Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Abbot Row (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Row houses converted to condominiums, not open to the public
Abraham H. Esbenshade House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Two story, red brick late Queen Anne house with Renaissance Revival features
Alfred M. Hoelz House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Historically significant Ernest Flagg designed stone masonry house
All Saints' Episcopal Cathedral Complex (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Edward Townsend Mix designed complex of cathedral and diocese buildings
American System Built Homes-Burnham Street District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Prototype structures of Frank Lloyd Wright's concept of American System Homes.
Astor on the Lake (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Baasen House-German YMCA (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Cream City Brick structure with an interesting history
Baumbach Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
5-Story, low-rise commercial building in the heart of the Historic Third Ward
Bay View Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Neighborhood of mixed types architecture in homes, businesses, restaurants and nightlife
Blatz Brewery Complex (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
I'm from Milwaukee, and I ought to know!
Brewers Hill Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A neighborhood of mixed styles, created before the days of zoning and building codes
Calvary Presbyterian Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Cass--Juneau Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Active neighborhood of homes, apartments, schools and churches
Cass--Wells Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Central Library (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
U-shaped building designed by Ferry & Clas in a Neo-renaissance format
Charles Abresch House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Charles Allis House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Charles Quarles House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Chief Lippert Fire Station (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
19th Century fire station, remodeled and repurposed as an office building
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Christian Foth House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Coast Guard Station, Old (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Prairie-style station, one of two in the world, built in 1915 but demolished in April 2008
Commerce Street Power Plant (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
The Commerce Street power plant began generating power in 1903
Concordia Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A residential neighborhood of styles that were popular from the mid-nineteenth century to the early 1920's
Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Red brick and sandstone, former synagogue now a baptist church.
David W. Howie House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Queen Anne style frame home, clad with Cream City Brick, now a Bed & Breakfast
Desmond--Farnham--Hustis House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
one of the Milwaukee's finest remaining Victorian Gothic-style homes
Eagles Club (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former FOE meeting and ballroom, now a popular concert venue
East Brady Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
One of Milwaukee's best-known surviving ethnic commercial streets, nearly intact as built over the years.
East Side Commercial Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Large commercial district in downtown Milwaukee filled with architectural gems
East Village Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Ethnic workers' neighborhood with dense housing on an irregular street pattern
Edward J. Dahinden House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Craftsman style house now serving professional offices
Elias A. Calkins Doublehouse (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Emanuel D. Adler House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former residence converted to commercial space
Exton Apartments Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Art Deco styled apartment building from the 1930s
Federal Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Outstanding Richardson Romanesque Revival Building
First Church of Christ, Scientist (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former house of worship now repurposed as commercial space
First Unitarian Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Neo-Gothic church, the oldest remaining Unitarian church in Milwaukee
First Ward Triangle Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Southern end of the Gold Coast, featuring a statue of Robert Burns in the triangle
Florida and Third Industrial Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Industrial area comprised of nine buildings in the Walker's Point Neighborhood
Forest Home Cemetery and Chapel (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
You can learn a lot of history in a cemetery - if you know the story behind the name
Fourth Street School (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
The childhood elementary school of Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel 1969-1974
Fred Sivyer House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Residence repurposed as an apartment building, close to the Marquette University Campus
Frederick C. Bogk House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
The only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the City of Milwaukee commissioned by a specific client
Frederick Ketter Cooperage (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Originally a cooperage, this wonderful brick structure has been converted to a private home.
Frederick Pabst House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Flemish Revival, ornate mansion, now serving as a museum.
Friedmann Row (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Queen Anne-Romanesque Revival style multi-family dwelling from the Victorian era
Gallun Tannery Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A campus of former industrial buildings, now being developed into residential use
Garden Homes Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
America's first municipally-built housing development.
George Schuster House and Carriage Shed (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
German Renaissance Revival style mansion of distinctive red stone, red brick and Terra Cotta decor
German-English Academy (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A Neo-Romanesque style school building, now serving as office space for the Milwaukee School of Engineering
Germania Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
8 Story, Classical Revival, Beaux Arts Office Building
Gesu Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
French Gothic Jesuit church on the campus of Marquette University
Gimbels Parking Pavilion (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
An Art Deco style structure built to accommodate the old Gimbels customer
Goodwill Industries Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former industrial plant repurposed as an apartment building.
Graham Row (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Row houses built by Irish immigrant John Graham
Grand Avenue Congregational Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former Congregational Church, home to the Irish Cultural Heritage Center since 1996
Harley--Davidson Motorcycle Factory Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
World Headquarters of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harry B. Walker House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
High style Victorian Gothic residence with several steeply pitched gabled roofs
Herman W. Buemming House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Highland Avenue Methodist Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Gothic church of stone and Terra Cotta
Highland Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
This once grand boulevard of mansions remains a vital neighborhood
Historic Third Ward District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former industrial and warehouse district converted to upscale living, shopping and nightlife
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Home Office, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Richardsonian Romanesque office building, built for NML, now the Hilton Garden Hotel
Immanuel Presbyterian Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Victorian Gothic Style church designed by Edward Townsend Mix
Iron Block (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
J. L. Burnham Block (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Johnston Hall (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Joseph B. Kalvelage House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
German Baroque Castle loaded with Terra Cotta and ironwork by noted local artisan, Cyril Colnik
Joseph B. Oliver House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company Saloon (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former Schlitz Brewing captive tavern, now serving as a popular restaurant
Joseph Schlitz Company Brewery Complex (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Campus of buildings that comprised what was once the largest brewery in America
Kenwood Park--Prospect Hill Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A neighborhood of stately mansions, apartments and upscale residences
Kilbourn Avenue Row House Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Several structures of row houses, mostly apartments near the Marquette University campus
Kilbourn Masonic Temple (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Knapp-Astor House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Wood framed, Georgian style house from 1891
Knickerbocker Hotel (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Lake Park (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A 138 acre park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, located on the shore of Lake Michigan on Milwaukee's East Side
Lindsay--Bostrom Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Lloyd R. Smith House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Styled in the fashion of Villa Cicogna Mozzoni in Lombardy, Italy by noted Chicago Architect, David Adler
Lohman Funeral Home and Livery Stable (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Funeral Home Repurposed as Executive Offices
Mackie Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Imposing example of large commercial structure of the 1870's, typical of Milv/aukee's rapid growth and commercial development following the Civil War
Mayer Boot and Shoe Company Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former industrial plant repurposed as an apartment and commercial building.
McIntosh--Goodrich Mansion (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A Neo-Classical Revival style mansion on the Prospect Avenue Gold Coast
McKinley Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A neighborhood of similar design houses, with uniform placement, on a wide boulevard
Michael Carpenter House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Milwaukee City Hall (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Flemish Renaissance building with distinctive bell tower known by viewers of Laverne & Shirley
Milwaukee County Courthouse (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Milwaukee County Dispensary and Emergency Hospital (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Converted to a school, in use by Milwaukee Public Schools
Milwaukee County Historical Center (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A two-story, wedge-shaped, monumental stone structure of a neo-classic design erected in 1913.
Milwaukee Fire Department High Pressure Pumping Station (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Two-story brick building repurposed as brew pub.
Milwaukee Hospital (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former hospital repurposed as an apartment building
Milwaukee News Building and Milwaukee Abstract Association Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Currently unoccupied, the building is for lease.
Milwaukee Normal School--Milwaukee Girls' Trade and Technical High School (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former school now serving the Milwaukee Rescue Mission
Milwaukee Paper Box Company (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Milwaukee--Western Fuel Company Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Well preserved Depression Era box with remarkable Art Deco decor with bas relief panels
Milwaukee-Downer "Quad" (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Four A.C. Eschweiler designed buidlings that were the basis of Milwaukee Downer College.
Mitchell Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
New Coeln House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Two-story Cream City Brick building that was originally a stagecoach stop between Milwaukee and Racine.
Newberry Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A tree-lined boulevard,designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, to connect Lake and Riverside Parks
North First Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Interesting residential neighborhood, two miles from downtown, NRHP listed August 2, 1984
North Grant Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A broad, linear, tree-lined street distinguished by extra wide parkways with double rows of shade trees
North Point Lighthouse (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A Once vital navigation lighthouse on Lake Michigan, built with cast iron and steel, now decommissioned and open to the public as a museum.
North Point North Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Northern half of Milwaukee's North Point Historic District
North Point South Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Southern portion of Milwaukee's North Point Historic Districts
North Point Water Tower (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Victorian Gothic Water Tower on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, encloses an iron standpipe.
North Sherman Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
An architecturally impressive, early twentieth century, residential neighborhood
North Third Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Northside commercial area supporting the Brewers Hill area
Northwestern Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
One of the three orginal Old Soldiers Homes signed into law by President Lincoln just before he was assassinated.
Old St. Mary's Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Oldest extant church in Milwaukee
Old World Third Street Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
One block of historic building and historic businesses, including Mader's Restaurant and Usinger's Sausage.
Oneida Street Station (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Repurposed, this neoclassical revival building is listed on both the NRHP and is listed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark.
Otto F. Fiebing House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Historically significant Ernest Flagg designed stone masonry house.
Pabst Brewery Saloon (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former Pabst Brewing Company "Tied House" now serving as a Baptist Church
Pabst Brewing Company Complex (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Campus of former Pabst Brewery, now redeveloping into a hip and trendy neighborhood
Pabst Theater (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Prospect Avenue Apartment Buildings Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Amazing cluster of apartment buildings located in a 1-1/2 square block area
Prospect Avenue Mansions Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Prospect Hill Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Public School No. 27 (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Elementary school, currently closed
Public Sevice Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Milwaukee streetcar & interurban terminal, now part of a utility company campus
Pythian Castle Lodge (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former Knights of Pythias Castle now repurposed as a Buddhist Temple
Robert Machek House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Austrian Chalet-style home built by Austrian woodcarver, Robert Macheck
Saint George Melkite Catholic Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
An Eastern Catholic Church in Union with Rome
Saint James Court Apartments (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Neoclassical, upscale apartment building that fell on hard times, now restored
Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Saint Vincent's Infant Asylum (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Orphanage Repurposed as an Educational Center
Salem Evangelical Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Sanford R. Kane House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Ornate Queen Anne mansion, currently unoccupied and for sale
Schoonmaker Reef (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Second Church of Christ Scientist (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Shorecrest Hotel (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Another fine Herbert W. Tullgren design hotel, now serving as an apartment dwelling.
Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Soldiers' Home Reef (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
South Branch Library (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former neighborhood library now used by St. Vincent DePaul
South Layton Boulevard Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A diverse neighborhood with a mix of churches and styles of homes
Spencerian Business College (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Colonial Revival-styled brick building serving several tenants for over 100 years
St. James Episcopal Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Milwaukee's first stone church designed in the Gothic Revival style
St. John's Roman Catholic Cathedral (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
St. Josaphat Basilica (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Spectacular church built by Polish parishioners with material recycled from a razed US Post Office
St. Martini Evangelical Lutheran Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Richardsonian Romanesque church designed by Edward Townsend Mix
State Bank of Wisconsin (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
An early example of Italian revival in this region, but with unusual, highly original ornament
Thomas A. Greene Memorial Museum (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
For more information about the Downer buildings, see Milwaukee-Downer Quad listing on the Landmark Hunter site.
Thomas Cook House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former residence now serving as a sorority house near the Marquette University campus
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Tripoli Temple (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Turner Hall (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Valentin Blatz Brewing Company Office Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Blatz administration building now in use by Milwaukee School of Engineering
Victor Schlitz House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
1888 mansion built for Victor Schlitz, a successful wine merchant
Walker's Point Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Famous Industrial Area on Milwaukee's historic South Side
West Side Commercial Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
The downtown commercial shopping area of Milwaukee, west of the Milwaukee River
West Washington--North Hi-Mount Boulevards Historic District (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A T-shaped residential area that includes 148 upscale houses and two church complexes
William Steinmeyer House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former residence converted to a multi-family dwelling
Wisconsin Consistory Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Edward Townsend Mix design 1889 Romanesque Revival church, owned by the fraternity since 1912
Wisconsin Leather Company Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Edward Townsend Mix designed office/retail building
Woman's Club of Wisconsin (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)