Route 66

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40 Winks Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
66 Diner (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
66 Drive-In (Jasper County, Missouri)
66 Motel (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
66 Motel (Coconino County, Arizona)
66 Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Abandoned Route 66, Ash Fork Hill (Coconino County, Arizona)
Abandoned Route 66, Parks (1921) (Coconino County, Arizona)
Abandoned Route 66, Parks (1931) (Coconino County, Arizona)
Abandoned Route 66--Cuervo to NM 156 (Guadalupe County, New Mexico)
Ace-Hi Motel (Los Angeles County, California)
Acoma Curio Shop (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Adkinson-Baker Tire Company (Potter County, Texas)
Adobe Inn (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Afton Station (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Refurbished 1930's DX gas station now Route 66 Visitor Center.
Albatross Store (Lawrence County, Missouri)
Albatross, Missouri (Lawrence County, Missouri)
Algodones, New Mexico (Sandoval County, New Mexico)
Allantown, Arizona (Apache County, Arizona)
Allison, New Mexico (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Alta-Dena Dairy (Los Angeles County, California)
Amanda, Missouri (Crawford County, Missouri)
Placename in Benton Township, Crawford County
Amarillo Helium Plant (Potter County, Texas)
Ambler's Texaco Gas Station (Livingston County, Illinois)
Americana Motel (Quay County, New Mexico)
Andy Payne Monument (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Andy's Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Apache Motel (Quay County, New Mexico)
Arcadia Court (Mohave County, Arizona)
Arcadia Round Barn (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Arcadia Route 66 Roadbed (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Ariston Cafe (Montgomery County, Illinois)
Arrow Court (Potter County, Texas)
Arrowhead Lodge (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Arrowhead Motel (Coconino County, Arizona)
Art's Motel and Restaurant (Montgomery County, Illinois)
Ash Fork - Santa Fe Water Tower (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Ash Fork, Arizona (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Astro Budget Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Astro Motel (Mohave County, Arizona)
Astro Motel (Los Angeles County, California)
Automobile Club of Southern California free water well (San Bernardino County, California)
Avalon Theatre (Gray County, Texas)
Avant's Cities Service Station (Canadian County, Oklahoma)
Avilla, Missouri (Jasper County, Missouri)
Avon Courts (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
One-story 1930s motor court
Aztec Auto Court (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Aztec Motel (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Bagdad Cafe (San Bernardino County, California)
Bagdad, California (San Bernardino County, California)
Baker Apartments (Mohave County, Arizona)
Barton, New Mexico (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Bassett's Food Store (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Bazell Modern Court (Navajo County, Arizona)
Beacon Motel (Franklin County, Missouri)
Beale Hotel (Mohave County, Arizona)
Beard Motor Company (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Bel Air Drive-In Theater (Madison County, Illinois)
Belevidere Cafe, Motel and Gas Station (Montgomery County, Illinois)
Bell Gas (Mohave County, Arizona)
Bell Motel (Mohave County, Arizona)
Bellemont, Arizona (Coconino County, Arizona)
Bellvue, Oklahoma (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Bennett's Catfish Café (Phelps County, Missouri)
Bent Door Cafe (Oldham County, Texas)
Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven (Greene County, Missouri)
Bethany, Oklahoma (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Black Cat Cafe (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Blue Spruce Lodge (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Blue Swallow Motel (Quay County, New Mexico)
Blue Whale (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Bluesmobile (Will County, Illinois)
Bluewater, New Mexico (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Bobcat Bite (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)
Boise, Texas (Oldham County, Texas)
Bonanza Motel (Oldham County, Texas)
Bono's Historic Orange (San Bernardino County, California)
Boots Court (Jasper County, Missouri)
Borden's Heap-O-Cream (Potter County, Texas)
Bosque Farms, New Mexico (Valencia County, New Mexico)
Bottle Tree Ranch (San Bernardino County, California)
Bourbon Lodge (Crawford County, Missouri)
Bourbon Motel (Crawford County, Missouri)
Bow & Arrow Lodge (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Bowden, Oklahoma (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Bowlin's Old Crater Trading Post (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Braceville, Illinois (Grundy County, Illinois)
Braidwood Motel (Will County, Illinois)
Braidwood, Illinois (Will County, Illinois)
Brandin' Iron Motel (Mohave County, Arizona)
Brant's Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Brentwood, Missouri (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Bridge No. 18 at Rock Creek (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Through truss bridge over Rock Creek on Ozark Trail (Old Rt. 66) in Sapulpa
Bridgeport Hill Service Station (Canadian County, Oklahoma)
Bridgeport Hill--Hydro OK 66 Segment (Canadian County, Oklahoma)
Bridgeport, Oklahoma (Caddo County, Oklahoma)
Bristow Firestone Service Station (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Bristow Motor Company Building (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Bristow Tire Shop (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Broadwell, Illinois (Logan County, Illinois)
Brookhaven Motor Court (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Brooklyn Heights, Missouri (Jasper County, Missouri)
Brookshire Motel (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Brownlee Diner (Deaf Smith County, Texas)
Brunswick Hotel (Mohave County, Arizona)
Brush Creek Bridge (Cherokee County, Kansas)
Through arch bridge over Brush Creek on Old US 66 north of Baxter Springs
Buckaroo Motel (Quay County, New Mexico)
Buckhorn, Missouri (Pulaski County, Missouri)
Budville Trading Co. (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Budville Trading Post (Valencia County, New Mexico)
Budville, New Mexico (Valencia County, New Mexico)
Buffalo Inn (San Bernardino County, California)
Bunyon Giant (McLean County, Illinois)
Burden's Store and Post Office (San Bernardino County, California)
Burma Shave signs (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Bushyhead, Oklahoma (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Bussey Buildings (Potter County, Texas)
Butterfield Stage Co. Steakhouse (Navajo County, Arizona)
Cactus Inn Motel (Gray County, Texas)
Cactus Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Cactus Motor Lodge (Quay County, New Mexico)
Cadillac Ranch (Potter County, Texas)
Cajon Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Canna Theater (Macoupin County, Illinois)
Canute Service Station (Washita County, Oklahoma)
Canyon Inn Motel (Coconino County, Arizona)
Capri Motel (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Captain Creek Bridge (Lincoln County, Oklahoma)
Pony truss bridge over Captain Creek on Business OK 66 in Wellston
Carlyle Motel (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Carolina Building (Potter County, Texas)
Carty's Camp (San Bernardino County, California)
Casa Blanca Cafe (Navajo County, Arizona)
Casa Grande Hotel (Beckham County, Oklahoma)
Casa Loma Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Castle Car Wash (Cook County, Illinois)
Catoosa Indian Trading Post (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Cave Cafe (Franklin County, Missouri)
Cazzell Buildings (Potter County, Texas)
Chalet Motel (Cook County, Illinois)
Chambless Camp (San Bernardino County, California)
Charlie's Radiator Service (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Chelsea Motel (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Chelsea Motor Inn (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Cheryo Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Chicagoland Motel (Cook County, Illinois)
Chippewa Motel (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Cindy Lyn Hotel (Cook County, Illinois)
Circle Inn Malt Shop (Crawford County, Missouri)
Cities Service Station (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Claremore Auto Dealership (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Claypool & Co. (San Bernardino County, California)
Cliff House (San Bernardino County, California)
Clines Corners (Torrance County, New Mexico)
Club Cafe (Guadalupe County, New Mexico)
Coates Cyclery (Los Angeles County, California)
Coca-Cola ghost sign (Lincoln County, Oklahoma)
Commerce, Oklahoma (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Conoco Gas Station (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Conoco Service Station (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Conoco Station (Crawford County, Missouri)
Cool Springs (Mohave County, Arizona)
Copper Cart (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Copper State Motel (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Cottage Bakery (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Cotton Boll Motel (Washita County, Oklahoma)
Country Club Court (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Court Deluxe Motel (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Crane Motor Company Building (Lincoln County, Oklahoma)
Crestwood Bowl (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Cuba, Missouri (Crawford County, Missouri)
Cucamonga Service Station (San Bernardino County, California)
Cuervo Catholic Church (Guadalupe County, New Mexico)
Dairy King Marathon Station (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Danby Service Station (San Bernardino County, California)
De Anza Motor Lodge (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Dead Man's Curve - Route 66 (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Defiance, New Mexico (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Del's Restaurant (Quay County, New Mexico)
Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket (Du Page County, Illinois)
DelSue Motor Inn (Coconino County, Arizona)
Delta Motel (Franklin County, Missouri)
Depew, Oklahoma (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Derby Service (Phelps County, Missouri)
Desert Hills Motel (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Desert Inn Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Desert Inn Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Desert Market (San Bernardino County, California)
Desert Sands Motor Hotel (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
DeSoto's Salon (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Devil's Elbow Motel (Pulaski County, Missouri)
Devil's Rope Museum (Gray County, Texas)
Deville Motor Inn (Pulaski County, Missouri)
Dixie Bar (Valencia County, New Mexico)
DJ's Cafe (Franklin County, Missouri)
Dog House (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Downtowner Motel (Coconino County, Arizona)
Dragon Motel (San Bernardino County, California)
Dubeau Inn (Coconino County, Arizona)