Cottrill, Matthew, House (Lincoln County, Maine)
County and City Hall (Erie County, New York)
County Farm Bridge (Strafford County, New Hampshire)
Burned in 1981
County Farm Bridge (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
County Street Historic District (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Court Square Historic District (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Courthouse US Post Office and Custom House (Spokane County, Washington)
Coushatta Bank Building (Red River Parish, Louisiana)
Covell, William King, III, House (Newport County, Rhode Island)
Cover Farm (Hancock County, Maine)
Covesville Historic District (Albemarle County, Virginia)
Covington County Courthouse and Jail (Covington County, Alabama)
Cowesett Pound (Kent County, Rhode Island)
Cowpens National Battlefield (Cherokee County, South Carolina)
Revolutionary War battlefield near Chesnee, SC
Craigie Flour Mill Historical Marker (Otter Tail County, Minnesota)
Craigsville School (Augusta County, Virginia)
Cranch School (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Crane Company Building (Cook County, Illinois)
Crane, Frank W., House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Crane, Gerard, House (Westchester County, New York)
Opposite intersection with Old Croton Falls Rd.
Crawford, Theophilus, House (Windham County, Vermont)
Crawfordville Historic District (Taliaferro County, Georgia)
Creek County Courthouse (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Crescent Mill (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Cresent City Lighthouse (Del Norte County, California)
Criminal Courts Building (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Crippen, Henry J., House (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Crocker, Lot, House (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Crockett, Knott, House (Knox County, Maine)
No longer exists
Crompton Free Library (Kent County, Rhode Island)
Crompton Mill Historic District (Kent County, Rhode Island)
Crossett Post Office (Ashley County, Arkansas)
Crossover Island Light Station (St. Lawrence County, New York)
Croton Aqueduct Gate House (New York County, New York)
Crouse College, Syracuse University (Onondaga County, New York)
Crowell-Bourne Farm (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Crown Hill Burial Park (Jefferson County, Colorado)
Crystal Lake Falls Historic District (Orleans County, Vermont)
Crystal Lake State Park (Orleans County, Vermont)
Crystal Spring Farm (Cumberland County, Maine)
Crystal Valley Cemetery (El Paso County, Colorado)
Cuckolds Light Station (Lincoln County, Maine)
Cumberland and Oxford Canal (Cumberland County, Maine)
Cumberland Apartments (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Cumberland Public Library (Barron County, Wisconsin)
Cummins Memorial Church (Baltimore, Maryland)
Cumston Hall (Kennebec County, Maine)
Currier Park Historic District (Washington County, Vermont)
Curry-Chucovich House (Denver County, Colorado)
Curtis, John B., Free Public Library (Penobscot County, Maine)
Curtis, Noah, House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Curtiss--Wright Hangars 1 and 2 (St. Clair County, Illinois)
Cushman Tavern (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Cushman Village Historic District (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Cushman, Charles L., House (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Custom House District (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Customhouse and Post Office (Washington, District of Columbia)
Customhouse Historic District (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Cutler Memorial Library (Franklin County, Maine)
Cutter, Jefferson, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Cutting, Jonas-Kent, Edward, House (Penobscot County, Maine)
D. H. Ewing & Sons Creamery (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Dade County Courthouse (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Dahlgren, Lucy Drexel, House (New York County, New York)
Daily News Building (New York County, New York)
Dale Creek Crossing (48AB145) (Albany County, Wyoming)
Dallas County Courthouse (Dallas County, Texas)
Dallas Historic District (Gaston County, North Carolina)
Dallas National Bank (Dallas County, Texas)
Dallas Union Terminal (Dallas County, Texas)
Damon Mill (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Damon, Joseph, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Damon, Washington, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Danes Hall (Waupaca County, Wisconsin)
Clubhouse, meeting hall and gathering place for the Danish Brotherhood in America
Danforth Memorial Library (Passaic County, New Jersey)
Daniel Webster Memorial (Washington, District of Columbia)
Daniels Mill (Howard County, Maryland)
Daniels, Blake, Cottage (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Daniels, Charles A., School (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Danville Town House (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Dauphin County Courthouse (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania)
Davenport, Hanford, House (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
David B. Brinton House (Salt Lake County, Utah)
David Lane House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Davidson Building (Deer Lodge County, Montana)
Davidson County Courthouse (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Davis Memorial (Brown County, Kansas)
Davis, John, House (Kennebec County, Maine)
Davis, Milldean and Alexander, House (Windham County, Vermont)
Davol Rubber Company (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Day, Amasa, House (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Day, Holman, House (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Dayton Daily News Building (Montgomery County, Ohio)
De Ann Cemetery Historic Section (Nevada County, Arkansas)
Dean, Frank L. and Mabel H., House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Dean, Silas, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Deane, Francis, Cottage (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Dearborn Station (Cook County, Illinois)
Decatur Cemetery (DeKalb County, Georgia)
Decatur O. Davis House (Richmond, Virginia)
Deeds Carillon (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Deerfield Center Historic District (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Deering, J. G., House (York County, Maine)
Del Rio Cemeteries Historic District (Val Verde County, Texas)
Delaware Breakwater and Lewes Harbor (Sussex County, Delaware)
Delaware Trust Building (New Castle County, Delaware)
Dell Rapids Water Tower (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
Delmarva Power and Light Building (New Castle County, Delaware)
Denham Springs City Hall (Livingston Parish, Louisiana)
Dennis Village Cemetery (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Denver Mint (Denver County, Colorado)
Denver Public Library (Denver County, Colorado)
Depot Historic District (Wake County, North Carolina)
Des Moines Art Center (Polk County, Iowa)
Deshon-Allyn House (New London County, Connecticut)
Dickinson County Courthouse and Jail (Dickinson County, Michigan)
Dickinson Historic District (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Dillon City Library (Beaverhead County, Montana)
Dillon Memorial (Scott County, Iowa)
An upright, fluted column of concrete in the classic revival style.
Dinglewood Historic District (Muscogee County, Georgia)
Dingley, Frank L., House (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Dingman's Ferry Dutch Reformed Church (Pike County, Pennsylvania)
District 7 School (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
District 7 School House (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
District A (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
District B (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
District Building (Washington, District of Columbia)
District C (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
District D (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
District Five Schoolhouse (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
District No. 1 Schoolhouse (Oxford County, Maine)
District No. 2 Schoolhouse (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
District No. 5 School (York County, Maine)
District No. 9 Schoolhouse (Belknap County, New Hampshire)
District Number Four School (Orleans County, Vermont)
District Schoolhouse No. 2 (Washington County, Rhode Island)
Divinity Hall (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Division No. 9 School (York County, Maine)
Division Street Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Stone arch bridge over Seekonk River on Division Street in Pawtucket
Dix Family Stable (Hancock County, Maine)
Dixon--Duncan Block (Missoula County, Montana)
Dodge County Courthouse (Dodge County, Nebraska)
Dodge, Lillian Sefton, Estate (Nassau County, New York)
Doe Memorial Library (Alameda County, California)
Dolan, Terence, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Dole Block (Penobscot County, Maine)
Domingo Perozzi House (Jackson County, Oregon)
Dominican Block (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Donaghy, Thomas, School (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Donnell, William T., House (Sagadahoc County, Maine)
Dooly County Courthouse (Dooly County, Georgia)
Dorchester Common Historic District (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Dorchester County Courthouse and Jail (Dorchester County, Maryland)
Dorchester Temple Baptist Church (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Doubling Point Light Station (Sagadahoc County, Maine)
Douglas County Courthouse (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Douglas Tomb State Memorial (Cook County, Illinois)
Douglas, Adelaide L. T., House (New York County, New York)
Douglas, C. F., House (Somerset County, Maine)
Downer Rowhouses (Central Street) (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Downing, Lewis, Jr., House (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Downtown Anniston Historic District (Calhoun County, Alabama)
Downtown Chelsea Residential Historic District (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Downtown Concord Historic District (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Downtown Lowell Historic District (Kent County, Michigan)
Downtown New London Historic District (New London County, Connecticut)
Downtown Norwich Historic District (New London County, Connecticut)
Downtown Pawtucket Historic District (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Downtown Richford Historic District (Franklin County, Vermont)
Downtown Sanford Historic District (Lee County, North Carolina)
Downtown Springfield Railroad District (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Downtown Tuscaloosa Historic District (Tuscaloosa County, Alabama)
Dr. Brailsford R. Brazeal House (Fulton County, Georgia)
Dr. Calvin M. Baber House (Greene County, Georgia)
Dr. Charles A. Foster House (Warren County, New York)
Dr. Earl S. Sloan House (Craven County, North Carolina)
Dr. Francis B. Warnock House (Ida County, Iowa)
Dr. John Miller--Masury House (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Dr. Samuel D. Risley House (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
Dr. Thomas S. Jacques House (Hempstead County, Arkansas)
Dr. William Columbus Cauthen House (Lancaster County, South Carolina)
Drake, Frances H. and Jonathan, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Drewsville Mansion (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Drexel and Company Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Drovers Inn (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Druid Hills Parks and Parkways (DeKalb County, Georgia)
Druidsdream (Washington County, Rhode Island)
Drum Hill High School (Westchester County, New York)
Dry Mills School (Cumberland County, Maine)
Drydock No. 1 (Portsmouth, Virginia)