J. H. Reedy House (Williamson County, Texas)
J. H. Riekenberg House (Boone County, Iowa)
J. H. Rountree Mansion (Grant County, Wisconsin)
J. H. Taylor House (Collin County, Texas)
J. H. Thedinga House (Dubuque County, Iowa)
J. H. Wagner House (Blaine County, Oklahoma)
J. Harper Smith Mansion (Somerset County, New Jersey)
J. I. Case Plow Works Building (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
J. J. Carlock House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
J. J. Donovan House (Whatcom County, Washington)
J. J. Pyeatt's General Store (Custer County, Oklahoma)
J. K. Apgar Farmhouse (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
J. K. Gill Building (Marion County, Oregon)
J. K. Kirkland General Merchandise Store (Clarke County, Mississippi)
J. K. Orr Shoe Company (Fulton County, Georgia)
J. K. Williams House (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. L. Brandeis and Sons Store Building (Douglas County, Nebraska)
J. L. Bridges Home Place (Oglethorpe County, Georgia)
J. L. Burnham Block (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
J. L. Coker Company Building (Darlington County, South Carolina)
J. L. Hamilton House (Franklin County, Ohio)
J. L. Hemphill House (Wilkes County, North Carolina)
J. L. Jensen House (Portage County, Wisconsin)
Restored Queen Anne Victorian house now serving as a bed and breakfast
J. L. M. Curry House (Talladega County, Alabama)
J. L. Pangborn House (Rock County, Wisconsin)
J. L. Streit House (Pueblo County, Colorado)
J. L. Wright House (Warren County, Kentucky)
J. Leo Fairbanks House (Salt Lake County, Utah)
J. Leo Fairbanks House (Benton County, Oregon)
J. Leslie Sensenbrenner House (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
J. M. Bonney House (Chaffee County, Colorado)
J. M. Burk House (Fillmore County, Nebraska)
J. M. Coman House (Tishomingo County, Mississippi)
J. M. Gordon House (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. M. Herzog House (Missoula County, Montana)
J. M. Johnson House (Ada County, Idaho)
J. M. Jones House (Brazos County, Texas)
J. M. Trytten House (Big Horn County, Montana)
J. Mark Wilson House (Graham County, Arizona)
J. Mason Farm (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. McCormack Farm (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. McDaniel Farm (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. McIntyre Farm (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. Milton Turner School (St. Louis County, Missouri)
J. N. B. Crim House (Barbour County, West Virginia)
J. N. Laubach House (Jefferson County, Washington)
J. Neely Johnson House (Sacramento County, California)
J. Nelson Kelly House (Grand Forks County, North Dakota)
J. O. Douglas House (Pinellas County, Florida)
J. O. Frye House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
J. P. Brown House (Atchison County, Kansas)
J. P. Luther Company Glove Factory (Green Lake County, Wisconsin)
J. P. Runyan House (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
J. P. Schneider Store (Travis County, Texas)
J. P. Smith Shoe Company Plant (Cook County, Illinois)
J. Peter Lesley House (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
J. Quisenberry House (Clark County, Kentucky)
J. R. Allen House (Salt Lake County, Utah)
J. R. Bryson House (Benton County, Oregon)
J. R. Erwin House (Ellis County, Texas)
J. R. Minor House (Bracken County, Kentucky)
J. R. Routt House (Washington County, Texas)
J. R. Shepherd House (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
J. R. Watkins Medical Company Complex (Winona County, Minnesota)
J. S. Berry House (Ellis County, Texas)
J. S. Block Building (Ouachita Parish, Louisiana)
J. S. Bradley House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
J. S. Bronaugh House (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
J. S. Brown Mercantile Building (Denver County, Colorado)
J. S. Coke Building (Coos County, Oregon)
J. S. Hill House (Forsyth County, North Carolina)
J. S. McGinnis Building (Elmore County, Idaho)
J. Schmuck Block (Gage County, Nebraska)
J. Stoddard Johnston Elementary School (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
J. Supple's Sons Mercantile Company, Ltd. (Iberville Parish, Louisiana)
J. Sylvester Ramsey School (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
J. T. and Minnie McClelland House (Tom Green County, Texas)
J. T. Ferguson Store (Wilkes County, North Carolina)
J. T. Jecker House (Victoria County, Texas)
J. Thomas Newsome House (Newport News, Virginia)
J. U. Stucki House and Outbuildings (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
J. V. Reed and Company (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
J. V. Vandenberge House (Victoria County, Texas)
J. Vandegrift House (New Castle County, Delaware)
J. W. and Ann Lowe Clary House (Saline County, Arkansas)
J. W. Benn Building (Taylor County, Wisconsin)
J. W. Binkley House (Spokane County, Washington)
J. W. Carey House (Benton County, Washington)
J. W. Corwith Livery (Sauk County, Wisconsin)
Former livery now serving a manufacturing and distribution company
J. W. Crist House (Rock County, Wisconsin)
J. W. Goodman House (Shelby County, Kentucky)
J. W. Griffiths House (Jefferson County, Washington)
J. W. Heard House (Union Parish, Louisiana)
J. W. Houston House (Shelby County, Tennessee)
J. W. Jones Building (Bingham County, Idaho)
J. W. Parmley House (Edmunds County, South Dakota)
J. W. Reedy House (Union County, South Dakota)
J. W. Stewart House (Scott County, Iowa)
J. W. Wood Building (Lynchburg, Virginia)
J. Warren Smith House (Pickens County, South Carolina)
J. Wesley Brooks House (Greenwood County, South Carolina)
J. Woodrow Wilson House (Grant County, Indiana)
J. Z. Miller House (Bell County, Texas)
J. Z. Moore Historic District (Daviess County, Kentucky)
J.B. Bouche House (Door County, Wisconsin)
J.B. Smith House and Granary (Brown County, Wisconsin)
J.C. Black House (Moore County, North Carolina)
J.C. Osgood Firehouse (Rensselaer County, New York)
J.C. Penney Building (Yamhill County, Oregon)
J.C. Penney Company Building (Lincoln County, Idaho)
J.C. Stribling Barn (Pickens County, South Carolina)
J.C. Teasley House (Marion County, South Carolina)
J.E. King Manufacturing Company (Greene County, Missouri)
J.E. Little House (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
J.E. Piland House (Northampton County, North Carolina)
J.E. Wright Farm (Franklin County, Ohio)
J.F. Budd Baby Shoe Factory (Burlington County, New Jersey)
J.F. Meek Buildings (Coshocton County, Ohio)
J.H. Haag House (De Kalb County, Indiana)
J.H. McWilliams House (Union County, Arkansas)
J.H. Peterson Machine Shop (Multnomah County, Oregon)
J.J. Bridges House (Orange County, Florida)
J.K. Wadley House (Miller County, Arkansas)
J.L. and Son Turner Building (Allen County, Kentucky)
J.R. Darling Store (Caledonia County, Vermont)
J.R. Field Homestead (Brevard County, Florida)
J.T. Barber School (Craven County, North Carolina)
J.T.S. Brown and Son's Complex (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
J.W. Patterson House (Grant County, Indiana)
J.W. Scott Robinson Farm - Delta Farm (Sampson County, North Carolina)
J.W.R. Moore House (Shenandoah County, Virginia)
Jabez Faux House And Barn (Sanpete County, Utah)
Jabez Reeves Farmstead (Rush County, Indiana)
Jacinto Courthouse (Alcorn County, Mississippi)
Jack Bartlett House (Gallatin County, Montana)
Jack Dudney House (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Jack Lamberson House (Mahaska County, Iowa)
Jack Spence House (Yamhill County, Oregon)
Jack Tar Hotel and Bathhouse (Garland County, Arkansas)
Jack Thomas House (Grayson County, Kentucky)
Jackman Building (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Jacks-Manning Farm (Jefferson County, West Virginia)
Jackson Avenue Warehouse District (Knox County, Tennessee)
Jackson Barracks (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Jackson Brewing Company (San Francisco County, California)
Jackson Building (Habersham County, Georgia)
Jackson Building (Hall County, Georgia)
Jackson Collins House (Queen Anne's County, Maryland)
Jackson Commercial District (Breathitt County, Kentucky)
Jackson Commercial Historic District (Jackson County, Minnesota)
Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson County, Missouri)
Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson County, Arkansas)
Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson County, North Carolina)
Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson County, Georgia)
Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson County, Iowa)
Jackson County Jail and Marshal's House (Jackson County, Missouri)
Jackson Downtown Historic District (Amador County, California)
Jackson Fay Brown House (Solano County, California)
Jackson Free Library (Madison County, Tennessee)
Jackson Heights Historic District (Queens County, New York)
Jackson Hill Historic District (Floyd County, Georgia)
Jackson Historic District (Northampton County, North Carolina)
Jackson Historic District (East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
Jackson Historic District (Clarke County, Alabama)
A historic district in Jackson, Alabama.
Jackson Homestead (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Jackson Hotel (Miami County, Kansas)
Jackson Hotel (Anoka County, Minnesota)
Jackson House (Otero County, New Mexico)
Jackson House (Washington County, Arkansas)
Jackson House (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Jackson House (Benton County, Arkansas)
Jackson Morrison House (Hart County, Georgia)
Jackson Park Historic District (Dubuque County, Iowa)
Large neighborhood of mixed residential, commercial and religious structures, with an eclectic collection of architectural styles
Jackson Pharmacy (Habersham County, Georgia)
Jackson Post Office (Breathitt County, Kentucky)
Jackson Rooming House (Hillsborough County, Florida)
Jackson School (Garfield County, Oklahoma)
Jackson School (St. Louis, Missouri)
Jackson Square Historic District (San Francisco County, California)
Jackson Terrace Historic District (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Jackson Uptown Commercial Historic District (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Jackson Ward Historic District (Richmond, Virginia)
Jackson, Benjamin Aborn, House (Bristol County, Rhode Island)
Jackson, Dr. F. W., House (Lincoln County, Maine)
Jackson, Samuel and Elbert, House (Nassau County, New York)
Jackson--Browne House (Attala County, Mississippi)
Jackson--Herget House (Greene County, Arkansas)
Jackson-Johns House (Barrow County, Georgia)
Jackson-Niles House (Attala County, Mississippi)
Jacksonville Labor Temple (Morgan County, Illinois)