Built 1969

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Columbia Gorge Aluminum Smelter (Klickitat County, Washington)
Aluminum smelter built in 1969
Dix Stadium (Portage County, Ohio)
Douglas and Octavia Walstrom House (Los Angeles County, California)
First Rural Zoning Ordinance (Oneida County, Wisconsin)
Wisconsin Historic Marker for the First Rural Zoning Ordinance
Francis F. Campbell City Council Room (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Freedom Flame (Linn County, Iowa)
Harbour Town Lighthouse (Beaufort County, South Carolina)
Indian Trading Post Historic Marker (Hinds County, Mississippi)
A Mississippi History Marker on E Northside Dr
Landmark Hotel and Casino (Clark County, Nevada)
Built in 1969, imploded in 1995
ODECO Building (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Pet Plaza (St. Louis, Missouri)
Plaza Galleria (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Press Site-Clock and Flag Pole (Brevard County, Florida)
Rynearson Stadium (Washtenaw County, Michigan)
St. George Serbian Orthodox Church (San Diego County, California)
Mediterranean style Orthodox church built in 1969
Travertine Nature Center (Murray County, Oklahoma)
Tulsa City Hall (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Tulsa Police Courts Building (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge (Morrow County, Oregon)
National Wildlife Refuge created in 1969
Waverley History Marker (Clay County, Mississippi)
A Mississippi Histiry Marker on Hwy 25 at Main St