Built during 1700s

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Abingdon Glebe House (Gloucester County, Virginia)
Abraham Coult House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Ackerman-Zabriskie-Steuben House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Adams, Abraham, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Ashton Historic District (New Castle County, Delaware)
Banta-Coe House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Barrett, Col. James, Farm (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Beachbend (Suffolk County, New York)
Belle Air (Charles City County, Virginia)
Blandford Cemetery (Petersburg, Virginia)
Brecknock (Kent County, Delaware)
Brown House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Buck, Ephraim, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Byecroft Farm Complex (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Canterbury Center Historic District (Windham County, Connecticut)
Carll, Ezra, Homestead (Suffolk County, New York)
Carll, Marion, Farm (Suffolk County, New York)
Carroll-Hartshorn House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Charleston's French Quarter District (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Chelsea (King William County, Virginia)
Clark Homestead (New London County, Connecticut)
Coker, Benjamin, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Cole, Benjamin, House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Collen Brook Farm (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
Cooper Pearson-How and Lawrence Houses (Burlington County, New Jersey)
Corning, Samuel, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Davis, Ephraim, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Davis-Freeman House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
De Wint House (Rockland County, New York)
Derbydown Homestead (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Dickinson--Pillsbury--Witham House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Dilworthtown Historic District (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Dirck Westbrook Stone House (Ulster County, New York)
Downingtown Log House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Dustin House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
East Bridgewater Common Historic District (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
East Gloucester Square Historic District (Essex County, Massachusetts)
East Lancaster Avenue Historic District (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Edward Morgan Log House (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Elfreth's Alley Historic District (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Faulkner Homestead (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Field, Marshall, III, Estate (Suffolk County, New York)
Flint House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Fort Crailo (Rensselaer County, New York)
Fort Johnson/Powder Magazine (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Fowle-Reed-Wyman House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Fowler, Rea Putnam, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Fox Chase Inn (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Fuller, Robert, House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
General Wayne Inn (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Gilman Garrison House (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Gonzalez-Alvarez House (St. Johns County, Florida)
Goodale Homestead (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Governor's House (New York County, New York)
Green Springs Historic District (Louisa County, Virginia)
Grove Hill Cemetery (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Haddonfield Historic District (Camden County, New Jersey)
Hammond House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Hankinson-Moreau-Covenhoven House (Monmouth County, New Jersey)
Hastings--Morse House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Henfield House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Hermitage, The (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Hillsborough Historic District (Orange County, North Carolina)
Holt Farm (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Holt-Cummings-Davis House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
House at 922 Dale Street (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Humphreys, Sir John, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Hunnewell, Richard, House (Cumberland County, Maine)
Ignacio Roybal House (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)
Isaac Watson House (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Isaac Winslow House (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
James, Capt. Benjamin, House (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Jarvis--Fleet House (Suffolk County, New York)
Jemez Pueblo (Sandoval County, New Mexico)
Jenkins--Whelden Farmstead (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Jeremiah Vandyke House (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Joachim Staats House and Gerrit Staats Ruin (Rensselaer County, New York)
John Glover House (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
John Knap House (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Joseph Smith House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Kimball, Solomon, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Kovenhoven (Monmouth County, New Jersey)
Kuster Mill (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Larch Farm (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Larkin's Hundred (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Linden Farm (Richmond County, Virginia)
Lispenard--Rodman--Davenport House (Westchester County, New York)
Little Haddam Historic District (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Livermore, William, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Low, Thomas, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Lower Swedish Cabin (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
Mabee House (Schenectady County, New York)
Margots (Charles City County, Virginia)
McIntire Garrison House (York County, Maine)
Millard-Souther-Green House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Morris House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Morse--Tay--Leland--Hawes House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Nathaniel Daggett House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Newlin Mill Complex (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
North Burial Ground (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Okehocking Historic District (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Old Garrison House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Old Narragansett Church (Washington County, Rhode Island)
Old White Meeting House Ruins and Cemetery (Dorchester County, South Carolina)
Osborne, Prince, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Osgood Farm (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Perikomen Bridge Hotel (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Pitts Neck (Accomack County, Virginia)
Plymouth Friends Meetinghouse (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Plympton Village Historic District (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Pond-Weed House (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Powder Magazine (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Proctor, John, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Pueblo of Santo Domingo (Kiua) (Sandoval County, New Mexico)
Putnam, Deacon Edward, Jr., House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Quincy, Dorothy, Homestead (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Rehobeth Presbyterian Church (Somerset County, Maryland)
Rehoboth Village Historic District (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Robbins, George, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Robert Stanton House (New London County, Connecticut)
Samuel Smith House (New London County, Connecticut)
Sands Family Cemetery (Nassau County, New York)
Saylesville Meetinghouse (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Schenck--Mann House (Nassau County, New York)
Seventeen-hundred-and-four House (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
Six Principle Baptist Church (Washington County, Rhode Island)
Smith, Obadiah, House (Suffolk County, New York)
Southwark District (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
St. James' Church, Goose Creek (Berkeley County, South Carolina)
St. John Mine (Grant County, Wisconsin)
St. Peter's Church (New Kent County, Virginia)
Stetson House (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Stokes--Lee House (Camden County, New Jersey)
Strawberry Chapel and Childsbury Town Site (Berkeley County, South Carolina)
Taylor--Cope Historic District (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Terhune-Gardner-Lindenmeyr House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Thomas Leaming House (Cape May County, New Jersey)
Thomas Maskel House (Cumberland County, New Jersey)
Thompson House (Suffolk County, New York)
Thorndike, Capt. John, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Titcomb, Benaiah, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Tobias Van Steenburgh House (Ulster County, New York)
Tolland Green Historic District (Tolland County, Connecticut)
Upham, Phineas, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Vernon House (Newport County, Rhode Island)
Wanton--Lyman--Hazard House (Newport County, Rhode Island)
Wayside Inn Historic District (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Weblin House (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
West St. Mary's Manor (St. Mary's County, Maryland)
Whitcomb Inn and Farm (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Whittemore House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Wood, John, House (Suffolk County, New York)