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A.M. Knowlson's Pharmacy (Rensselaer County, New York)
Three story brick commercial building built in 1871
A.O. Smith Co. Automated Frame Assembly Line (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A large campus of manufacturing, including automobile frames, farm equipement and numerous other products.
Abandoned Lime Cement Factory (Baker County, Oregon)
Former abandoned cement factory of I-84
Abbeville Depot (Abbeville County, South Carolina)
128 year old depot torn down by CSX Railroad in 2018
Adena Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Albina (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Former city annexed to Portland in 1891
Alvarado Adobe (Site) (Contra Costa County, California)
Ambassador Hotel (Dallas County, Texas)
American League Birthplace (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Birthplace of the American League
Anna Kay Farm Round Barn (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
A red round barn with wood shingles roof
Antioch Water Tower (Lake County, Illinois)
A demolished water tower that supplied downtown Antioch, Il with water for sanitary systems.
Arcade Bar (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Three story commercial block built in 1890 demolished in mid-1950s
Archer (Sheridan County, Montana)
Ashton Water Tower (Lee County, Illinois)
Riveted steel water tower with built-up support beams.
ATSF Henrietta Depot (Ray County, Missouri)
Lost Santa Fe railroad station
Auto Drive-in Theater (Venango County, Pennsylvania)
Former drive-in theater between Oil City and Titusville
Baldwin, Arkansas (Washington County, Arkansas)
Ball Theater (Chesterfield County, South Carolina)
Baltic Mill (New London County, Connecticut)
Five story mill consisting of granite stone blocks
Belvedere Hotel (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania)
Berkshire Tissue Mill (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Mill buildings used to manufacture tissue paper and other papers.
Bijou Theater (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Movie theater built in 1913 demolished in 1959
Bissell's Ferry (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Early Connecticut River ferry.
Board of Trade Saloon (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Bomber Restaurant & Gas Station (Clackamas County, Oregon)
B-17 Bomber used as a service station canopy erected in 1947
Book House (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Bowling Green Flour Mill (Warren County, Kentucky)
Brick Schoolhouse (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Lisbon Falls' first school, built by King Cowan in 1809 and offered to the town.
Brownsville Mining Camp (Calaveras County, California)
Bucher Barn (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Dairy barn built circa 1910 collapsed in 2010
Burdett Building (Rensselaer County, New York)
Six story brick commercial building built in 1881 destroyed by fire in 1896
Bussey & McLeod Stove Company (Rensselaer County, New York)
Cast iron stove foundry & assembly factory built in 1863 destroyed in 1931
Butte Brewing Company (Silver Bow County, Montana)
C&A Alma Depot (Lafayette County, Missouri)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Bowling Green Depot (Pike County, Missouri)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Carrollton Depot (Greene County, Illinois)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Higbee Depot (Randolph County, Missouri)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Laddonia Depot (Audrain County, Missouri)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Oak Grove Depot (Jackson County, Missouri)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Wilmington Depot (Will County, Illinois)
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
Calaveritas (Calaveras County, California)
Call Building (San Francisco County, California)
19 story (318' tall) office tower built between 1895 and 1897
Canby's Cross (Siskiyou County, California)
Modoc Indian War battle site
Casper Weckerle Grocery Buildings (Buchanan County, Missouri)
Central State Hospital Chapel (Dinwiddie County, Virginia)
City Hall (Rensselaer County, New York)
French Second Empire/Moorish style city hall built in 1876 destroy by fire in 1938
Cliffside Mill (Rutherford County, North Carolina)
Textile mill in which the town of Cliffside grew around
Columbia Gorge Aluminum Smelter (Klickitat County, Washington)
Aluminum smelter built in 1969
Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Nuclear Power Plant built between 1964 & 1968 Decommissioned in 2007
Cook Water Tower (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
Copper Block (Silver Bow County, Montana)
D.S. Rose Mound (Butler County, Ohio)
Daley's Tin Shop (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Dawson County Courthouse (Second) (Dawson County, Georgia)
Demolished county courthouse in Dawsonville, GA
Dayville Mills (Windham County, Connecticut)
4 1/2 story brick mill, 3-story power house and ancillary buildings.
DeVille Motor Hotel (St. Louis, Missouri)
Dunes Hotel and Casino (Clark County, Nevada)
Built in 1955, imploded in 1993.
Durham Hall (Washington County, Missouri)
Elevators In Kirkland IL (De Kalb County, Illinois)
The historic elevators along the railroad, on the west end of Kirkland, IL
Elkhart South Water Tower (Elkhart County, Indiana)
Ellingson Lumber Company (Baker County, Oregon)
Sawmill operated from 1949 to 1972
Engine Company No.15 (San Francisco County, California)
Gothic Revival style firehouse built in 1884 demolished in 1959
Ereckson Artillo Dairy Farmhouse (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Estudillo Home (Site) (Alameda County, California)
Evans Pottery (Stoddard County, Missouri)
Ferry Street Armory (Rensselaer County, New York)
Armory building built in 1886 destroyed by fire in 1917
First Alameda County Courthouse (Site) (Alameda County, California)
First Presbyterian Meeting House (Rensselaer County, New York)
Colonial style meeting house completed in 1793 demolished in 1834
Flanagan Water Tower (Livingston County, Illinois)
Fort Nashborough (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Fort Nez Perce-Old Fort Walla Walla (Walla Walla County, Washington)
Fur trading post established in 1818 abandoned in 1850
Fort Reading (Site) (Shasta County, California)
Fort Winnebago (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
One of three fortifications built by the army in Wisconsin along the river waterways.
Free Baptist Church (Lisbon) (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Fruitland Park Community Center (Lake County, Florida)
Gaiety Theater (Pasquotank County, North Carolina)
Gays Mills School (Crawford County, Wisconsin)
Gays Mills School
General Electric Capacitor Division (Washington County, New York)
Neo-Classical factory building built in 1916 demolished in 2018
Genesis Good Samaritan Hospital (Muskingum County, Ohio)
One of two hospitals located in Zanesville
Giant Powder Company (Point Pinole) (Contra Costa County, California)
GM&O Alto Pass Depot (Union County, Illinois)
Lost Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad station
GM&O Baldwin Depot (Randolph County, Illinois)
Lost Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad station
GM&O Columbia Depot (Monroe County, Illinois)
Lost Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad station
GM&O Percy Depot (Randolph County, Illinois)
Lost Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad station
GM&O Red Bud Depot (Randolph County, Illinois)
Lost Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad station
GM&O Venice Yard Tower (Madison County, Illinois)
Lost Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad yard tower
Good Shepherd Convent (St. Louis, Missouri)
Religious convent
Greenville-Lake Village Bridge (Chicot County, Arkansas)
Cantilevered Warren through truss bridge over Mississippi River
Greenwood Mills Company Matthews Mill (Greenwood County, South Carolina)
Grosvenor Dale Mill (Windham County, Connecticut)
5-story stair tower, smokestack and office building remain of an incomplete demolition project
Half Way House (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Half Way House in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Hamrick Theater (Cherokee County, South Carolina)
Hodgen School (St. Louis, Missouri)
House at 218 S. Frederick (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
German vernacular house
Hylton Hall (Danville, Virginia)
Inman Moon Lite Theater (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
It Club (Silver Bow County, Montana)
J.M. Warren & Company (Rensselaer County, New York)
Four story cast iron storefront commercial building built in 1887 demolished in 1970
John Glaser Pottery Factory (Franklin County, Missouri)
John Marshall House (original) (Gallatin County, Illinois)
Joseph Latimer Round Barn (Franklin County, Vermont)
Round barn 70' diameter built circa 1910 demolished in 2011
Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital Steel Water Tower (Kalamazoo County, Michigan)
Riveted steel water tower with built-up support beams.
Kingdome (King County, Washington)
66,000 seat multipurpose indoor sports stadium built in 1976
Kirkland School (De Kalb County, Illinois)
Like a large one room school, the Kirkland School opened in 1938 and originally housed all the grades, Grade School through High School.
Kirkland Water Tower (De Kalb County, Illinois)
Old Kirkland water tower standing by while new water tower is erected.
L&N Railroad Depot, Deatsville, KY (Nelson County, Kentucky)
La Grange Mine (Trinity County, California)
Lafayette Building (Wayne County, Michigan)
14 story high-rise office building.
Landmark Hotel and Casino (Clark County, Nevada)
Built in 1969, imploded in 1995
Leland Stanford Mansion (San Francisco County, California)
Lewis & Clark Branch Library (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Lightning Creek Bridge (Crawford County, Kansas)
Concrete thru arch bridge over Lightning Creek
Lincoln Highway Ideal Section (Lake County, Indiana)
Lockhart Mills (Union County, South Carolina)
Former textile mill in Lockhart, SC
Lyme-Saybrook Ferry (New London County, Connecticut)
Established in 1662 to join the towns of Saybrook and Lyme.
Magdin Farm Round Barn (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Round barn built circa 1910 demolished after 2012
Manetta Mills (Chester County, South Carolina)
Historic textile mill in Lando, SC
Marchesseau & Valiton Block (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Three story commercial block built in 1890 destroyed by fire in 1968
Mark Hopkins Mansion (San Francisco County, California)
English Gothic style mansion completed in 1880
Marquard's Little Cigar Store (San Francisco County, California)
Marquee style neon sign lost circa 2016
Masonic Temple (Rensselaer County, New York)
Five story fraternal meeting hall built in 1872 destroyed by fire in 1924
Matteucci Clock (San Francisco County, California)
McDonald's (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Original McDonald's architectural style restaurant built in 1962
Meaderville (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Town from circa 1880 to 1966
Meadowmere (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Once the sprawling estate of John & Hariet Mitchell, all that is left today is the Mitchell Mansion and a historical marker.
Menz Store (De Kalb County, Illinois)
Best known to recent generations as Menz Food Shop, Stu Menz propriter, 100 plus year old building demolished.
Meramec Caverns Barn (Madison County, Illinois)
Michigan State Police Headquarters Complex (Ingham County, Michigan)
Campus of buildings housing Michigan State Police Headquarters
Milltowne Railway Line Train Display (Gaston County, North Carolina)
Train Display For A Railroad That Never Existed
Miners Union Hall (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Two story brick & cast iron union hall destroyed in 1914
Mohawk Building (Spokane County, Washington)
7 story commercial block built in 1915 demolished in 2007
Morse High School (former) (Sagadahoc County, Maine)
Built in 1904, burned 1926
Mounds Drive-In Theater (Madison County, Illinois)
MP California Depot (Moniteau County, Missouri)
Lost Missouri Pacific railroad station
MP Jefferson Barracks Depot (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Lost Missouri Pacific railroad station
MP Osage City Depot (Cole County, Missouri)
Newman's Barn (New Haven County, Connecticut)
NKP Tower (Madison County, Illinois)
Lost Interlocking Tower on the Alton & Southern Railway
Noah Webster House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Nord St. Louis Turnverein (St. Louis, Missouri)
O'Bryne's Ferry (Calaveras County, California)
Ferry (later bridge) crossing the Stanislaus River established 1848 demolished in 1957
Old Appleton Mill (Perry County, Missouri)
Old Hart County Courthouse (Hart County, Georgia)
Old courthouse building destroyed by fire
Old Holy Trinity Parsih (Floyd County, Indiana)
First Catholic Parish in New Albany Indiana
Old Indian Village at Pebble Beach (Del Norte County, California)
Site of Tolowa Indian village
Old Jefferson School (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Old Yale Fence (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Pacific Depot (Franklin County, Missouri)
Lost Missouri Pacific/Frisco railroad station
Pagoda at Point Defiance Park (Pierce County, Washington)
Lost early 20th century decorative streetcar station
Park Theatre (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Patricksburg High School (Owen County, Indiana)
High School demolished in 1971
Patricksburg Mill (Owen County, Indiana)
Patricksburg Train Depot (Owen County, Indiana)
Train depot
Peaceful Hearts Mural (San Francisco County, California)
Mural by English muralist known as Banksy painted in 2010
Pennsylvania Mine (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Pittsfield Coal Gas Company Gasholder (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Brick gasholder house, third largest in New England
Pouncey Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Princess Theater (Granville County, North Carolina)
Rawlings' Hotel (Gallatin County, Illinois)
Rensselaer County Courthouse (Second) (Rensselaer County, New York)
Greek Revival courthouse built in 1831 demolished in 1895
Rialto Theater (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Roberts Pavilion (Horry County, South Carolina)
Robinson's Ferry (Calaveras County, California)
Ferry crossing the Stanislaus River established 1848 abandoned in 1911
Roodhouse Water Tower (Greene County, Illinois)
Riveted steel water tower with built-up support beams.
Sahara Hotel (Clark County, Nevada)
1,720 room hotel & casino built in 1952
San Francisco Public Library North Beach Branch (San Francisco County, California)
San Leandro Oyster Beds (Alameda County, California)
Saybrook-Lyme Ferry (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Established in 1662 to join the towns of Saybrook and Lyme.
Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal Church (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Gothic brick church demolished after 1978
Sevier's Tavern (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
Stagecoach and wagon stop
Shanghai Cafe (Lewis County, Washington)
Silver Bow County Courthouse (original) (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Site of the Myers-Bogert Grist Mill (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Southern Railway Depot (York County, South Carolina)
Two story passenger station demolished for "urban renewal."
Springs Cotton Mills (York County, South Carolina)
What would become one of the largest and most profitable textile industry leaders got it's start in Fort Mill in the late 1880s.
Springs Mill Lancaster Complex (Lancaster County, South Carolina)
Once called the largest cotton mill under one roof, the mill was shut down in 2003 and demolished by 2005.
SS Grand View Point Hotel (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Popular hotel in the 1930s until the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened
St. Anne Water Tower (Kankakee County, Illinois)
Riveted steel water tower with built-up support beams.
St. Charles Hotel (Buchanan County, Missouri)
St. Joseph's Provincial House (Rensselaer County, New York)
Byzantine/Gothic academic building built in 1858 demolished in 1969
St. Patrick's Parochial School (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Three story brick Romanesque style school house built in 1888
St. Peter's College (Rensselaer County, New York)
5 story brick building destroyed by landslide during construction in 1859
St. Vincent's College Handball Court (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Starbuck Brothers Foundry & Machine Shop (Albany County, New York)
Iron foundry & machine shop established in 1821
Strawberry Valley Stage Station (Siskiyou County, California)
The Armstrong Hotel (Shelby County, Kentucky)
The Salt Works (Orange County, California)
History of former salt works in the Newport Back Bay.
Tolhurst Machine Works (Rensselaer County, New York)
Four story, Italianate style brick factory built in 1881 demolished in 1950
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (Columbia County, Oregon)
Troy Stove Lining & Fire Brick Works (Rensselaer County, New York)
Fire Brick and refractory works built in 1871 demolished ca.1935
Turn Hall (LaSalle County, Illinois)
Social club building built by the local German community in Peru
US Post Office & Federal Building (Rensselaer County, New York)
Romanesque Revival post office built in 1894 demolished in 1936
Vale, MO (Jackson County, Missouri)
Station and water stop on the CRI&P Mo Division
Wabash Jonesburg Depot (Montgomery County, Missouri)
Lost Wabash Railroad station
Wabash La Plata Depot (Macon County, Missouri)
Lost Wabash Railroad station
Wabash Martinsburg Depot (Audrain County, Missouri)
Lost Wabash Railroad station
Wabash Mexico Depot (Audrain County, Missouri)
Lost Wabash Railroad station