Built during 1740s

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1767 Milestones (Unspecified county, Massachusetts)
Ackerman-Dater House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Alexandria Historic District (Alexandria, Virginia)
All Hallows Episcopal Church (Worcester County, Maryland)
Andrews, Luman, House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Ashlawn (New London County, Connecticut)
Augusta Stone Church (Augusta County, Virginia)
Augustus Lutheran Church (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Ayers-Allen House (Middlesex County, New Jersey)
Babson-Alling House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Bacon-Gleason-Blodgett Homestead (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Baldwin-Grantham House (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Ballou--Weatherhead House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Bancroft, Samuel, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Barzillai Newbold House (Burlington County, New Jersey)
Beggarstown School (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Bel Air (Prince William County, Virginia)
Belair (Prince George's County, Maryland)
Belcher-Ogden House (Union County, New Jersey)
Bend of the Lane (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Benedict House and Shop (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Bering Expedition Landing Site (Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska)
Best Endeavor (Harford County, Maryland)
Blauvelt-Demarest House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Bloomvale Historic District (Dutchess County, New York)
Bogert House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Bohemia Farm (Cecil County, Maryland)
Bolton Center Historic District (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Bonwell House (Kent County, Delaware)
Borden-Winslow House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Bradford-Loockerman House (Kent County, Delaware)
Broom's Bloom (Harford County, Maryland)
Burnside Plantation (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania)
Bush Hill Historic District (Windham County, Connecticut)
Byers--Muma House (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Cady--Copp House (Windham County, Connecticut)
Chapman, David, Farmstead (New London County, Connecticut)
Charlestown Village Historic District (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Christ Church (Monmouth County, New Jersey)
Clark, Andrew, House (New London County, Connecticut)
Clarkson-Watson House (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Clear Springs Plantation (Craven County, North Carolina)
Cobb's Tavern (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Codman House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Colden Mansion Ruins (Orange County, New York)
Corliss, John, House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Cornwall Iron Furnace (Lebanon County, Pennsylvania)
Cowesett Pound (Kent County, Rhode Island)
Cressbrook Farm (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Currier, Capt. Jonathan, House (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Cushing, Caleb, House and Farm (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Dalton House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Daniel Davis House and Barn (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Daniel Harrison House (Rockingham County, Virginia)
Deep Falls (St. Mary's County, Maryland)
Devotion, Edward, House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Dromore Burying Ground (Sagadahoc County, Maine)
Easton Tower (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Scenic tower built next to the Saddle River in 1899 as part of landscaped park of the estate owned by Edward Easton, notable figure in American technological history.
Eden Hill (Kent County, Delaware)
Elk Hill (Nelson County, Virginia)
Ellsworth, Oliver, Homestead (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Elmgrove Gardens Historic District (Providence County, Rhode Island)
England House and Mill (New Castle County, Delaware)
Fairfax Stone Site (Unspecified county, West Virginia)
Faneuil Hall (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Fanning, Capt. Thomas, Farmstead (New London County, Connecticut)
Fetter's Mill Village Historic District (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Flagg, Amos, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Flanders Historic District (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Fort Johnson (Montgomery County, New York)
Fort St. Philip (Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana)
Fowle, Edmund, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Friendship (Queen Anne's County, Maryland)
Gay Farm (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Gaylord School (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
One-room schoolhouse owned by the Gaylordsville Historical Society
German Reformed Sanctity Church Parsonage (Columbia County, New York)
Glebe House (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Glebe of Westover Parish (Charles City County, Virginia)
Glencarlyn Historic District (Arlington County, Virginia)
Glocester Town Pound (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Goodale-Bourne Farm (York County, Maine)
Graceham Moravian Church And Parsonage (Frederick County, Maryland)
Graves Mill (Madison County, Virginia)
Greenfield Hall (Camden County, New Jersey)
Greenway Court (Clarke County, Virginia)
Gregorio Crespin House (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)
Grumblethorpe (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Grumblethorpe Tenant House (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Hager House (Washington County, Maryland)
Hampstead Meetinghouse (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Hampton Hill (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Haring-Corning House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Hart House (New Castle County, Delaware)
Hatfield-Hibernia Historic District (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Havens, James, Homestead (Suffolk County, New York)
Hayhurst Farm (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Hays-Gerrard House (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Hebron Lutheran Church (Madison County, Virginia)
Hedges-Lemen House (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Heinrich Zeller House (Lebanon County, Pennsylvania)
Hildreth--Robbins House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Hills Farm (Accomack County, Virginia)
Holabird House (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Homestead Farm at Oak Ridge (Unspecified county, New Jersey)
Hope House (Talbot County, Maryland)
Hopkins, Gov. Stephen, House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Hopsewee (Georgetown County, South Carolina)
Hubbard, Nehemiah, House (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Hunter House (Newport County, Rhode Island)
Hunting Quarter (Sussex County, Virginia)
Hutchings Homestead (Union County, New Jersey)
Hyde, Gershom, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Idlewild Farm Complex (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Irvington (Lancaster County, Virginia)
Isaac Spitler House (Page County, Virginia)
Isham, Herman, House (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Ivy Hall (Middlesex County, New Jersey)
Jacobsburg Historic District (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Jagger House (Suffolk County, New York)
Jerome, William I, House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
John Casper Stoever Log House (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
John Chapman House (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
John Churchman House (Cecil County, Maryland)
John Nagle House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
John Thompson House (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Jordan Schoolhouse (New London County, Connecticut)
1740 schoolhouse with gambrel roof; moved here in 1972.
Joseph Shinn House (Salem County, New Jersey)
Kane, John, House (Dutchess County, New York)
Kay--Evans Farm (Camden County, New Jersey)
Keith House--Washington's Headquarters (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Kelley House (Dukes County, Massachusetts)
Kettle Creek Battlefield (Wilkes County, Georgia)
Killicut--Way House (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
King's Chapel (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Kirch--Ford House (Somerset County, New Jersey)
La Verendrye Site (Stanley County, South Dakota)
Lakeville Historic District (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Lane, Deacon Samuel and Jabez, Homestead (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Lansdowne (Middlesex County, Virginia)
Laurance Thomas Van Buskirk House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
LeFevre, Abraham and Maria, House (Ulster County, New York)
Lester, Timothy, Farmstead (New London County, Connecticut)
Lightfoot Mill (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Locke-Baldwin-Kinsley House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
London Town Publik House (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Lord, Capt. Enoch, House (New London County, Connecticut)
Luther House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Maidstone-on-the-Potomac (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Manse, The (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Mansfield, Richard, House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Mary's Mount (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
McClure--Hilton House (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
McFarland, William, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Meetinghouse, The (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Mendon Center Historic District (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Mercer Brown House (Cecil County, Maryland)
Metro South Historic District (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Middleham Chapel (Calvert County, Maryland)
Middlesex County Courthouse (Middlesex County, Virginia)
Middleton Place (Dorchester County, South Carolina)
Middletown Upper Houses Historic District (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Mikveh Israel Cemetery (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Milford (Camden County, North Carolina)
Mill River Historic District (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Miller-Kingsland House (Morris County, New Jersey)
Monastery, The (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Montpelier (Prince George's County, Maryland)
Moore, John, House (Lincoln County, Maine)
Morgan Chapel and Graveyard (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Morgan-Gold House (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Morristown National Historical Park (Unspecified county, New Jersey)
Mosby Tavern (Powhatan County, Virginia)
Mount Gulian (Dutchess County, New York)
Mount Hope Farm (Bristol County, Rhode Island)
Nathaniel Drake House (Union County, New Jersey)
Nathaniel Smith House (Union County, New Jersey)
Neher--Elseffer House (Dutchess County, New York)
New Market (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Newton, Azariah, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Nicholas Newlin House (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
Nichols, Daniel, Homestead (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Ninety Six National Historic Site (Greenwood County, South Carolina)
Noxontown (New Castle County, Delaware)
Obligation (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Old Charles Town Historic District (Jefferson County, West Virginia)
Old County Courthouse (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Old First Presbyterian Church of Wilmington (New Castle County, Delaware)
Old Lutheran Parsonage (Schoharie County, New York)
Old Shephard Farm (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Old Town Plantation (Edgecombe County, North Carolina)
Old Ursuline Convent (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Opequon Presbyterian Church (Frederick County, Virginia)
Orange Commercial Historic District (Orange County, Virginia)
Osgood, Samuel, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Oxford Industrial Historic District (Warren County, New Jersey)
Paine House (Kent County, Rhode Island)
Palmer-Marsh House (Beaufort County, North Carolina)