4K Ranch (Stillwater County, Montana)
61 16th Street Apartment Building (Fulton County, Georgia)
63 Magnum Street Industrial Building (Fulton County, Georgia)
66 Drive-In (Jasper County, Missouri)
66 Motel (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
69th Street Transfer Bridge (New York County, New York)
Part of Riverside Park
6th Avenue Hotel-Windsor Hotel (Maricopa County, Arizona)
705 Piedmont Avenue Apartments (Fulton County, Georgia)
746 Buildings at 744 748, 750 Broadway (Albany County, New York)
75 Murray Street Building (New York County, New York)
75th Police Precinct Station House (Kings County, New York)
915 E. Pierce Street/Grand Pyramid House (Maricopa County, Arizona)
A & P Food Stores Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
A La Bonne Veillee (Vermilion Parish, Louisiana)
A. A. Bancroft House (Licking County, Ohio)
A. A. Erhard House (Bastrop County, Texas)
A. A. Hurst House (Jackson County, Iowa)
A. Armstrong Farm (New Castle County, Delaware)
A. B. Baca House (Socorro County, New Mexico)
A. B. Brewer Building (Stone County, Arkansas)
A. B. C. Dodd House (Floyd County, Iowa)
A. B. Chace Rowhouses (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
A. B. Hess Cigar Factory, and Warehouses (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
A. B. Moss Building (Payette County, Idaho)
A. B. Sears House (Morrow County, Ohio)
A. B. Seelye House (Dickinson County, Kansas)
A. Berding House (Humboldt County, California)
A. C. Davidson House (Warren County, Kentucky)
A. C. Foster Building (Denver County, Colorado)
A. C. Freeman House (Charlotte County, Florida)
A. C. Gilruth House (Codington County, South Dakota)
A. C. Jeffery Farmstead (Izard County, Arkansas)
A. C. Jones House (Lexington County, South Carolina)
A. C. Trumbo House (Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
A. D. Brown Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
A. D. German Warehouse (Richland County, Wisconsin)
The only Frank Lloyd Wright building in his hometown of Richland Center and a highly endangered landmark.
A. E. Burckhardt House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
A. E. C. Cottage No. 23 (Anchorage, Alaska)
A. E. Chambers Octagonal Barn (Boone County, Kentucky)
A. E. Doyle Cottage (Tillamook County, Oregon)
A. E. Howard House (Yakima County, Washington)
A. E. Larson Building (Yakima County, Washington)
A. E. Taplin Apartment Building (Guilford County, North Carolina)
A. E. Taylor House (Rock County, Wisconsin)
A. Einar Johnson House (Codington County, South Dakota)
A. Eliason House (New Castle County, Delaware)
A. F. Chapman House (Schuyler County, New York)
A. F. Dantzler House (Jackson County, Mississippi)
A. F. R. Building (Bannock County, Idaho)
A. G. Becker Property (Lake County, Illinois)
A. G. Grant Homestead (Franklin County, Ohio)
A. G. Long House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
A. G. Newman House (Lincoln County, Idaho)
A. G. Wilson House (Collin County, Texas)
A. Goldman Building (Victoria County, Texas)
A. Grubb House (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
A. H. Allyn House (Walworth County, Wisconsin)
A. H. and Company Black Building (Coos County, Oregon)
A. H. Bishop House (Columbia County, Washington)
A. H. Buchan Company Building (Marion County, South Carolina)
A. H. Chapman House (Butte County, California)
A. H. Halff House (Bexar County, Texas)
A. H. Lahlum House (Bosque County, Texas)
A. H. Maegly House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
A. H. Sweet Residence and Adjacent Small House (San Diego County, California)
A. Hutchings House (Boyle County, Kentucky)
A. I. And E. R. Root Homestead (Medina County, Ohio)
A. J. and Emma E. Thomas Coley House (Tallapoosa County, Alabama)
A. J. Andrus Duplex (Cerro Gordo County, Iowa)
A. J. Angell House (Leavenworth County, Kansas)
A. J. Aylor House (Boone County, Kentucky)
A. J. Dean House (Flathead County, Montana)
A. J. Fisher House (Blount County, Tennessee)
A. J. Gibson House (Missoula County, Montana)
A. J. Harwi House (Atchison County, Kansas)
A. J. Hinds House (Santa Cruz County, California)
A. J. Holman and Company (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
A. J. Jackson House (Jones County, Texas)
A. J. Jernigan House (Travis County, Texas)
A. J. Lewis House (Hinds County, Mississippi)
A. J. Mason Building (Wagoner County, Oklahoma)
A. J. Miller House (Augusta County, Virginia)
A. J. Schwartz House (Saline County, Kansas)
A. J. Sherwood House (Coos County, Oregon)
A. J. Smith House (White County, Arkansas)
A. J. Stephens House (Lucas County, Iowa)
A. J. Swenson House (Jones County, Texas)
A. J. Williamson House (Hawaii County, Hawaii)
A. Jackson Crawford Building (Pulaski County, Kentucky)
A. K. Steunenberg House (Canyon County, Idaho)
A. L. Kenyon House (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin)
A. L. Smith House (Lawrence County, Mississippi)
A. L. Spoon House (Alamance County, North Carolina)
A. Landi General Merchandise Building (Chicot County, Arkansas)
A. Larson & Co. Building (Kandiyohi County, Minnesota)
A. M. Detmer House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
A. M. McNair House (Darlington County, South Carolina)
A. M. Scott House (Collin County, Texas)
A. M. Vail House (New Castle County, Delaware)
A. M. Young House (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
A. Malin House (Emmet County, Michigan)
A. Mendelson and Son Company Building (Albany County, New York)
A. N. Tanner House (Box Elder County, Utah)
A. Nanbu Hotel--Holy's Bakery (Hawaii County, Hawaii)
A. Newton Farm (Jefferson County, New York)
A. O. Huntley Barn (Adams County, Idaho)
A. P. and Sara Carter House (Scott County, Virginia)
A. P. Carter Homeplace (Scott County, Virginia)
A. P. Carter Store (Scott County, Virginia)
A. P. Hill Boyhood Home (Culpeper County, Virginia)
A. P. Hill House (Habersham County, Georgia)
A. P. Terry House (Chatham County, North Carolina)
A. R. Webber House (Lorain County, Ohio)
A. Ray Taylor House (Daviess County, Missouri)
A. Robinson Building (Forsyth County, North Carolina)
A. S. Cleveland House (Harris County, Texas)
A. S. Noon Building (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
A. S. Rugge House (Warren County, New York)
A. Smith Bowman Distillery (Fairfax County, Virginia)
A. T. Averill House (Linn County, Iowa)
A. T. Harris House (Woodford County, Kentucky)
A. T. House (Greene County, New York)
A. T. Jones House (Taylor County, Texas)
A. T. Lewis and Son Department Store (Denver County, Colorado)
A. T. Lewis New Building (Denver County, Colorado)
A. T. Ranch Headquarters (Wheeler County, Nebraska)
A. V. Peters House (Lane County, Oregon)
A. V. Quinn House (Uinta County, Wyoming)
A. W. Buck House (Cambria County, Pennsylvania)
A. W. Gridley House (Kane County, Illinois)
Frank Lloyd Wright designed house, now a private residence.
A. W. Hawnen House (Williamson County, Texas)
A. W. Hayden House (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
A. W. Patterson House (Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
A. W. Pratt House (Johnson County, Iowa)
A. W. Robinson Building (Yavapai County, Arizona)
A. W. Sillure House (Williamson County, Texas)
A.A. Brant House (Ocean County, New Jersey)
A.A. Salazar House (Costilla County, Colorado)
A.B. Ming House (Yuma County, Arizona)
A.B.C. Storage and Van Company Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
A.C. Beatie House (Smyth County, Virginia)
A.C. Waltman House (Lewis County, Missouri)
A.D. (Boss) Jones House (Schenectady County, New York)
A.D. King House (Jefferson County, Alabama)
A.D. Strickland Store (Whitfield County, Georgia)
A.E. Moreton Jr. House (Lincoln County, Mississippi)
A.E. Perkins House (Campbell County, Tennessee)
A.G. Gaston Building (Jefferson County, Alabama)
A.G. Pless Jr. House (Galax, Virginia)
A.G. Tuttle Estate (Sauk County, Wisconsin)
A.H. Beach House (San Diego County, California)